A serial killer brutally slays and dismembers several gay men in New York's S/M and leather districts. The young police officer Steve Burns is sent undercover onto the streets as decoy for the murderer. Working almost completely isolated from his department, he has to learn and practice the complex rules and signals of this little society.

A police detective goes undercover in the underground S&M gay subculture of New York City to catch a serial killer who is preying on gay men. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cruising torrent reviews

Gaspar O (nl) wrote: Sooo, I'm pretty sure the zombie costumes came from either a dollar store or Goodwill. This is certainly not a good film, but if you consider the lack of a budget, as in, I'm guessing it was made for fifty bucks, it's actually not a terrible effort. I didn't even fall asleep until the last 30 seconds, so there's that too.

AD O (au) wrote: emma roberts has that great tortured soul look. starting to love her. not as much as i love franco though, even in this tamer role.

Alex S (kr) wrote: The most important part of this documentary is the conversations it will spark.

Grant S (ru) wrote: The story of Enron, the energy company, and its rise and inglorious fall. We see its origins in the 1980s, how it was set up with energy deregulation in mind, and how it profited off the deregulation. Moreover, we see how it took accounting practices to the extremes, to the point that the senior executives were cooking the books. There is also coverage of the unethical practices of Enron' traders, particularly in the California electricity market. In the end it all comes crashing down, losing everyday, law-abiding employees their jobs, savings and pensions.Brilliant documentary. A great telling of how greed and hubris can lead to crime of the highest magnitude. Very well told. You can see how the illegalities just build. From legal mark-to-market accounting, the executives then start to overstate future profits. When these profits don't eventuate, rather than mark the profit down, they cover up the shortfall. Eventually the accumulated difference is so great that they feel they can't reverse it. Using company promo footage and presentations you can see how easy it must have been for investors and employees to fall for the lines.Not just an examination of corporate greed and lack of ethics but an examination of the baser instincts of mankind. So many cases of people choosing to do what was good for them, rather than what was right. The CFO, who was setting up all the dubious accounting schemes, was even skimming some of the company profit for himself! Thieves stealing from thieves.Highly engrossing. Told in very intriguing fashion by narrator Peter Coyote and written and directed by Alex Gibney (based on the book by Bethany McLean), while the subject is complex, it is reasonably understandable. Interesting for so many reasons too. The fact that they managed to hoodwink equity analysts for so long, the momentum effect - the more they got into it and the better they did, the less they could go back, the effects on investors and employees, the hubris on display. A truly great documentary, one that should be used in business schools and ethics classes.

Luke B (ag) wrote: Yes it is impressive that one person made an entire animated movie. Well done. That does not mean it is in any way shape or form a good or even passable film. First of all literally the only plus of the film is the way it looks, not the animation but the character design. It's very different but gets tiresome towards the end. So what's so wrong with this film? Let's start with the animation. What we have is essentially a 77 minute film which seems like a flash animation with better graphics. Next up is the sound, at first I thought it was rather good but after 20 minutes of the same repetitive sounds playing I had to turn it down. The annoying techno music which sounded like a computer game didn't help. Although it may be great to see one person make a film it would be better to of had something resembling a story. It tries to be funny by having some old man who talks to his Walker looking for new slippers during a Zombie attack. This idea not only unfunny to start with but runs into some serious problems at 40 minutes when the story arc comes to an end so the last 30 minutes is strewn with filler material. Every bloody scene is also a zombie attack, again making for a painfully repetitive film. Sudol also attempts to do all the voices himself. It sounds awful, he has no comic timing or personality to any of the number of voices he puts on. That's enough of my bitching as it isn't fair to pick on one guy who is no dobt a very hard and dedicated worker. Next time get somebody else to write the screenplay and more people to do the voices and it will be a vast improvement.

Tamara H (es) wrote: Really only worth half a star, but I gave it a whole one simply because it's SO awful in such a bizarre way. Still, not even close to being "so bad it's good." This one is just ... bad.

Jake H (ag) wrote: Another great documentary about people who spend their lives doing something that should have remained a hobby.

Noel M (ag) wrote: Any good social points L'Esquive has to make are negated by its storytelling and filmmaking deficiencies. In addition to being extremely heavy-handed, it's tedious in the extreme - a banal, badly-acted story of attraction between profoundly irritating ghetto kids bickering at the tops of their voices for what feels like an interminable two-hours.

Kenny N (fr) wrote: No stars. But I'll say this: the spirit of the comic strip is much more with this DTV black hole than it is with John Hughes' creepy, unpleasant vision. Much like that one, there are criminals here, but unlike Christopher Lloyd's Switchblade Sam (possibly the most inappropriate character in any children's movie) the villains here are goofy and harmless. Not menacing at all. Especially Carrot Top (he got another acting job after "Chairman of the Board?" Astonishing.) Justin Cooper makes a better Dennis than the Culkin-lite of Mason Gamble. Walter Matthau and Joan Plowright as Mr and Mrs. Wilson were the only good things about the first movie, but Don Rickles and Betty White do a good job too. Wow. Can't believe I'm saying so many complimentary things about a throwaway film I can't in good conscience give any stars to. Just speaks volumes as to how terrible the first one was.

Rachel N (jp) wrote: Pretty lame for a children's fantasy. I've seen better. Haley Joel Osment was a cute kid though. To put it bluntly, this movie shouldn't have been made.

Annie C (jp) wrote: This was so bad. No. NO. So incredibly bad.

James G (nl) wrote: Hard to find movies from the 80s that don't date themselves, and this is one of them. From Phillip Glass' tense soundtrack to the well crafted warfare, this film will stand as one of the Vietnam war movie greats.

Sia S (au) wrote: Although Maybe A lil Crude For Mr. Bean, It Still Has That Classic Charm.

CL 9 (es) wrote: A disappointingly bland, rather tame story leaves star Jennifer Lawrence stranded in the dust. An unfortunate misstep, but then again, which American sweetheart's career is complete without a least a couple?