Crooked Arrows

A story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament.

A story centered on a Native American lacrosse team making its way through a prep school league tournament

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Users reviews

Altered E (gb)

It's up there with the Shining and Shawshank as one of my favourite screen adaptations of Stephen King's work. There's some unintentional laugh out loud dialogue, editing, and camera work. Just a lot of stupid characters dying in stupid, though quizzically not genre-blind ways. There's no explanation for any of the plot, no character development whatsoever, and generally no plot whatsoever. Having never read the source material (and blissfully unaware of the lives ruined by this flick), I had an absolute blast watching it. The only thing sadder than Stephen King squandering any creative talent he had in this cocaine-fueled semi pileup taken movie form is that the director of photography lost an eye while filming it -and lost his career as a result

Craig C (ag)

Worst Film of 1989. Two great actors trapped in an embarrassing script

Evil K (gb)

in Hollywood. . . Totally fuckin cheesey movie about hookers that kill men with chainsaws

Linda P (br)

Sweet, romantic movie

Patrick M (mx)

these are funny jack lemmon was great

Scott W (ag)

Sadly, this is utter rubbish for the first hour then a pretty decent copy of Night of the Living Dead. Hopeless, boring horror from Bob Clark of Black Christmas and Deathdream fame

Sunil N (de)

It's just impossible to put yourself in the mind of these fundamentalists! A good movie for those flirting with culture relativism

Topher H (it)

. . Wait 'til it's on Movie Central/Super Channel like I did. One extra star for boobies. Best quote definitely was "Eat Ass Cake!" which was the only time I burst out laughing. Absolutely dreadful! Piss poor actors with a weaker storyline than my coffee this AM