Crumb at a Gallop

Crumb at a Gallop


Alt er normalt hos familien Krumborg – men når man kender dem, så kan intet længere overraske. De to røvere Boris og Ivan vil gerne kidnappe Krumme. Krumme vil gerne lære at ride. Mor vil gerne have en sundhedsjul. Far vil ikke have en sundhedsjul. Og det kan vel heller ikke overraske, at Krummes julegave til Yrsa ender under fru Olsens seng, eller at vicevært Svendsen forsøger at reparere fru Olsens håndvask – selvom den ikke er i stykker. Og familiens mindste, Grunk, har spist al julepynten. Jo da, alt er helt normalt hos familien Krumborg… . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ryan N (fr) wrote: This movie was awful. Forget that it was overlong, badly acted, preachy, cheesy and predictable- its worst crime is that it offends your intelligence so repeatedly and relentlessly. It tries to be a thought-provoking message movie but in the end is as dumb as any Michael Bay blockbuster, trading on ridiculous cliches and stereotypes and situations that defy any suspension of disbelief for any person who has an attachment to reality. The whole premise of the movie is ridiculous (that is, that Khan, a Muslim Indian, marries a single Hindu mother. Mother and son take his name. Son is victim of a hate crime because of his Muslim name. Wife blames Khan. Khan seeks to redeem himself by saving Americans from their prejudice not realizing the irony of that in this severely prejudiced film). The reason it is ridiculous are many, but for starters, nobody in America knows that Khan is a Muslim Indian name. Nobody would ever suffer prejudice because of this. In fact, my roommate here in Saudi Arabia (who is Pakistani Muslim and whose name is also Khan) didn't even know that. Thus, the death of the son cannot be blamed on his name and the story of rejection/redemption of Khan because of his Muslim name becomes laughably stupid. And don't even get me started on the dumb kid keeling over dead because he got hit in the stomach with a soccer ball... if the other kid can kick a soccer ball into someone's abdomen with lethal force why isn't he playing for Barcelona?Then there are the numerous scenes that are beyond stupid as they are so far removed from anything that would ever happen in the USA. There are many, but perhaps most egregious is when Khan's son is in class in a public school in California of all places and the teacher is giving a lecture about how Islam is the most evil of all religions. That would NEVER EVER happen. The teacher would be fired IMMEDIATELY, and the school system would be sued into bankruptcy by the ACLU. You KNOW that whoever wrote this movie obviously has NEVER been to the United States and is just imagining things; or worse, they are deliberately writing such scenes knowing full well that they are ludicrous because they want to paint Americans as being more prejudiced than they are, and make the Muslim heroes in the story seem like they are in a desperate situation. They could have done the same thing with realistic scenes. Like the one where the woman gets her hijab ripped off... that's unlikely... but it's at least plausible that something like that might happen. The random act of a lone racist. But a California public school lesson on the evils of Islam? Give me a break.The Michael Bay comparison starts to really set in when Khan goes to Blacky Negrosville, somewhere in Southern South Hillbilly County. Cliches and stereotypes enough to make you gag. None of which are particularly relevant to the story at all. And also there is the time/distance dilation common in Bay films. I'm reminded of the absurd scene in Transformers when they drive from the Pyramids in Egypt to Petra in Jordan seemingly in an hour or so (a trip that would take a day in real life) and at the border instead of spending 6 hours in customs like real people would they get waved through by an Oompa Loompa because he is an ignorant backward Muslim sand person who loves Americans. As offensive as that scene was (or should be) both to Arabs and anyone with a brain, the scenes in Khan that take place in the deep South are just as bad. And just like it took Bumblebee 30 minutes to drive 1000 miles in Transformers it seems like Khan can just pick up and run 2500 miles across America when it starts raining and get there before the storm is over.Again, this movie is terrible. Its message is contrite and really unnecessary, based on the lie that all Americans believe all Muslims are terrorists. In parts it assumes too little of Americans and in other parts it assumes too much (I'd say many Americans probably aren't even aware that there are a lot of Muslims in India). Its premise is ridiculous, as outlined above. And it is offensive. All of that on top of the ordinary sins of any bad movie mentioned before: bad writing, bad acting, etc.Reading another review reminded me of another outrageously ludicrous scene: at one point Khan tries to get into a dinner to see the president and is barred because he does not belong to a Christian church. W.. T.. F... This would not have happened in 1900 much less in 2000. SO... STUPID...

steve p (br) wrote: Good film. About a young boy called Jack who's just been released from an Juvenile Institution for the murder of a school girl. He and a friend lured and killed this girl, but soon after the trail had ended his best friend committed suicide. After settling down with a new identity, New job and girlfriend, things gradually start to catch up with him. Mainly its the newspapers. Eventually he ends all the pain by jumping of Brighton Pier.

Alberto Z (jp) wrote: Is when the dysfunctional family motif hovers always close to the risible. One of the darkest, most complex films I've seen in a while. Little bit weird, i can say... but no in a bad way.

Tetsuya M (jp) wrote: what a stupid movie! what a low quality!

Pradip R (fr) wrote: My all time favorite movie for its super cool visuals , music and of course for the chemistry between Vijay and Genelia. I just love this movie like hell <3 <3 <3

Kyleigh L (au) wrote: I thought this was a great movie even though Im not a fan of sci-fy that much

Pete G (fr) wrote: I like this film, really clever for its time

Orlok W (ru) wrote: There's Some Things That Are Meant To Be Left Alone--A warm and gentle story!!

Alex r (us) wrote: Sequel to Pumpkinhead is a mediocre monster film that fails to capture the thrills of the original. The film is poorly thought out, and ridiculous. The original film had a dark, sinister atmosphere that added to the film's experience. This sequel is boring and poorly directed and is nowhere near Stan Winston's original. If you do decide to watch this film, don't expect much as this is quite the disappointing sequel. I really didn't enjoy this film, and felt it could have been much better. Pumpkinhead II is a heavily movie, one that will displease fans of the original, and if you're looking for something watchable in terms of an entertaining sequel. This is a film that never should have been made, and considering what we are subjected to in this sequel, Pumpkinhead should have been a standalone film. This is a pointless sequel, one that really don't need and the tone of the movie is sillier compared than the original. I just didn't get into this one and was let down. This one joins many other sequels that have failed to capture the vibe that was established by Stan Winston's film. If you loved the first and you haven't seen this one, then pass it up, you're not missing anything. This is a mediocre film that just could have been much better, but it fails on so many levels. This is one film that isn't worth your time. Stick with the original; you'll be glad you did. Pumpkinhead II just feels rushed with no emphasis on trying to create a memorable horror film, and what we see on-screen proves my point.

Paul D (kr) wrote: This movie isn't very good at all, although I did get a kick out of how much it represented the truly bad horror movies of the 80's. So, in that regard, I found some entertainment value in it. I can't really recommend it though. I would say this is for horror purists only.

Greg S (au) wrote: Sparked by an image he sees on a postcard, a man starts having visions of a girl he met and fell in love with when he was 12; mysterious people try to stop him from finding the castle in the photograph, while twin vampires in see-through nighties help him from afar. Slow-moving atmospheric horror drama with lots of sex and nudity (that's the Jean Rollin way), but it drags at times and the ending has little payoff.

John R (jp) wrote: One of my favorite holiday movies!!!

Kevin M (es) wrote: A fun and action-filled movie that tells the new origin story of Supergirl. This movie, once again, perfectly brings the comic art to life. I really liked the addition of Wonder Woman to the story and Kara's time in Paradise Island was really enjoyable. And, although it doesn't have the most complex or deep story, it definitely has some of the best fight scenes of the entire DC animated universe. So, its not even comparable to Under the Red Hood or Batman Year One in terms of plot but what it lacks in story, it definitely makes up for in action.

Mayank A (ag) wrote: The movie feels cheesy and substandard with a predictable ending as compared to other heist movie. Felt it was an OK watch, but the ending five minutes had more than a few unexpected twist, totally changing my view of the story.

bill s (mx) wrote: The talented leads are lost in this generic noir that goes nowhere and leaves more than a few????? left behind.