Cruel Intentions 3

Cruel Intentions 3

Two guys at a college prep school make wagers on seducing naive young girls, and then meet their match when they agree to see which one can seduce the most popular and devious girl who has her own agenda to everything.

Jason and Patrick are two university students, housed in the same dorm room. They quickly become a duo because of their common interest in conquering schoolmates. But then they also encounter a tough opponent, Cassidy beautiful and demonic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Borhan K (mx) wrote: April Rain did rain it was a sad attempt of a story of a terror cell that got foiled by the yankies again. The cast was good but the story line and movie was B grade. This movie is not recommended and a complete waste of time.

Marko S (ag) wrote: Could have been little better but it was not that bad either, pretty watchable hard boiled action crime drama.

Kerry D (es) wrote: Entertaining enough and some great dancing.

Shawn M (au) wrote: The name said it all. This is not your typical movie, its something a lot of inpatient people (like my girlfriend) easily walked away from. If you're a fan of Furlong, you'll be amazed, even with the low budget this film has, and the little push it has received so far, Furlong's multiple myself's insanity in this film is just pure GOLD. It is a "mega-trip" of a movie, something that would make stoner's go into a zombie epileptic buzz that will have you hypnotized. But for somebody straight, like me, I can see the depth in the story line, it maybe "a movie" but it's one hell of a twist of an ending that made me applaud to the writers of this film. Overall, Epic job on all who worked on this film, If you are up for a mad conspiracy type film that you can keep up to detail with, you'll love this movie like I done did giggity goo. Thank You!

Caesar M (us) wrote: There are three later that can best describe my viewing experience for this movie, WTF. This is seriously one weird movie when you see crazy stuff happen, unfortunately everything in between is not as entertaining. Robo-Geisha is about Yoshie who's recruited into an army of Geisha assassins by the rich and powerful owner of a steel-works, Kageno. That's the most normal way to summarize the story of this movie without going into the weird parts too much. Seriously this movie has a girl transforming into a tank, a Japanese robot castle destroying other building that bleed, Machine-Gun breasts, Japanese women who breast milk can melt flesh, and over the top dialogue. Now when you have crazy stuff like that you expect the rest of the movie to be at the same level, sadly it's not. Everything in between the craziness is boring, sure the dialogue could be funny at times, but even that get old fast and becomes predictable. Possibly the only thing you'll remember from the movie is all the visually weird stuff, other than that most of the movie is pretty forgettable. Now lets talk about the special effect, which are the best part of the movie. Now sure it won't win awards for having a girl who can make swords come out of her arm pits and a Japanese robot castle vomiting, but it's sure allot of fun to watch. Now sure the effects don't look good, but try naming another movie where you could see a girl transforming into a tank fighting against Japanese robot castle, which is refreshing seeing something original being done with special effects. The cast on the other hand is not likable. It's not there fault, it's the characters they play and honestly I did not care for any of them. The acting is bad and it's not the funny kind of bad acting most of the time. Robo-Geisha is a weird that's only enjoyable when you visually see something weird. It's not bad movie to watch for if you're looking for something out of the ordinary, but you won't remember much as it's a forgettable movie when you don't see crazy happening.

Jonah S (br) wrote: "Still a graphic and remarkable masterpiece! 'Saw' will have your blood running cold! Happy 10th Anniversary!"

Ben G (ca) wrote: The movie that got me interested in being an actor.

Michelle C (br) wrote: I would definitely recommend The Karma only my highly intelligent friends.

Ed Q (nl) wrote: The incredibly cinematic "Cyclo" is a mosaic of urban squalor and indelible images of violence and self-destruction.

Travis B (ru) wrote: This movie was highly predictable from the beginning. You knew what was going to happen about 15 mins in. As far as a movie goes it was kind of ok but mostly crap. Sure it was a true story but they could have done him more justice.

Robin W (au) wrote: Personally i have problem understanding how this movie could be so beloved. The one plus it has is its basic storyline showing how one single event can change and affect the whole outcome of three different lives in three very seperate ways. But its dragged down by terrible acting performances from almost the entire cast and a very stale and stereotypical perspective on a mexican street-gang. A major problem is also that the film isnt filled with enough valuable content to warrant a three hour runtime.

Durell B (de) wrote: Over the top 90's nostalgia with your standard English bad guy, tough-as-nails hero and cliche ridden throughout. Why a government organization would put a terrorist on a commercial plane full of passengers is beyond me. The film actually spends more time on the ground at a fair than it does in the air. Furthermore, no civilian should know the air marshal for security reasons but it appears to be open knowledge here. It's also made clear that the main antagonist has no friends and has no desire to have friends, so if that's true, why does he have a legion of people who are ready and willing to pull the trigger when he desires? Shouldn't he work alone? With all its flaws Passenger 57 is still a decent ride but I can't give a pass to the meteor sized plot holes.Just as a side note which holds no direct bearing to my rating: How the Hell does the main bad guy get his henchman? I'm referencing film as a whole, just not this one. It's never explained in any film how he or she gets people to work for them.

Ennis Brokeback L (gb) wrote: Definitely a chick flick but enjoyable in a cheesy 80s way.

John B (gb) wrote: Adam Sandler is not a very attractive screen presence, and Billy Madison shows why..

Barry T (fr) wrote: A sweet story of an elderly man living in Paris and his freindship with a younger girl. Posey is excellant but Caine has an odd accent. interesting if not a little slow