College good guy Joe is drawn into a battle to save the world from arch-enemy Ferris. Joe's heirloom pendant just happens to be the key to the staff that opens doors to the Crossworlds. When Laura shows up to check on the key and Ferris' goons begin their assaults, they run to semi-retired adventurer A.T. for help and guidance.

A young man discovers that his father was from another dimension and that he is the key to the operation of a crystal that can be the deciding factor in a war crossing the dimensions. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crossworlds torrent reviews

Heather J (us) wrote: What a blast. Great movie. A must see for people who enjoy risqu and unique satires.

Countess N (nl) wrote: I enjoyed it...its crap but fun lol.

Martin D (jp) wrote: Another samurai movie from Yoji Yamada. You know the drill by now. Realistic and awesome, like all his samurai films.

Paul C (au) wrote: Weak stories, uninteresting characters and pretentious dialogue - definitely smacks of a money-making venture. One for the fanboys only i'm afraid!

Deb K (au) wrote: Overall I say this was a well made movie with cute characters and a good story line.

Syed M (br) wrote: I f SRK has Devdas, then salman has tere naam. a flawless tragedy

Jonathan G (gb) wrote: Although this sequel still has fast cars and hot women, it lacks in the techiness that makes these cars so special. Vin Diesel missing is a huge loss, although his 'replacement', Tyrese, wasn't completely awful. Ja Rule being replaced by Ludacris wasn't a bad trade either. Some of the scenes were useless and didn't push the story any. It definitely lacked the shine of the first movie when it comes to car action sequences. As sequels can typically be awful, this one was a fair attempt. Rating: 6.5 / 10

Joseph C (ag) wrote: I stiil enjoy watching him.

Ryan S (nl) wrote: A film that, surprisingly, holds up strong to this day. This is mostly due to the combined comedic genius of both Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss.

melissa u (ru) wrote: I think so anyway by the cover, no idea what its about.

Andre M (us) wrote: no solo porque jimi sea mi guitarrista favorito es que en realidad en bacana

Alissa M (gb) wrote: this thing is ridiculous. and awesome. the gore was great, and the story was actually pretty engaging. gruesome and funny, this is definitely worth seeing. oh! also, the "mysterious book" cracked me up.