Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die

The young teenager Otto is entering the summer holidays in 60'ies Oslo, without getting a real holiday, and he is not accepted in the gang or the football team. But then he meets exciting mysterious Frank, which changes everything.

The young teenager Otto is entering the summer holidays in 60'ies Oslo, without getting a real holiday, and he is not accepted in the gang or the football team. But then he meets exciting mysterious Frank, which changes everything. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gavin C (jp) wrote: Watching the original was the best thing that ever happen to me and seeing how very important the "Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon" short was, I was surprised when Dreamworks Animation made another holiday special only this time with our main heroes from the first film. It has the same depth and emotion the original had when it managed to make a gap between the movie and the upcoming TV show on cartoon network in 2012 with a holiday theme. The character development is one of the greatest aspects that made the story so original. The interactions between the vikings and the dragons were easy and likable. The only thing that stood out though was Hiccup and Toothless's bond (that showed how much closer they are becoming) and the relationship between Hiccup and Astrid worked perfectly well as well as the interactions/chemistry with feelings of comfort and warmth. The baby dragons were so lovable they would make you go "awww" as it gave both the Vikings and Dragons to bond over with. I loved the ending where the Vikings are still attached to the dragons. The animation kept the movie to its speed and had the same level of detailed surroundings and movement the same thing the original did. "Gift of the Night Fury" is a heartwarming holiday special with an original story and it made us all love Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid and the rest of the characters on Berk and it's worth watching for fans of the original.

Roger C (au) wrote: Outstanding 8 movie series that is classic Tom Selleck at his best.

Claudette A (jp) wrote: A bit of a bizzare film

James D (ru) wrote: sounds interesting but is it really that way?

Christopher L (jp) wrote: There are two great scenes: the first, with Pesci trying to remember all the Star Names as he moves down the Walk of Fame, and the final one, where Harrison Ford takes a cameo and is condescendingly taught how to act by Pesci. Those two are absolute magic. The rest of the film inbetween them is awful. Delete those remaining 112 minutes.

Mark T (ag) wrote: Snappy, quirky and endearing.... a funny and adventurous film that attempts to create a new genre.... A thoughtful and unusual plot, that moves on apace, weaving in a weird and wonderful cast.. No idea why this got panned, but perhaps it was just not what people wanted from Bruce Willis at this point in his career (Perhaps the same goes for Johnny Depp and Mortdecai???). This is a film I have watched again and again and is definitely in my top 10.

kari b (de) wrote: the only reason it even GOT half a star is because i like the one dude in it....its the WORST MOVIE EVER MADE

Seanser S (br) wrote: Slightly bleak comedy melodrama about coping with an elderly father who has dementia. Good acting performances all round, Hoffman is always great.

Dan B (kr) wrote: It may have been one of the worst documentaries I have ever sat through. Our Daily bread brings you through the food industry but only shows you the part of killing animals, cutting their body parts off and what the machines do. We don't see after the fact when things are packaged but just the brutal side of things. In the first 15 minutes you see many long shots showing animals being forced into lines to be killed, even though I know this happens every day. I don't need to watch a movie about it. Through those 15 minutes you see so much that already you want to turn it off. I was expecting someone to start talking but no, for all 90 minutes there is absolutely no talking whatsoever. This is filled with long shots that show what goes on in these plants and just shows how life less the people working there are. This film was hard to watch and was just boring, I was expecting another Food Inc but this is nothing close to that.

Chieko I (es) wrote: Romantic... Vivein Leigh is at her best opposite Robert Taylor.

Ken S (ca) wrote: This third entry in the Frankenstein series has the style of Bride of Frankenstein with the more serious horror tone of the original. I kinda liked it, even if it wasn't as solid. Rathbone is great, and the film features the creation of Ygor as played by Bela Lugosi (the guy in the previous two films was NOT Ygor), and features the final appearance of Boris Karloff as the Monster. If you are a Universal Monster movie fan, especially of the Frankenstein series, then you will most likely like this as I did. It also features more influence on the fantastic "Young Frankenstein" than I previously knew about.

Chris N (br) wrote: One of 2012's most underrated films.

Harpreet S (jp) wrote: I was most impressed with the writing of this film. There are some very clever dialogues that are funny at the same time. Great set of characters that I loved. The last 30 minutes or so of this film were disappointing. Funny!

Perrin A (es) wrote: I found this film hideously entertaining. The shots surprised me and the portrayal of characters left me clapping with delight, costumes and weaponry were fabulously detailed. Perfect end to a day on the sick-bed.