Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic Cross. Callan continues to fight evil... Now, joined by a team of weapons experts, Callan battles an unstoppable empire in Los Angeles.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:105 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

Given incredible power by an ancient Celtic Cross. Callan continues to fight evil... Now, joined by a team of weapons experts, Callan battles an unstoppable empire in Los Angeles. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Cross torrent reviews

Michael U (ru) wrote: An enjoyable enough romp. Didn't seem too sincere but I ended up enjoying it.

Jao R (de) wrote: I would like the hour and a half of my life back

Katherine R (it) wrote: It was a good movie to watch..

Katie R (it) wrote: A beautiful movie regarding arranged marriages, life for Bangladeshi women, and the treatment of Muslims in GB after 9/11. It had some sad parts, parts where you just wanted to shake the characters out of their foolishness, and parts where you wanted to cheer on Nazneen for standing up for herself.

Craig T (br) wrote: The worst kind of pseudo-intellectual pretentious nonsense with a double helping of patronising garbage.

Jayakrishnan R (ag) wrote: 74%Windtalkers mark the beginning of Nicholas Cage's ludicrous acting. Here he does some mad stuff in the beginning of the film when he plays a grieved soldier who let down every man on his team because he only struck to the orders. But towards the end he returns to playing himself. There are too many actors in this film, only the code talkers had some important characterization. The critic's consensus are wrong, the story of the code talkers are not superficially studied, but are well observed. The film has lot of cliches, but they are made bearable by John Woo's apt direction. But you are made to wonder whether Woo is the adequate man for a war drama, but anyway most of his stunts are real good.

Carlos R (de) wrote: always take the hardest path...

Gordon B (ru) wrote: In spite of some real strengths (the soundtrack, the mood,& Robert Blake) it still seemed like stuff was just happening randomly. I think me as this film are just on different wavelengths. Star Rating: I'll get back to you.

Scott W (nl) wrote: Delightful, moving and funny WW II romantic drama with Anton Walbrook and Sally Gray with a beautiful and haunting soundtrack.

allicia s (us) wrote: this is a nice movie

Isadore H (br) wrote: Goon is a comedy about a guy who can fight well and plays hockey, but can't actually play hockey. This one started off sort of clunky and rushed for me, and the lead actor really wasn't that great here, but had his moments. The romance was forced and much of the dialogue between the two was pretty bad, I'm pretty sure it was on purpose, but it was done a little too well. However, the middle and ending of the film become pretty good, even with the awful love story. There were definitely more than a few really funny moments, and the ending was quite a bit more compelling that I was expecting it to be. In the end, Goon is a strange mix of tough characters with some uneven acting with some pretty gruesome scenes, and a plot that pick up better the more you go into it to deliver a good message about friendship and loyalty, I was kind of surprised by it