Cruel Winter Blues

Cruel Winter Blues

Jae-Mun is a seasoned veteran of the gang. Although a physically imposing black belt in Taekwondo, Chi-Guk is a soft-spoken newcomer to gang life, who is quietly offended by Jae-Mun's arbitrary and random acts of cruelty and rudeness against him and others. They travel to a remote town to perform an assassination of rival gangster Dae-Sik, who was responsible for the death of a friend of Jae-Mun.

A small-time crook, Jae-moon goes after the man who killed his mentor a few years earlier. Jae-moon meets Chi-gook, a retired taekwondo practitioner who becomes his partner and goes to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cruel Winter Blues torrent reviews

Dan M (de) wrote: A beautiful film well told.

melika s (mx) wrote: i love this movie... its real..... and i just love the game... "love have nothing to do with it"

David F (ca) wrote: Raunchy, gross, funny, obscene, juvenile. But it was also kind of sweet even as the characters were spying on showering campers. A step down from the American Pie movies but filled with the same spirit of teenaged hormones and humour.

Rosco B (kr) wrote: I suppose I did die a sort of small death inside when I wasted an evening on this direct-to-DVD duffer. It's as crap as it sounds, and "Exit Wounds" should really have been the beginning and the end of Seagal teaming up with rappers to pose moodily with guns.

Mark B (ag) wrote: Slow start and took a while to build. The ending was a let down and could have been better (especially for an almost 2 hour movie). Could have cut out some of the 1st parts of the movie in order to spend more time on the ending, which seemed rushed and over too quickly. Fantastic score and soundtrack, however.

Davi (jp) wrote: saw it. wanna c once more

Steve J (it) wrote: Lacks the sardonic anti-establishment flair of Fletch and the star power of Caddyshack. It's mostly mediocre, but there are some funny moments. Overall, it's just kind of meh.

Scott R (gb) wrote: Not as good as the first.

Rachael B (fr) wrote: This film was ok to watch but i wouldn't buy it. Its mainly about Jack the Rippers daughter Anna who goes crazy from having jewellery flashed in her face which makes her kill people. Sad ending but not scary. Has some blood in but nothing too bloody or over the top.

michael w (es) wrote: the best in the series since pitch black

Jocey D (ru) wrote: A good old fashion baseball movie with some real relationships. I like the twist it takes in the end. All is resolved. All finishes well.