Cruel Intentions 2

Cruel Intentions 2

This takes place several years before Cruel Intentions, back to when Kathryn first meets Sebastian, their sexual attraction to each other and their enjoyment in destroying the lives of their peers.

Cruel Intentions 2 takes place several years before Cruel Intentions (1999). It starts when Kathryn meets Sebastian the first time, their sexual attraction to each other and their enjoyment in destroying the lives of their peers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cruel Intentions 2 torrent reviews

Kyle B (gb) wrote: Just another pointless remake.

Jani B (us) wrote: Ankeita ihmiskohtaloita yhta ankeassa serbialaisessa kaivoskaupungissa, valilla epavireisen musikaalinkin muodossa.

Vicki M (es) wrote: Dark, gritty, deep, at times of a father & his job & the moral, ethical, spiritual, physical & financial conflicts & compromises that he goes through. I just love Javier Bardem & he does not disappoint, as usual.

C Todd B (au) wrote: Michael Sweet of Stryper recorded a song for this film and also makes a cameo. Story sounds interesting.

Rich B (us) wrote: Son of Rambow (2007) - "Yeah, all right. Let me die in peace." - Evil Scarecrow Two boys, each suffering their own worlds of abuse (one from a man who runs their religious community, the other from an absent mother and domineering older brother), find each other in the making of an amateur film. Garth Jennings, who also brought us "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," wrote and directed this marvelous film. And Bill Milner (Will Proudfoot) and Will Poulter (Lee Carter) are the young actors who helped bring me back those early days of blood brothers and betrayls; courage and love; forgiveness and redemption. Jennings speaks to those of us willing to risk anything for what we want, and to those of us who have the scars to prove it. For us, "Son of Rambow" is a profoundly cathardic experience. For everyone else, those of you that play it safe, you may wonder what the fuss is all about...

Spencer S (it) wrote: Tom Green's shtick is that you say, "What?" and give an uncomfortable laugh at his antics. He used this to get his own show on MTV, and he uses it here to make us empathetic to a loser character that does weird stuff. Some of this I found ridiculously unneeded and deliberately stupid. Sometimes I actually laughed, because why not? There's also the question as to why Rip Torn acts like a degenerate, abusive pariah most of the film, and it's treated like an interesting quirk. While there's really no reason to watch this film, sometimes it's funny to laugh at the weird, the inspired, and the zany. Though this film falls more under the heading of "gross" it's in the same vein.

Reiyan B (nl) wrote: One of my favorite things in life is when I find a movie that I know nothing about and it turns out to be something entertainingly original and BAM! here it is...about 20-30 words of dialogue throughout the whole thing, great characters, and a small amount of absurdity blended with realism. Made my day.

Paul D (us) wrote: It's a fun story but they're simply trying to recreate the straight man funny man scenario from 48 hours except this time with Short and Nolte. Short does this well only to an extent.

Ryan K (us) wrote: All musicians involved were pivotal characters in making hip hop what it is today. Acting is not particularly in most of the characters resumes so almost all are amateurly skilled. For hip hip fans it shows two different stories of the ups and downs of the art of rap. The Fat Boys are a very funny powerhouse but other demensions of the film take itself way to seriously. Has interesting aspects of a musical, not the greatest way to execute a 'hip-hopera'.

Shawn M (us) wrote: Carradine was great...good story...good companion to the Grapes of Wrath...this recession has nothing on that era...the absolute destituteness of folks..The only thing they had was their DIGNITY...

jwasu r (gb) wrote: better than i thought. there are moments of that sort of gritty 70's attention to "realism" that really add up. The film is a bit uneven, but definitely watchable. In tone, the scenes involving the junkies looking to scam and score reminded me of Bubs and his running partner in The Wire.

Kevin S (us) wrote: Funny love comedy about a artist who has a little run in with the law and is in court and is butting heads with the female judge. After this the judges sister falls in love with him and they try to jail him again. Realizing its not him they all decide to let her date him thinking eventually she will get over and the phase that she is in would be over not too long after. This little date has some historical results. You have two actors with tons of talent. Cary grant and Shirley temple were very funny together and their chemistry worked extremely well. This was a very enjoyable film.

Ellen G (it) wrote: Koselig britisk film. Elsker franske hus.

MF J (ca) wrote: Interesting film, great story and great cast. This is probably the film that finally broke the silence about AIDS and it's terrible consequences on people being affected. Solid film.