Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the Bridge

A film about three high school friends who find their happy-go-lucky existence tarnished forever the instant they get embroiled in a drug-running scheme that goes awry. When things start getting messy, they rue the day they agreed to the venture; instead of smuggling weed from Canada to Detroit, which they'd expected, the threesome's forced to traffic a huge stash of heroin.

The adventures of three teenage friends in 1970s Detroit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raffaele N (de) wrote: Genuinely dark, insanely brilliant.

Eric F (ru) wrote: "Lo" is a strange, strange little film. Filmed on an amazingly low budget, this movie is a wildly inventive, horror/comedy/romance mash-up that takes the look and feel of a live theater production, and siphons it into a claustrophobic, campy little art film...This film is about demons, magic spell books, and the supernatural -- pretty common place, horror movie fare, but the twist here is mostly in the cinematography and the dialogue."Lo" is full of witty banter and self-awareness: the fact that this film was influenced by cult franchises "Buffy, The Vampire Slayer" and "The Return Of The Living Dead" couldn't be more obvious.The acting is a little choppy at times, and the picture has the grainy look of a movie from the '90s (which I'm almost certain was intentional by the director), but the high points of the film are definitely it's make-up design (with the one exception of a talking hand -- you'll see); it's great script; compellingly original storyline; and the simple fact that the entire freakin' movie was shot in one room with VERY limited set pieces!"Lo" is amazingly funny, brilliant, zany, and at times kinda creepy... it won numerous accolades from indie film awards, and is well worth a watch if not just for the giant dancing rats and musical numbers performed by a triceratops-head demon in a nazi uniform. I give "Lo" a 9 out of 10 ("great"). XD

Wenise W (de) wrote: Urban sprawl is a huge subject

Randy T (br) wrote: Is it just me or is the whole mockumenatary thing wearing a little thin? This has a few enjoyable quirky moments but overall it never really takes flight. Starting from the top, I thought the concept was great, the acting was good, but the collective quality of the material never rises above 'passively interesting'.

Diana L (fr) wrote: Las pelculas Espaolas me fascinan por su picarda y realidad!

Tony P (es) wrote: There isn't much to say about this film, except this is a cheesy post-apocalyptic 80's film. It has a few stupid moments, but it's overall enjoyable.

Michael W (us) wrote: Whoa. This had to be written under the influence. Very strange.

Donald D (kr) wrote: Beautifully shot, great score, fantastic script and commentary. Ever poignant.

Dave H (jp) wrote: My pick for the classiest film ever.Cary Grant. Grace Kelly. French Riviera location. Edith Head duds. It doesn't get more sophisticated than this, folks.Of course, supreme elegance and class does not a fine film make. Alfred Hitchcock does that. To Catch a Thief isn't close to the best of his oeuvre. It's not particularly suspenseful or compelling. It's as light as the pastry on the Quiche Lorraine that John Williams enjoys in the film. No not THAT John Williams. The other one. Although they kinda look alike.To Catch a Thief is a fun, frothy film with oodles of charm and class and very little depth or substance. But that's fine. The "thriller" angle - the Robie-Cops-Crims angle is adequate but forgettable. The story simply isn't that exciting or clever in a mystery-sense, with only one (ok) twist. Yet the travelogue elements of the film (notably, Hitch opens on a travel agent's window) are awesome. The French Riviera - notably Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo - features in its heyday. The locations have never looked better. Hitch's seams between the location work and his studio sets are almost completely transparent - absolute state-of-the-art by 50s standards. I loved every exterior shot - Robie's home, the Cannes hotel and beach, the Monaco harbour restaurant, the expansive villas, and the mountain roadway stuff. The copter filmed chase early in the film not only gives a nice layout of the terrain (and is a fun bit in itself) it is also (to my wonky recollections) one of the first aerially-shot chase scenes in on film - par for the course in Bond films a decade later, but mid-50s and before? Love Hitch and his boundary-pushing.The film is rich with detail and little snippets of visual humour (beyond Cary Grant's patented bemused reaction shots). Perfs are great. Landis is a bit hammy but fun, and handed the film's best one-liners. I chuckled at recalling the critical snipping I've read about her playing CG's mum in N&NW (and potential mum-in-law here) when she was only a few years older than him in real life...especially with Hue (never having seen CG before, or knowing of his stardom) commenting "but...but he's OLD???" when she realised the film was setting up a romance between Grant and Kelly and NOT Grant and Landis. Made me chuckle for so many reasons.That (and Grant's distractingly overdone tan) aside, the casting of the two leads is perfection. Their style, their class, their (ahem) grace. They aren't bad looking either. And of course they have great chemistry. The witty dialogue between them sparkles, especially when laced with lust and innuendo. Hitch was a sly one."You want a leg or a breast?" might be one of the more famed quotes, but it's (wisely) fairly buried - I prefer this line (and it's delivery): "Are you sure you were talking about water skis? From where I sat it looked as though you were conjugating some irregular verbs." The verbal cat fight between Kelly and Foussard on the beach float is a joy, eg: "Why buy an old car if you can get a new one cheaper? It will run better and last longer", but it is far exceeded on the elegant-smut front by the fireworks scene, not merely with that exquisite dialogue, but with that sensational editing.Even Hue, not exactly a connoisseur of visual metaphors, laughed broadly at the firework insertions between the seduction shots, and pegged them instantly for what they were intended to be. Not exactly subtle, Hitch.Just like To Catch a Thief isn't exactly essential Hitch.But it's lots of fun.And eternally classy.

Spencer H (es) wrote: Ice Age 4 is the funniest out of the series, but it is repetative and nothing new at all.

LaToria P (it) wrote: I love this movie for it to be Aaliyah's first movie she did an amazing job. It's a mixture of action, family and love.

Buggy B (ru) wrote: Okay, so now I get what all the fuss is about over Channing Tatum. Holy yum! He is perfect for this role in a predictable, fairly dumb, yet utterly addictive movie. The dance sequences (and music) is really good, watching Channing move in those loose fitting jeans is all kinds of good. The romance and storyline sucked me in. Enjoyed this way more than I expected too. 03.13"Tyler Gage receives the opportunity of a lifetime after vandalizing a performing arts school, gaining him the chance to earn a scholarship and dance with an up and coming dancer, Nora."