Crying 100 Times: Every Raindrop Falls

Crying 100 Times: Every Raindrop Falls

Shuichi had a motorcycle accident 4 years ago. Because of the accident, he lost the last year of his memory. One day, at a friend's wedding, Shuichi has a fateful meeting with Yoshimi. They...

Shuichi had a motorcycle accident 4 years ago. Because of the accident, he lost the last year of his memory. One day, at a friend's wedding, Shuichi has a fateful meeting with Yoshimi. They... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darlene B (ag) wrote: This is a sick and scary movie... Real eye opener.

Ashwini G (fr) wrote: Very funny in places but suffers from flaws in continuity, blah.

Amelia T (jp) wrote: Stunningly beautiful visuals, in some scenes. The storyline does not make the most sense, but then again, its a whimsical colorful film with quirky old ladies !

Scott C (us) wrote: Bad dialogue, ridiculous plot and a creature that looked so stupid they made sure not to show it until the end of the flick. If this is the best that Koontz can bring to the screen, I have been justified in never reading any of his novels.

Sean I (ru) wrote: This pile of crap was so bad that dead people complain.

melissa a (br) wrote: old voyeur professor gets his groove on...

peter h (ca) wrote: NAVAJO JOE [1966]: I'm just going to come out and say it I can't wait for the day Quentin Tarantino's next film (which on the date this review was posted was in pre-production) his "Homage" to yet another exploitation sub-genre The Spaghetti Western with his yet to be made film DJANGO UNCHAINED . As it turns out according website The Spaghetti Western Database with their 2009 interview with Tarantino listed the original DJANGO as his third favourite Spaghetti Western and a few of the many unofficial sequels as some of his other picks. So what has all this got to do with a film called NAVAJO JOE and shouldn't the first few sentences of this paragraphs suit a review of the original DJANGO? Well there are only two reason why One is on the same list Tarantino listed this film as his 9th favourite spaghetti Western and second the director Sergio Corbucci made NAVAJO JOE after he made DJANGO. So since this was one of the first Non- Sergio Leone Spaghetti Westerns I have seen and since this is the third week of Western Review month I though why not dedicated one weekend to the vast Western sub-genre of the European Western, The Spaghetti Western. So starting today with one of Quentin Tarantino's favourite 9th favourite spaghetti Western NAVAJO JOE and finishing tomorrow I'm going to explore what makes these Westerns so different from the classic American Westerns. WESTERN REVIEW MONTH WEEK THREE: SPAGHETTI WESTERN REVIEW WEEKEND Day One: Sergio Corbucci's NAVAJO JOE [1966]: To put it simply this film is a run of the mill Italian- Spanish production shot in the deserts of Spain and jam pack with a fair bit of violence. So yes it's a typical Spaghetti Western with a score by the great Italian Composer Ennio Morricone (whose name and scores are infamous with films like THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY, ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST and CINEMA PARDISO) who used a presume of Leo Nichols in this film and Italian director with the first name of Sergio. But guess what the film isn't directed by Sergio Leone (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY); oh no it's Corbucci another one of three directors of Spaghetti Westerns with the name of Sergio (the other being Sergio Sollima). On a note of trivia Burt Reynolds only took the role because he believed he was going to work with Leone, but wanted to quit the film when he found out it was a different director but due having signed a contract Reynolds's had to star in this film regardless. Despite Reynolds's claims that this film was his worst experience in the Film & T.V industry is this film any good? Well my rating says I found it to be good and highly entertaining and heck that's what I truly think about Quentin Tarantino's favourite 9th favourite spaghetti Western so anyway let's just cut to the chase and dive right into why I liked this film. THE PLOTLINE After a brutal raid by an army of outlaws led by the deadly outlaw Duncan upon a Navajo Village one survivor remains. A Navajo called Joe (Burt Reynolds) who now stalks the group upon the back of a white horse. The outlaws then destroy a small town after the local sheriff stops paying for Indian scalps, amidst the destruction a former friend of Duncan approaches him with a deal. The friend, the doctor of the nearby town Esperanza is marry to the daughter of the town's banker and has the keys to a safe on a train coming with a vast supply of money. The deal the doctor wants Duncan and his men to do is to hijack the train and stop it that way the doctor can meet up with the group and open the safe. The next day the robbery occurs without a hitch, but when Navajo Joe appears and foils their plans by stealing the train off them. Joe with the help of a local Indian Girl and a small group of survivors form the destroyed town (that Joe rescued from Duncan's Men) warn the town of Esperanza about the approaching danger. The citizens that are too scared to stand up and fight hire Joe to defend their town, Joe's price the money on the train, the sheriff's badge and the satisfaction of vengeances for killing the men who killed his woman. But with the towns doctor a traitor in the midst will Joe ever get the pleasure of avenging his beloved's death by killing the savage Duncan? THE ACTING, DIRECTION, CINEMA-PHOTOGRAPHY AND SCORE The performances in this film are good to say the least, Burt Reynolds as the hero of the film is great. The rest of the cast do good jobs in their acting I'm not sure if that's due to alright dubbing or due good direction. The direction in this film by Sergio Corbucci is nothing short of safe in the way it's solid and good. The Cinema-Photography is decent to say the least but sadly there is in one scene an awful day for night shot (achieved by putting a really dark blue filter over the camera lens). But despite that this is a Spaghetti Western some neat shots of the deserts of Spain are present in this film. Overall all these things combine make this film basic, good and average but the really great thing with this film is of course that score by the great Italian composer Ennio Morricone. The scores of Morricone are quite simply legend for the epic score for Sergio Leone's spaghetti Western like Dollar Trilogy (A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS [1964], FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE [1965], and of course THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY [1966]) and ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST [1968]. With NAVAJO JOE the score for this film is just great although it borrows a few sound queues from THE ECSTASY OF GOLD from THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY; anyway my personal favourite part of the score is the Theme for Joe in fact it's by far the most memorable thing from this film. OVERALL THOUGHTS Aside from the great score NAVAJO JOE is nothing sort of an average western. Don't get me wrong it being average is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. NAVAJO JOE as a whole is a simple, but good western with lots of action and the stuff the spaghetti westerns are made of over the top violence. My rating is an easy 70% for this typical 1960's but good Spaghetti Western

Mark D (kr) wrote: Enjoyable 50s sci fi classic. Really doesnt take itself seriously especially when you consider the playful soundtrack. Has a charm and would happily watch again.

Jason J (mx) wrote: This movie was brilliant! Character depth, Sci-Fi and did not rely on explosions to get the action across. 10/10 Bought it.

Ryan G (fr) wrote: Thought it was more entertaining than most gave it credit for.