Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and 2012

Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and 2012

Jamie (Cera) is a boorish, insensitive American twentysomething traveling in Chile, who somehow manages to create chaos at every turn. He and his friends are planning on taking a road trip north to experience a legendary shamanistic hallucinogen called the San Pedro cactus. In a fit of drunkenness at a wild party, Jamie invites an eccentric woman -- a radical spirit named Crystal Fairy (Hoffmann) -- to come along. What is meant to be a devil-may-care journey becomes a battle of wills as Jamie finds himself locking horns with his new traveling companion. But on a remote, pristine beach at the edge of the desert, the magic brew is finally imbibed, and the true adventure begins. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus and 2012 torrent reviews

Matthew S (kr) wrote: If it were at all any good Wes Anderson would need to sue for cinematic plagiarism. But, it is not good. And despite three great actors --- it is just bad.

Nicole P (jp) wrote: I personally enjoyed this movie...It made me think about what I would do if i was living the same day over and over again, knowing that when I woke up none of my actions would be accounted for. I think even the most righteous person would be tempted to do a couple of illegal things but what is your limit? Even if nobody else in the world will remember what you did tomorrow, it's still something you have to live with. SPOILER ALERT:Mike falls into the thrills and the idea of being able to do whatever he wants without reprucssions...but as the opening quote says "Don't wait for the last judgement. It happens everday." Kyle represented faith in this movie for me...ultimatley he always wanted to try to figure out a way to "fix" the situation. He was the first person to say maybe we are supposed to be doing good with what we were given here (for example stopping the suicide jumper.) I enjoyed the acting from all 3 of them...i thought they did a great job being that I don't recall seeing any of them in anything else. To DENISE B...If Kyle killed Mike after he went off the rails everytime he saw him, i personally think that would go against his character. He understood that there was still a possibility that tomorrow wouldn't repeat and then you'd have to pay for what you did...and although he was "forced" to kill that one was something that he would never do on his on. It wouldnt be morally right. His main goal was to figure out how to make the day stop repeating and they eventually did once they finally made amends, which was the assignment they were given in rehab.To Daniel G...when it was raining they each got shocked...and thats supposedly what caused the repeats. They mentioned that when they were brainstorming trying to figure out how this could have possibly happened. The repeating stopped once mike shot kyle and he got shocked again when they brought him back to life in the hospital.. then the next day he finally got through to his sister and she forgave him...Sonia also went to go see her father in the hospital for the first time that day and forgave they both finally did what they were supposed to do...then when they woke up it was the next day...I think there is room for people to interpret this movie how they want...especially the ending where mike is shown waking up this time...It's also interesting to look at this movie as a reference to what an addicts daily life is like...eventually every day seems the same and you can either choose to embrace the high life with reckless abandon or change...have faith that tomorrow is a new day and you can start over and change your life.Overall. I enjoy movies that make me think...and this one did, solid acting performances, and a great concept. A lot of people say it was lacking in multiple areas, with several plot holes...I say just check it out...atleast once! You be the judge.

Matt S (fr) wrote: Wow! Put this movie on at 1am last night just to see a snippet and it hooked me. There's on,y about 6 minutes of dialogue in the whole thing but its never boring and the visual are amazing. If you ever wanted to see what it's like inside a painting this does it, the whole plot takes place inside one of the most famous paintings in history Peter Bruegel's the Way to Calvary.

Alli S (br) wrote: Loved this film! We need more films about the real world - and issues that relate to real people. I can't understand why so many sci fi filmmakers think the world will be white, think again! It might just be that Matt Damon, as cool as he is, is NOT gonna save the day. This film is also a riveting thriller and a tender love story...and one where people can learn, grow, and change their minds...even in the face of such deep oppression. This film ultimately offers a glimmer of what liberation might look like, in a world of machines.

Javier M (au) wrote: Lo suficientemente entretenida y disfrutable como para verla en una tarde. Sin gotas de sangre, llega a ser ms escalofriante que otras pelculas que andan por ah.

Harry W (ag) wrote: Despite its mixed reviews, since I Am Sam is often attributed to featuring a painfully realistic performance of a mentally retarded person, I had to get a glimpse of it.I Am Sam is a film which is bound to be controversial. It deals with the subject matter of someone with a developmental disability in the position of being an adoptive father at the centre of a custody dispute. It is clearly a massive ploy for sentimentality. The film seems largely to be some kind of attempt at Oscar-bait which only worked thanks to Sean Penn's performance. In the rest of it, there is an abundance of sentimentality which really just overwhelms the entire film and its best intentions.The characters in I Am Sam all end up being archetypes. The protagonist is a mentally challenged father whose mother was a homeless woman who left her child with him, his daughter is the adopted child of a mentally disabled man, his lawyer is a cold hearted woman taking on a case pro-bono for once while dealing with being a mother and the wife in a poor marriage, his neighbour is a kind elderly woman with agoraphobia , his opposition is a woman whose son suffered from a drug overdose and a lawyer who has to reluctantly live with his mother in law, and one of his supporters is a woman who was raised by a mother with the intelligence of a 9 year old. The stereotypically sentimental characters just keep on coming with no end in sight. This becomes pretty ridiculous pretty fast, and the way that the story handles the subject matter ends up too problematic. It oversimplifies the basis of issues relating to mental disabilities and custody laws solely so that it can come off as a film which holds the message "A mentally disabled person is no different from another person." While the emphasis behind protagonist Samuel Johnson "Sam" Dawson being a great person and a capable father are true, it overlooks just how complicated the entire case is. I Am Sam ends up seeming like a film that is aimed at children as it plays it safe with so much of its edgy subject matter. It may be good for children to see it and understand that mentally handicapped people really are people too just like you and me, but in terms of how it depicts the legal system, it is just not right. The film gets really predictable really fast and is so packed with subplots and other characters that it just all piles up on itself.The pacing of the film is all a big rush. So many plot dynamics are crammed to fit into the first 30 minutes of the film that by the point of it being a quarter through, we've already seen Samuel Johnson "Sam" Dawson pick up Lucy Diamond Dawson after she is born, father her until age 7 and then lose custody of her. It pushes through so many plot dynamics at such rapid pace that it becomes more overwhelming than it already is. It doesn't add much to the atmosphere which is already experiencing problems due to trouble establishing the right mood.I Am Sam is a film which clearly intends to be very melodramatic and very sentimental at the same time. But the central problem is the fact that the atmosphere ends up being a bit too light for its own good half the time and really depressing the other half. The mood is truly bipolar because it is too light some times and then very heavy the next without much consistency. There are consistently problems with the soundtrack since the drama in the film is unable to develop on its own and must be pushed along by a lot of lighthearted or depressing songs.Jessie Nelson's directional style is really amateur, and that is the source of a lot of problems. Her script is poor and she cannot do anything with it but try desperately to make viewers cry. Those who do not get sucked into the cheap tearjerking elements of the story will much more likely simply sit in front of the screen fazed by the lack of proper thought put into the story. Not to mention the fact that visually the entire film is rather stiff due to shaky cinematography that suggests the film is in the style of a mockumentary. The editing is also poor. There is one moment where Sean Penn delivers multiple monologues in the courtroom and the editing just keeps cutting to different angles of his face for some reason. All it does is stun viewers and distract them from the narrative. I just cannot figure out a good reason for it being there. It's hard to figure out why so much of I Am Sam is all in the one film, and the viewer has to sit through it for 134 minutes to experience the entire movie. It really is just a movie in poor form, and it even has pretty obvious product placements which would point out where a lot of the financing came from.The only element of I Am Sam which is really justifiable to recommend to anyone is the stellar efforts of the cast, in particular the leading performance of Sean Penn.The performance of Sean Penn is truly a powerful one. Despite the fact that his effort is surrounded by an overly sentimental script and plot dynamics which fail to really get into depth about the character outside of the repetitive references to The Beatles, Sean Penn really does a fine job conveying the developmental disability in the role with painful accuracy. It is very easy to sympathise with Sean Penn because he is truly a talented actor when it comes to playing the character both as the human being he is, the mentally disabled person and the father. He puts many dimensions into the part without ever transcending the realistic limitations of a human being with a serious developmental disorder. His performance is incredibly realistic with his inabilities being emphasized yet not making up most of the elements of the character. Sean Penn's performance is alarmingly accurate with his tone of voice, line delivery and physical movements all being strongly characteristic of a mentally troubled human being. His performance anchors the film really well and gives it a sense of heart, even if the rest of the film smothers his performance beneath inexperience far from his standard of talent.Michelle Pfeiffer is also a powerful character. Although her character also incurs an excess of melodramatic repetition in the story, as the story progresses she is given material which is slightly more flexible and she gradually puts stronger emotional spirit into the part. She has a really hard exterior in I Am Sam which gradually breaks down more and more as viewers get a sight of what she is feeling. Her chemistry with Sean Penn is consistently strong as well, so it is good to see Michelle Pfeiffer active again as an actress after a brief period of inactivity.Dakota Fanning's screen time is really too minimal because her performance in I Am Sam is deserving of serious praise. As she has proved many times, Dakota Fanning has the ability to command the screen whenever she is on it and do it in a manner which is really convincing, and that is important in a film as artificial as I Am Sam. Dakota Fanning is full of youthful charisma and natural charm in her part where she shares some powerful moments with Sean Penn, and she shows a lot of sophisticated acting talent for a girl her age. Dakota Fanning delivers a wonderful supporting effort in I Am Sam.But despite the power of the cast led by Sean Penn's excellent portrayal, I Am Sam is overly sentimental in handling its subject matter with misguided direction and a heavily stereotypical script which degrades the serious nature of the film's subject matter.

Fernanda L (ca) wrote: Adorei esse tom de documentrio!

Sherry M (mx) wrote: Nice looking. Kind of interesting that they can tell the story with little dialog. I just don't know how memorable the story is. Younger kids will like it.

Alex r (us) wrote: Decent comedy, but never anything good, High School High is a fairly forgettable comedy film that uses stereotypes to create its humor. The film manages to be fun, but is never good because the script is poorly constructed and the gags get tiresome after a while. With that said, this film doesn't withstand multiple viewings. This is the type of comedy that doesn't stand the test of time. Most of the jokes here aren't that funny to begin with, and what is supposed to pass a humor, just isn't that funny to begin with. Overall this is a fun film with minor laughs throughout, but is never anything great. This film is quite forgettable in the long run, and it doesn't have the qualities necessary to be a very good comedy. As a whole, it's a decent film, but relies too much on stereotypes which just becomes tiresome. This film could have been much better and it had a good idea for its plot, but like I said too many stereotypes cloud this one from being a good. Memorable comedy and it just ends up being a decent film with a few laughs. Nonetheless it's a fun film, but is not that good. If you're looking for a decent comedy with minor laughs, then this is a must see. However keep in mind that this film is never anything good, simply a decent film. The film had potential of being much better than this, as it stands, it's funny, but lacks anything really memorable. This is the type of comedy to watch if you have nothing else better to do. Not a bad film, but not that good either. This film could have been much better.

Pam M (de) wrote: Very funny, moving and totally enjoyable. Love Patrick Stewart and Steve Weber as Jeffery is fantastic

bill s (kr) wrote: Starts well and just falls off the cliff after.

Stephen B (kr) wrote: A documentary style film on a dirt-cheap budget. Brings home exactly what was at stake for countries invaded by the Nazis, and how no one and nothing can avoid damage. Unique film, thoughtful, casually chilling and with a female protagonist.

Kieran F (nl) wrote: The book is better but considering the subject matter of the book and how it's handled in the film I'd say they did a decent job.

Tracee E (br) wrote: Good performances to be sure...but the most interesting thing is the announcer on the loudspeaker who streams perfect English to discourage the advancing soldiers. It's almost like a friendly, concerned voice from home -- kinda confusing since it's obviously not. Don't think I've ever seen something like this in a movie before. To me, that is the most unique thing since I've seen so many war movies (with "better" effects and situations)..but I haven't been around this long, so what do I know?!?! lol :)There a some familiar faces from the 80s, it's kind of cool to see them so long ago in their youth.

Chris R (ru) wrote: An Exorcist film that relies on gore in order to progress in plot? This sounds strange and it is. The Exorcist was definitely not subtle, but at least it didn't rely on gore. Some horror films just do better without it and this one along with a thing called PLOT could have been much better.

Philip L (ca) wrote: In the mid-90s, they milked Tarantino for everything he had. He risked burn out with this rather ill-judged anthology.

Marta M (fr) wrote: Funny movie a must see