Crypt of the Vampire

Crypt of the Vampire

Count Karnstein sends for a doctor to help his sick daughter Laura. Her nurse believes she is possessed by the spirit of a dead ancestor;Carmilla. A young woman becomes intrigued by the mysterious deaths surrounding Laura after a carriage accident outside the castle forces her to stay. They become close friends until Laura becomes convinced the spirit of Carmilla is forcing her to kill.

Count Karnstein sends for a doctor to help his sick daughter Laura. Her nurse believes she is possessed by the spirit of a dead ancestor;Carmilla. A young woman becomes intrigued by the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luke W (kr) wrote: Trash. Overwhelming amounts of slo-mo, and tame action. Why are these rated R!? The weakest and most broken film in its franchise.

Mike M (fr) wrote: An overstretched media-studies project... These, then, are Silvio's dumb-as-nuts footsoldiers, marching into frame to provide distraction while... and here's where the film draws a complete blank. Gandini makes the dangerous assumption that simply having Berlusconi in power is a bad thing, without offering any evidence as to what the leader is really doing with that power. We're left going round and round in the some unedifying circles, hearing the same point being made over and over again; it may be worth holding out for Sabina Guzzanti's "Draquila", which premiered to rapturous acclaim in Cannes, and upon which Berlusconi's representatives bestowed their highest honour: an official boycott.

Mike I (kr) wrote: The movie has its faults, some more glaring than others, but in the end it's a fun romp and a change of pace from normal fare involving zombies.

mega m (br) wrote: I don't know what else there is to say about a film like this. There's nothing new that it brings to the table, there aren't any scenes that stand out and there are a lot of questions left open at the end. But its main knock is simply that it is boring to watch and that you can pretty much call the shots before they happen.Really, don't waste your time on this. You can catch any other made-for-TV mob story and chances are that you'll make out better than if you pick this up.

Rhonda Y (gb) wrote: Absolutely wonderful!!!

Committed 2 M (fr) wrote: I may never see this movie again but the memory of it will stay with me always, I think. I thoroughly enjoyed it, much to my surprise! Typical of irish prose, lore and film, this is melancholy and sad and you wonder from where they summon the will to press on, through another day. One can only assume it was their faith, for they had little else but each other. It was a slow, sorrowful waltz through the darkest shadows of spirit but it was strong story driven and I could not help but like it. Especially the one lighthearted free-for-all dance scene when they finally give in to the urge to shake off the shackles of maturity and just DANCE! I fell just short of loving it but I really liked it a lot and will long remember it fondly ~

Ian C (us) wrote: Decent chamber piece and directorial debut from Kevin Spacey. Dillon is the balls as the gang leader, good support from Sinise, Fitchner, Mortensen, M. Emmet Walsh and a brilliant Dunaway. The flick itself is well above average, but the ending was a major let down.

Robert I (fr) wrote: This rating would've been higher based on my memories of this movie... But rewatching this... My God is this movie AWFUL! The writing is horrendous, the fantasy wish fulfillment is underutilized, product placement is overt, the kid is nasty, Shaq is forced to do a lot of stupid stuff in the name of entertaining kids... Sometimes these kids movies from the 90s are actually alright -- this is not one of them.

Raine L (nl) wrote: Not her best work, still a must for any Sandra Bullock fan

Timothy J (ca) wrote: A crazy movie, but in a good way.

Justin W (mx) wrote: despite the title...this ain't no horror...this is romantic cheesiness. some dude holds control over zombie-like people....falls in the control up to prove his love.....and then gets killed. it's pretty poopy....but watchable.

Dan L (nl) wrote: All round perfection. Burton and Elfman really know how to set the mood.

Simon C (ag) wrote: Nothing new here. Found footage with a background score that swells or darkens to inform you how you should be feeling. Echoes of 'John Safran vs. God', without balls.