Cry of the Wolves

Cry of the Wolves


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Cry of the Wolves torrent reviews

Blaine W (au) wrote: Perhaps the most poignant treatment of death--from a child's perspective--I've ever seen. A must see.

Matthew S (ag) wrote: One of the very few gay films of late that actually has something of meaning to both show and say.

Chandrima D (kr) wrote: Among the very few animated movies that I loved :)

Justin T (mx) wrote: It was just TERRIBLE!

Missy M (jp) wrote: this is a good movie

Roalia M (jp) wrote: if you wanna a good luagh this is the movie

Melvin W (ca) wrote: Lenny Bruce: Did you know that Eleanor Roosevelt gave Lou Gehrig the clap?"Lenny's Time Has Finally Come."Lenny is a decent biopic of an interesting man. It has its problems though. It is extremely fragmented and poorly paced. Overall it is still well worth a watch though, because of an amazing performance from Dustin Hoffman. He plays the controversial comic with great power.I think I would have liked this movie much more had I not seen Star 80 first. Star 80 and Lenny are pretty much identical structurally, but Star 80 is more involving and more entertaining. Both are made in fragments, with interviews in the middle of scenes to make it feel like a documentary. Both also take a not so glamourous look at a form of media or show business and both end in tragedy.Lenny is interesting because we get fragments of Lenny's life intermixed with actors playing people he knew giving interviews, and also Lenny doing his stand up routine when he was young and old. As he is old, he stops telling jokes and more or less tells the plot of the movie. He tells about how he got arrested all the time for saying obscene jokes and making obscene gestures. He reads police reports and says why everything he has gotten arrested for is stupid.Today Lenny doesn't seem all that controversial. If you watch the comics of today side by side Lenny; he would be considered the cleaner comic. This film isn't great, but it is still an interesting look at an interesting man. Fosse would take this structure and make an even better movie later in his career.

Les E (mx) wrote: West's delivery of her snappy one liners is great and Grant smoothly charms his way through the movie. With several musical spots and a few mini stories there is a bit too much to pack into an hour but still enjoyable.

Jay B (ca) wrote: Holds up PRETTY well. "I think you're all fucked in the heads!"