Cry in the Woods

Cry in the Woods

An unfortunate bank robber takes an escaped mental patient, wanted for murder, as hostage.

An unfortunate bank robber takes an escaped mental patient, wanted for murder, as hostage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seno B (br) wrote: An Arab and an Israeli child switched at birth during Scud attacks on Haifa during the first Gulf War. The movie portrays the two, now almost 18 years old, boys and their families finding out the truth and coming out of denial of the other side of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The repeated showing in the movie of Israel's security fence highlights the plight of the Palestinians that are living behind it and creates sympathy for those wanting a simple family life. One tends to forget that, in fact, the security fence has been self imposed by the Intifada's waves of suicide bombings striking Israel before the fence was built.The movie is well done and finds an ending that is pleasing to those hoping for a peaceful solution of the conflict, but seeing this movie while Israel once again is defending itself against the Hamas attacks from Gaza, makes the movie more like an idealistic unrealistic dream.

Ben T (jp) wrote: More of the same thing, this time in the summer

mary l (it) wrote: Was in it! Was fun, but a lot of work

BC C (ru) wrote: The best of Seagal's DTV movies. Great action

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Minh V (nl) wrote: Excellent Thriller. Pounding pace and very well acted. It's in the same vein of Taken but instead of a special trained protagonist, we have here an ordinary man but extremely desperate. And a man with no exit can be very dangerous. Great suspense.

Chris W (au) wrote: Where to begin to describe how bad this movie is? The unconvincing dialogue? The utterly predictable soundtrack? The irritating incidental music? That it's virtually impossible to care about what happens to any of the characters? The aimless storyline? The utter pointlessness of it all? Take your pick.

Ahmed B (us) wrote: Hands down the greatest action movie of all time, as the action begins as violent as possible and escalates to the most intense ending ever filmed. Plus, the dialogues great, I quote Loan Shark Hung: "Business is like shitting; smoothness is important"

Jonathan G (ru) wrote: In my opinion this what I would call an cult classic film tremors is definitely childish and silly but in opinion it's the cast and location that bring this movie up Fred ward and and Kevin bacon work great together and Michael gross gives an fun silly performances the directing is fine the humour doesn't all work but at times so of jokes made me laugh overall if you like B or cult type films you will enjoy this one

Marina M (jp) wrote: Saw it last night. Just fantastic. She is an incredible woman, insightful, thought provoking and very funny.

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