Cruel, Cruel Love

Cruel, Cruel Love

This early Chaplin film has him playing a character quite different from the Tramp for which he would become famous. He is a rich, upper-class gentleman whose romance is endangered when his girlfriend oversees him being embraced by a maid. Chaplin's romantic interest in this film, Minta Durfee, was the wife of fellow Keystone actor, Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.

A silly aristocrat who believes he's been jilted attempts suicide, but is saved from death and reunited with his fiancee. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ben H (au) wrote: Even the great production can't help the absurd plot...

Wes C (it) wrote: Beautiful sets and props and all the things it needed to be a great Sci Fi film and then wastes it all with trite monster movie stuff that did not need to go to Mars just to do zombie movie stuff.

Ryan W (gb) wrote: Grabbers does all the horror well but when it comes to the comedy not so great

Peter C (es) wrote: Seems to finally closed the chapter on a "bad guy" that was killed off too easily in season 10. Otherwise, this seems to be just a "2 hour special" of a regular TV show.

Clarice I (ru) wrote: II <333 STEVEN SEAGAL

Edward B (fr) wrote: Yeah it's stupid, and that's why I liked it. Any movie where actor Jurgen Prochnow tells a Das Boot in-joke is alright by me. The title of this film alone tells you exactly the kind of film it's going to be. Beerfest will be about a team of ordinary people practicing and preparing for the ultimate drinking competition. Audiences will be subjected to lots of drinking and lots of games. Some may prefer to be actually doing these things instead of watching characters do them, but Beerfest has a lot of fun with its concept. Anyone who has ever had a crazy binge story can relate to this ridiculously over the top yet hilariously charming film.Also keep in mind that this was written by Broken Lizard, the team responsible for Super Troopers and Club Dread. Both of those previous movies were incredibly dumb but someone help you if you didn't find them funny. Beerfest is right in the same league.

Fred M (ca) wrote: Nias bailando coreografas para el colegio. En cmara lenta. Dos veces. La rebelda intelectual de Donnie fastidia tanto como las lavadas de cerebro. Lo del viaje en el tiempo es absurdo. Una maestra lanza al cielo un grito desgarrador porque la despiden. El atractivo de la pelcula reside sencillamente en que Donnie est loco y su amigo imaginario es un hombre con disfraz de conejo. Y en que tiene una enamorada con quien es incmodo, la mejor escena de la pelcula es cuando la acompaa a su casa. Y el vecindario es muy bonito. 6/10

Rowena S (au) wrote: lots of atmosphere.. The soundtrack is great, the music seems to be more important than the story, kind of like one big gypsy, flamenco dancing whirlwind. Great.

David D (br) wrote: Highly offensive to the Arab World. No Star Rating.

Haider S (es) wrote: good and funny movie

Pam R (kr) wrote: I'm not sure why, but I absolutely love this movie! And Minnie and David have such great chemistry.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Teaming up Neil Jordan with Liam Neeson and once again with Steven Rea, Michael Collins seemed to have talent coming at it from many angles.Michael Collins clearly has a lot of ground to cover, and its resolution to that issue is largely to rush through everything. Though the film gives an appropriate historical context at the start of the story, it doesn't build up much from there. There are a lot of character and plot dynamics to take in with Michael Collins, but it doesn't exactly give viewers the appropriate amount of time to take it all in. The film rushes through so much that the overall focus ends up somewhat scattered, unable to decide whether it wants to be a biographical piece about Neil Jordan or a large scale piece about the rise of the Irish against the British. As a result, the balance is a little rusty and the film succeeds as a spectacle at best. There are so many plot points to comprehend, and though there is a lot of running time and the film gets through its plot points fairly well during them, there is a constant sense of jumping in the structural integrity of the film. There is never really a chance to transition into the drama as the film just jumps straight into it before jumping into another one the next moment, creating a pace which doesn't work alongside the large quantity of plot points being fit into the film.However, even though there is a lot to keep up with in Michael Collins, the work of director Neil Jordan cannot be ignored. Working with the subject matter of the IRA once again, Neil Jordan works to make Michael Collins a very personal piece. Though the storytelling is not perfect, Neil Jordan ensures that all the heroism and suffering is captured with a strong screenplay of his own. From there, he knows exactly how to dramatise things appropriately. Ensuring that the cast brings out the best in his brilliant screenplay and packing the film with his iconic sense of style, the feeling is truly achieved. The musical score is key in capturing the intense mood of events because it elevates the drama of them to be up on a significantly higher scale which emphasizes the extent of their actions and the resulting repercussions.He also stages the film to be an intensely dedicated feature in terms of technical aspects. The visual experience of Michael Collins is magnificent. Neil Jordan has a real knack for being able to create a very grim atmosphere through his visual style. Given a budget of $25 million, Neil Jordan effectively puts s much extensive effort into ensuring that the production design of the film is 100% legitimate. The props and locations do a flawless job creating the historical context for Michael Collins, and the cinematography works to capture it all with exceptional detail. The cinematography is one of the best assets of Michael Collins due to the fact that it uses a versatile collection of techniques which capture the facial expressions of the characters close up during the more dramatic moments of the film as well as emphasizing the massive scale of events with plenty of wide angles. The fact that the cinematography scored an Academy Award nomination should explain it all.And beneath the spectacle of the film is a truly talented cast.Liam Neeson takes an incredibly strong stance as the lead in Michael Collins. Essentially, it seems like a role he was born to play because unlike in many of his Hollywood roles, he does not have to hide his normal Irish accent this time. Instead, he lets it flourish for Michael Collins and as a result he effectively comes off as a convincing everyman and a larger than life hero at the same time. Liam Neeson's voice is his strongest asset playing Michael Collins because the authenticity of it is difficult to ignore. And from there, Liam Neeson puts all his strength into capturing a perfect dramatic tone of line delivery which he achieves with absolute tenacity. Liam Neeson is incredible in bringing the spirit out of Michael Collins because he is so determined in the role, delivering a level of passion that matches up to the standard of his finest work and raising the standard of the entire film in the process. Liam Neeson is a perfect casting decision for Michael Collins, effectively illuminating the heroism of the man without neglecting a depiction of his faults and weaknesses as a human being in a thoroughly strong balance.Alan Rickman is also excellent. Known for his strong voice articulation, Alan Rickman brings that skill across to Michael Collins with powerful articulation. Like Liam Neeson, nearly all the strength of Alan Rickman's performance lies in the way he speaks since he does so with such incredulous power that easily wins over the attention of the surrounding characters and the audience. The character development is consistent, and Alan Rickman's consistent genuine projection in the role is seriously powerful. Alan Rickman sinks his teeth into the universe around him to play Eamon De Valera and shares a tight chemistry with the other actors, particularly in his intense moments with Liam Neeson.Steven Rea makes a strong dramatic addition to Michael Collins, working easily with Neil Jordan once again during his small time on screen as well as Aidan Quinn. Julia Roberts adds a strong supporting presence as well, and her accent is flawless. The presence of a young Brendan Gleeson is also a nice touch.So Michael Collins may have a story which is very packed and not take enough time to appropriately tell it all, but with the airtight leading performance from Liam Neeson at some of his finest combined with the tenaciously dramatic and stylish direction from Neil Jordan, the film ends up as a powerful and honourable spectacle of the Irish civil war.

Robert L (jp) wrote: poor direction is what makes this not a pink panther movie.

Brendan N (mx) wrote: Bad film, terrible in every sense of the word. Creature feature that is laughably bad, only funny due to stock footage and horrible special effects. MST3K did this justice by making some jokes at the laughable plotting and performances.

Chris W (nl) wrote: A movie starring the loneliest robot in the world is the best film I have seen all year.Wait...are you serious? Wall-E, the best film of all year? Better than Indiana Jones? Get real. Iron Man? You have to be kidding me!But the truth is Wall-E is unlike any movie I have ever seen. It evokes more emotions through its title character than most movies can dream of. And yes, this is from a robot who cannot speak English.The movie starts off showcasing a trashed Earth around the year 2700. Humans have smothered the planet in garbage, so they decided to leave on enormous ships and let Wall-Es (Waste Allocation Load Lifter - Earth-Class) clean up the mess. However, after hundreds of years, all of the Wall-Es have broken down, leaving the world messy as before.However, one Wall-E still remains, going through his daily tasks of cleaning and compacting trash. Yet this robot seems to have developed a personality. He's curious of his surroundings, constantly collecting trinkets that interest him. He's resourceful and displays a Charlie Chaplin style humor. However, Wall-E also longs for a partner and displays true emotions of sadness and loneliness. And while you watch, you really can't help but sorry for this little guy. I'm sure you have heard the stories of Wall-E's dialogue-free first thirty minutes. The stories are absolutely correct; the only recognizable human speech comes from old tapes and songs our title character experiences. However, the first thirty minutes is perhaps the best introduction to any movie I have ever seen. Seeing Wall-E on this abandoned planet of ours is constantly breathtaking in its imagery and scope. It sets a resoundingly perfect tone for the movie, for the introduction has occupied my thoughts since the credits rolled.When a robot named Eve comes to Earth from the humans in space, the story really falls into motion as Wall-E goes to the human ship. From here, the movie displays the struggle of humanity and the battle for finding love, while keeping the humor and sense of wonder in tact. The movie never lets down on surprises and never ceased to amaze me. Everything about this film is fantastic. The animation is top notch, photo realistic in spots. The story, while simple, captures the tone and mood perfectly while evoking many emotions from the audience. And Wall-E, the robot who cannot speak English, is a lovable protagonist that I sympathized with more than most on screen characters. While the environmental themes may be a bit heavy handed in spots (though the creator insists the trashed Earth was merely a way to display the love story), the film rarely stumbles. It's a rare and ambitious piece of filmmaking that sets the bar so high for animated films that even Pixar will be comparing themselves to this gem.Wall-E is the best movie of the year so far and I cannot sing any higher praises for it.