Cry Danger

Cry Danger

Rocky Mulloy, back in town after serving 5 years of a life sentence for armed robbery, hopes to clear his friend Danny Morgan who's still in prison for the same crime. It won't be easy. Even the witness who cleared Rocky thinks he's guilty; Danny's glamorous wife Nancy, living in a sleazy trailer court, seems lukewarm about getting Danny back; cynical cop Gus Cobb just wants to stir things up in hopes that the missing "hot" $100,000 will surface. Plenty of tough talk, night scenes, deceptive dames and double crosses in this typical film noir.

Ex-con Rocky Mulloy seeks the real culprit in the crime he was framed for, in a night world of deceptive dames and double crosses. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Denis S (kr) wrote: This film is just a sorry excuse for not being able to going all the way to becoming a porn flick. They try really hard to get to the last base, but seemingly decided to become a wannabe-porn movie for people who would giggle all the time watching a real porn. It's found footage and all the camera has to do is focusing on the boobs and long legs of some chicks. The story is as irrelevant as in every porn movie. So there you go. You've got your half star because of the women actually looking good. ;)

Steve B (gb) wrote: Yet another 'nasty alien on rampage' film.It suffers badly from the plot having to squeeze into the gaps between 'Alien', 'Cloverfield' and 'Battle Los Angeles' (for the very last 30 seconds) - but misses a trick by taking itself too seriously. Had Simon Pegg and Nick Frost had something to do with it, they could have taken it in a much fresher direction.

Pedro B (kr) wrote: Simplesmente no gostei.No havia ligao entre as diversas histrias que relatada, tornando-se bastante confuso o seu seguimento de finalizao. me impossivel atribuir 0 estrelas.

Anita N (au) wrote: Quirky, fun, and heartfelt. Never would have thought I'd enjoy this movie so much. Very likable characters with a plot that keeps you interested from start to finish.

Paul W (fr) wrote: What a refreshing change. An adult romance, as opposed to the typically childish Hollywood product we've all come to expect. The script is minimal, as is the action, but the actors deliver and you're quickly drawn into the story. I was reminded a bit of Vicky Christina Barcelona, and Woody Allen's famous observation that "the heart wants what it wants." Indeed.

Private U (fr) wrote: Is Andy Lau in every single movie made in China?

Mikey P (fr) wrote: A movie that has to be watched with an open mind. If you go into it expecting a typical uplifting LDS movie you will be dissapointed. On the other hand if you know that this movie is about the atonement, and how it applies to everyone, it will touch you.

Allan C (it) wrote: "Groundhog's Day" meets "The Hitcher." Kylie Travis makes the unfortunate mistake of hitching a ride with mutton-chopped killer Jim Belushi and his wife. Travis ends up witnessing Belushi killing a cop, his wife and assorted others. Belushi then chases her into a secret government facility where she is accidentally sent back in time, finding herself back in Belushi's car. The story then has Travis trying to play out the scenario differently several different ways. I always find these types of stories interesting, seeing how characters might try to rewrite their own history, but these stories can easily become tedious and annoying. This film manages to stay interesting, with the characters making smart choices and also does it with some decent action sequences. Although the film is strictly Roger Corman/Charles Band quality, taken on that level, it's a pretty entertaining film. And it never hurts to cast M. Emmet Walsh in your film.

Hunter G (ag) wrote: The kid thought the guy was his dad, travels to New York, and gets a fancy hotel, the robbers come back, the problem is the coincidences. All in all, still a good movie.

Charles G (de) wrote: Makes you wonder why he would take a chance on his career. He could have other women than one theat could end his life and career.

Jennifer B (mx) wrote: John Wayne is a classic.

Thomas K (gb) wrote: Not overly well thought of when it was first released the film has the best of the Hollywood Poirots in Peter Ustinov, a clever script, a first rate cast, beautiful locations and the music of Cole Porter. First rate.

Ted W (fr) wrote: I'm glad I rented this rather than seeing it on an expensive big screen, but this was a pleasant little action flick. Star power propelled what could have been a mundane movie into something nicely watchable.