Crying Fist

Crying Fist

Jobless, besieged by creditors, and abandoned by his wife, the once silver medalist Tae-shik has sunk to street hustling, becoming a human punching bag. Meanwhile, young Sang-hwan's delinquent ways land him behind bars. Both men look to boxing to turn around lives gone astray, aiming for the amateur title, ultimately pitting them against each other, but more importantly, against themselves.

Tae Sik, a troubled middle aged man and Sang Hwan, a troubled youth will meet in the ring with their respective mission. To change their life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin T (it) wrote: This is Kill Bill meets Hell's Kitchen. Well sort of. The trailer for the movie showed a lot of promise but the film is more of a mystery than a gore flick.That isn't to say mysteries are boring, but this one happens to be. The film seems to wander from one scene to the next with no real direction. However, it all comes together in the end.

Alastair H (ru) wrote: don't bother, not enough bloody gore! horrorit is not, crap it is.

Benjamin J (it) wrote: Told almost entirely through a voice over, this is possibly one of the softest and gentlest films I've ever watched. It was like being sung a lullaby. Absolutely beautiful. Can't recommend it enough.

elletim l (gb) wrote: very romantic film with loads of fun and laughter.. reminds me a lot of someone special^_^

Frederick v (mx) wrote: Um sujeito fica impressionado com algumas coincidncias que acontecem em sua vida que decide contratar uma dupla de psiclogos que se proclamam "detetives existenciais". Os detetives comeam a interferir na vida do sujeito e muita confuso acontece. Uma comdia filosfica bem interessante.

Robert I (kr) wrote: From the director of "Snakes on a Plane" we get... this passable family film. Hmm?

Sean J (mx) wrote: Watch the Mystery Science Theater 3000 version. Great.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: 82% "The situation is fubar, cheif."-Fourpack (Eddie Baroo) Starts out as a "bug hunt", complete with pulse cannon and motion sensor sound effects that are obious homages guessed it! PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. It then veers into the sciences of the mind, one of the most uncharted feilds, or is it? "What have you Frankenfucks been up to down here?"-Wiki (leak?) Peta Sergeant From there it goes else where, but I don't want piss too much. In the end, I would have liked to have seen "the ring" destroy "the madman", "the mob (or enforcers)" and "the monster", but hey the project does go by the name of Genesis. In the end, all I could think about was FRANKENSTEIN and how the subtext was going to fly over so many heads. "If you find yourself going through Hell, just keep going."-Caeser (Nickolas Bell)

Thomas P (br) wrote: Pedestrian, slow, episodic. Just blah.Forgettable.Not even The gorgeous Jill St John playing a cheeky, smirking wannabe floozy on the arm of Old Blue Eyes himself could save this.I only watched this one bc it has better ratings than Lady In Cement - a more initially dazzling gumshoe mystery flick. A touch more streamlined than this one, yet still sides into being episodic after the underwater intrigue is over.Tony Rome - 2 out of 5Lady In Cement - 3 out of 5

marjorie h (ca) wrote: This is a really good movie. It has a plot that is not too hard to follow and not to easy either. I think this represents the real way it is on Wall Street.