Crying Out Love in the Center of the World

Crying Out Love in the Center of the World

While searching for his fiancee Ritsuko, Sakutarou rediscovers through flashbacks the void deep within him caused by the events from his high school days.

While searching for his fiancee Ritsuko, Sakutarou rediscovers through flashbacks the void deep within him caused by the events from his high school days. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crying Out Love in the Center of the World torrent reviews

Matas S (nl) wrote: iba por buen camino la cosa... hasta que...

Marvin B (gb) wrote: A cute Chinese version of E.T.

Xavier C (ag) wrote: I liked the first one, hopefully this ones good too.

Scott S (jp) wrote: I hated this film the whole way through. It's only redeeming feature are it's visuals, but even that gets swamped under the flood of bad acting, poor scripts and a terrible anti-climax. And yes, I did just make that joke.

Ali O (ru) wrote: Don't read the ratings above, I can guarantee that at least 10% did not watch this film. It stars Eminem who plays a troubled teenager trying to make something of himself. Even if you're not into the whole rap scene, I would most definately recommend this film to any one.Contrary to popular belief, this DOES NOT tell Eminem's story, but there is a lot of parallel to Eminem's "rise to fame."

Anthony P (mx) wrote: One of my favorite werewolf/horror films in a long while. The film has strong female characters in the lead roles with great performances by Katherine Isabelle and Emily Perkins, Some suspense and scares, and lots of Gore you wold expect from a werewolf/horror film. It also offers a good and some times darkly funny satire on teenage life. highly recommended.

Greg N (au) wrote: lowest budget sci-fi film I've seen that manages to be decent. It's William Gibson as envisioned by Abel Ferrara. So it's somewhat better than the original short story.

DC F (nl) wrote: A good Dirty Cop film. Belushi and Tupac really meshed well together which was both a comedic and dramatic treat to see.

Simon D (nl) wrote: I was not familiar with any facts around Kafka before watching this, I wasn't sure if this was fact or fiction, it turns out to be a mix. I recognised the city quite soon on though. This is a very good story with a strong cast and well directed, particularly the use of colour to differentiate the worlds of the have's and have not's.

Carl M (ru) wrote: Picking up immediately where the previous film left off, TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA follows a mad scientist that has created a monster mind control device so that he may harness the giant beast Titanosaur in a plot for revenge. Dr. Mafune aligns himself with an evil alien race that has rebuilt the mechanical terror Mechagodzilla as well, and together, they set out to destroy all of mankind! TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA would be the last film in the original series, as well as the last Godzilla picture to be directed by the great Ishiro Honda. With aliens, androids, secret agents, and (of course) giant monsters, TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA assembles all of the most successful science fiction and fantasy elements together at last, while focusing on the same tragic and multi-layered characters that have defined Honda's career. On top of the excellent costuming and incredible miniature set design that are featured here, the greatest strength in this entry lies in the creative framing and expressive camera work that bring us right into each explosive action scene. Honda uses an array of low and wide angle shots as he pans around the entire set, giving the monster battles a larger look and feel than ever before. Godzilla is restored to an indestructible force of nature as he absolutely obliterates his opponents in a series of vicious attacks. Of the many epic moments contained within the film, Godzilla's first striking appearance against the black, lightening-strewn sky as he is announced by Akira Ifukube's triumphant score remains the most memorable. Unfortunately, poor box office returns would result in Godzilla's unofficial retirement for over a decade, but the unmitigated King of the Monsters would return to wreak havoc in GODZILLA 1985.-Carl ManesI Like Horror Movies

Augustine H (nl) wrote: Despite highly clichd, Love Story remains to move audience. Francis Lai's score is immortal.

Madeline M (ru) wrote: I don't know if you could call this a good movie, but I think it might be a great movie anyway. It's a very strange mix of eroticism and humor - aided by someone's decision that Dietrich had to play an innocent teenager at the beginning of the movie, which was an unnecessary decision, and generally hilarious. I think we will suspend our disbelief if we need to believe that Dietrich is a seductress and sixteen, but an ingenue? Not in 1934, anyway. The BEST thing about the movie is the visuals, which are fascinating and original. I enjoyed it very much, and would have enjoyed it even more in a proper theater.

Ben L (ca) wrote: I was a bit surprised by Kramer vs. Kramer, because the setup at the beginning seemed be implying that Dustin Hoffman was going to be the slacker Dad and we would be sympathizing with Meryl Streep throughout. Instead it was basically a love story between a father and his son. I loved the emotional connection they show between them and how it slowly develops over the length of the film. The characters and the situation feels very real, so I can't complain at all about the performance of the actors or the construction of the script. However, I found little enjoyment out of the story. It's a depressing look at how our court systems can be flawed, and how broken marriages can become loaded with animosity. It's one of those strange films that I can see as well-made, but simultaneously find utterly unwatchable. It is very slow-moving, and I get no pleasure from the subject matter. I never want to see Kramer vs. Kramer again, but I would say that people who like dramas might enjoy it, and parents will probably get more from it than childless people like me.