The story of lawsuit by tens of thousands of Ecuadorans against Chevron over contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon.

The story of lawsuit by tens of thousands of Ecuadorans against Chevron over contamination of the Ecuadorean Amazon. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob C (de) wrote: This movie is really amazing ! Please watch it !

Jennie H (br) wrote: I'm a sucker for sports movies, even for sports I don't really like. This was a little boring at times...but still interesting.

Daniel t (es) wrote: Very poor comparing the previous films of the franchise. Tried to use jokes and storylines from previous that fell flat. Awful not worth the money I paid to see it

Rachel S (kr) wrote: might be cool. Oh, Dylan & Cole Sprouse are cool, wouldn't mind seeing it.

Alex T (gb) wrote: Very funny, with wonderful chemistry between Atkinson and Miller. Some of the critics really need to get a sense of humour.

Charlie G (ag) wrote: I enjoyed it. Plenty of action, excitement. I'm aware it received a low review on Flixter but I enjoyed it. I thought it was exciting through the entire movie.

Danny K (ru) wrote: Best favorite thriller of all time thumbs up. This movie is an A+

David C (gb) wrote: Forget those other "zombie" movies in which they eat people. This is, by far, the most realistic account for what zombies should look like, even if you enjoy those other man-eating zombies. I don't. I like scary stuff more than gory stuff.

Peter J (kr) wrote: I think my parents used to rent this from the library when you could still take out film reels and play it on our projector...

Anna R (ag) wrote: My favorite Sternberg-Dietrich effort. Offers some priceless glimpses into Spanish carnival and the cantante scene. Dietrich called this her most brilliant performance and she may have been right.

William C (au) wrote: I really find it hard to describe Battleship Potemkin because it's just a film that just wows you over before you can even stop to think about it, a technical masterpiece with a genuinely thrilling plot. The story takes place in June of 1905 on the battleship well Potemkin, we see the crew of the ship are not so happy and they are revolted by the standards they have and so they stick up for themselves and when fellow crew members are nearly killed by their own officers, it seems quite the time for the crew to get up and fight. It is a dramatized version of true events but this movie really pumps up the workers as complete heroes, I mean this movie is Soviet propaganda through and through, but it's superbly well made even if it is.The man behind this perfectly crafted motion picture is Sergei Eisenstein who directs this in a way which even when it's going very slow still manages to either be thrilling or throw in some kind of thing to make it so amazing. I think what he also does is create a movie that isn't just for critics to feast their eyes on, this can be enjoyed by anyone I swear and it's actually a genuinely exciting kind of movie, although I would always watch a few silent movies beforehand so that you get the right feel of this. What Eisenstein also does is bring in all the crafts that make up a film and creates an art piece, one that's cameras are perfectly working, editing is finely tuned, dialogue (even for a silent movie) is great and then utilises production design especially in the famous "Odessa Steps" scene where the outfits and the general look of the scene looks amazing.This is so often placed on the lists that people compile with the greatest movies and for good reason, the reasons become even more so when you consider this was made in 1925 and it is silent, but you never truly think about that and this doesn't seem to have aged at all, in fact other than the cast the only expired thing is the Soviet Union. Yet again it is Eisenstein who makes it ageless, I felt he just knew what he wanted and did it, made a film that although is made for a certain political position, can still entertain no matter what your views on politics.I feel that again those steps are like come on, I mean those boots are just a brilliant cinematic piece. The scene is one that is thrilling yet also oddly touching with a little added darkness (well OK make that quite a bit). The choreography of the entire scene is marvellous too with the enormous cast to run and fall down it not only makes it incredible to see but you'd think also really dangerous! Don't watch this just for this scene I mean this has sublime scenes elsewhere, take for example the ending which of course I won't spoil but when you think one thing it does something else and builds you up until you are really excited to see what happens next. I think that if you consider this not your kind of film then think again, this isn't a movie that should only be shown in history classes or film studying lectures, it's a movie that should be seen because it is entertaining but also technically a film of flawless dimensions. Yes feast in what Soviet cinema has to offer and maybe you might like it quite a bit, in fact you might even be accustomed to raising a red flag above your house even if the neighbour calls you a commie.

Jacob W (ag) wrote: Quirky and light heated as well as engaging, allowing you to sympathise with the main character.

Jorel E (fr) wrote: All I have to say is, "The Gaze!"