Cruce de caminos

Cruce de caminos


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Cruce de caminos torrent reviews

Paul D (es) wrote: Gritty revenge thriller, although its style makes it slow, with some of the poetic scenes drawn out a little too long.

Tim W (mx) wrote: You could call it an anti-Christmas movie. Not funny, in fact, kind of annoying.

Alex r (kr) wrote: Third and final part in the Mimic trilogy is a mediocre movie that suffers from a lack of originality. After the decent second movie, Mimic seemed to be concluded. However that was not to be. This third part is just a wasted opportunity to end a good little trilogy of Sci Fi horror films. This one really doesn't add anything new and recycles old ideas. This is a boring film that just fails to capture the shocks and thrills of the original film. This could have been a great movie, if there would have been more effort put into the film. Instead, the filmmakers stumble around and make a movie that just isn't interesting or entertaining for that matter. This was a train wreck and not even the tense moments could save this film. Mimic 3 is a pointless film that just tries too hard at delivering the chills; in turn it just fails and is a boring movie from start to finish. Add to that a lacking cast of actors, and you have a highly forgettable movie that leaves you wanting more. Mimic fans will surely be disappointed with this film, and it has nothing interesting or new to offer viewers looking for a good horror film to watch. The original del Toro directed feature was a flawed, but very good monster movie and the second film was decent as well, even if it relied on previously released material. If you've enjoyed the first two movies, you'll surely be disappointed by this third and final entry in the Mimic trilogy. This entry could have been good if the script was better, however it simply ends up falling flat. Even the gory elements of the film are not enough to make this one standout. This is just a mediocre end to an average horror trilogy. Del Toro's original will always standout and its follow-up is mindless fun, but the third is pointless and dull.

Allan C (ru) wrote: Producer/writer/director Charles Band continues his obsession with small deadly toy movies. This time the deadly toys are the invention of an eccentric billionaire (who has tiny head on a regular sized body) who then exacts his revenge upon those who've wronged him using his dolls. The small-headed billionaire also has a clown-faced butler and keeps a female rock back caged in his mansion. He also has a dwarf helper played by Phil Fondacaro who memorably appeared in director Band's film "Troll" as Malcom. I supposed the main difference between this film and the other tiny dolls versus humans movies is that the humans and the general situation in this film is goofier than most of the other films, which does help this film's entertainment value. The dolls themselves are not especially interesting and I think lacked the personality of the better killer doll movies, meaning I don't think Full Moon Features fans will be clamoring for a the deadly geisha, muscle man, or pimp figures to add to their collections. Not the best of the Full Moon killer doll movies, but certainly not the worst. And IMDB trivia claims that the character of Mr. Mascaro is the human version of the Jack in the Box from "Demonic Toys," but I didn't see any connection other than the butler having similar clown make-up. And Nicholas Worth, the shaved head character actor probably best remembered from his role in "Darkman," also appears in the film.

James M (de) wrote: One of the all-time great mini series with excellent performances and meticulous attention to Oriental detail.

hannah b (us) wrote: A fun and upflifting film with it's fair share of drama too, concentrating on the difficulties and triumphs of struggling actors, dancers and musicans at a theatre school in New York in the 80's, it had a promising young cast and an amaizng theme song along with some other memorable tunes, worth a watch if only for the street dancing scene.

Sara W (ag) wrote: Not a bad little comedy for a lazy afternoon. That thing with the cape at the end was really funny.

Rob F (us) wrote: This postapocalyptic tale of a world beset by ice certainly looks like a Robert Altman film, and gets points for that: his futuristic vision of a second ice age is ultimately compelling enough that it??s worth a look. Unfortunately, character becomes secondary to concept, which is disturbingly un-Altman. This film totally had me for the first half hour but starts to fall apart after that. There are interesting ideas in here but it doesn??t all gel together well enough to call it a great movie; more just an... interesting one.

Frecissimo S (kr) wrote: this guy is a big joke!!!

Keith T (ca) wrote: Wonderfull spectacular film, with an impressive cast and starring most of the Red Army as extras. Should be made compulsory TV viewing every time there is a British sporting triumph over the French.

Nestor A (mx) wrote: A classic. Abbott and Costello are *always* good for a laugh and this romp in the jungle is no exception.

Aj V (ag) wrote: Loy is cute in this movie. Although the story is predictable and I really don't like horse movies, this movie was entertaining, well acted, and funny at times.

John M (br) wrote: I can see Spielberg wanting to get his inner-kid out and make something like a child would with a camera and a big budget but this film is truly a disaster and a mess on all ends. The story's incoherent, the special effects and action are non-stop and boring and Spielberg trying to make a comedy just really isn't funny. Pretty amazing how the tremendous amount of talent involved in this made something that failed on so many levels.

cj o (us) wrote: When a movie has black belts of one style performing white belt moves while a man makes his sloppy own style that you can tell doesn't hit anyone while filming, you know that all this movie is supposed to be is a slap in the face by a pretentious martial arts dropout who's a better actor than fighter. All "Enter the Dragon" was supposed to be is an insult to martial arts that are not the style he invented, an insult to people like Ken Ogawa and Yip Man. Even then, it's not a well-constructed one during the last half. The whole film is original, lacking proper fight scenes, logic, and character development.

Chad R (de) wrote: Great movie for any age.

Mindy H (fr) wrote: Think about much of your life isd determined by chance?