Cross Creek

Cross Creek

The portrait of a woman who, at the edge of survival, found a world of meaning.

In 1930's Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings moves to Florida's backwaters to write in peace. She feels bothered by affectionate men, editor and confused neighbors, but soon she connects and writes The Yearling, a classic of American literature. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cross Creek torrent reviews

David D (gb) wrote: I thought this was a pretty decent coming of age story. It wasn't the greatest, but definitely not as bad as the critics scores indicate.

Karen L (kr) wrote: Well really disappointed in the reviews here from the so called "Pros".This is a cute movie for families, children and adults alike.Lighten up on FAMILY MOVIES!!!!

Claudette A (de) wrote: I only watched this movie just to watch something.

Maiju I (nl) wrote: Ha ha haa!! Ihan kyll paras. Kova pappa tossujensa perss ;))

WKade D (mx) wrote: this movie is so coool!!! i wanna download it!

Trenton R (ca) wrote: It really is a shame Hilary Duff doesn't get enough work she has charm, and likeability but the movies she picked have been bland at best. This movie isn't an exception

Claire T (de) wrote: loved it, David Tennant played a good part, I want it on DVD, it was a great movie but I thought it was a bit too long, I thought it was great movie, it was directed by Gregory Doran, it also starred Patrick Stewart

Miranda (nl) wrote: my favorite movie! I am looking for a copy of it HELP!!

Roxana T (ag) wrote: Teetering between the dreamworld and reality as just before one wakes. Feels strangely real as long as it takes to transition.

Trev B (ru) wrote: "Jar-Jar Binks makes the Ewoks look like... fucking Shaft!"

Andrew J (de) wrote: Great acting and clever script, amiable comedy

Michael D (au) wrote: I know it's campy, but I liked this movie. Similar to the Mummy in embracing the story and going for it. Fun action fantasy.