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Natalie M (ag) wrote: Robert Weide has created a phenomenally well-made documentary about one of the most iconic filmmakers of the past 40 years.

Tralandra T (ru) wrote: spodziewalam sie czegos gorszego. jak na polski film, to spoko, swiatowy taki ze hej. byl i rezonans w szpitalu, chyba do ameryki pojechali, zeby to krecic. i fura byla zolta i sportowa. sciagniety bardzo z sex and the city, nawat taka sama liczba bohaterek glownych jest. no i kreci sie wokol spraw oczywistych, faceci, sex itd. niektore zarty byly dosc smieszne. inne z kolei byly tak tragiczne, ze nic, tylko uciec. szkoda, ze w ocenianiu pl filmow tak czesto pojawia sie argument 'jak na polski film'. no ale nic, i tak jest coraz lepiej z nasza kinematografia. borys szyc i krolikowski - w obydwu mozna sie zakochac, choc jeden z nich to debil.

Shawn E (it) wrote: Really weird story. I kinda liked it though. Can't say why. I just wish it would have had an ending that completed it better.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Huffman is brilliant and believable.

Leonard D (it) wrote: A film from my past generation, trying to cash in on the success of two American idol winners? Pass!

Lee M (nl) wrote: The makers of gay-themed films often ignore this rule: Romantic comedy clichs don't become innovative just because the lovers are the same sex.

Michael H (fr) wrote: The squinting, ever-watchful gaze of Steve McQueen, coupled with one of Dustin Hoffman's early showcase performances as a shambling accomplice, turned "Papillon" into a hit and an enduring classic. The maybe-true story of transported French murderer Henri Charriere is a rousing drama of endurance, opportunism and friendship under fire.

William W (it) wrote: I really enjoyed this wild ride of a comedy musical from Howard Hawks, a director I wouldn't normally have expected this sort of film from. Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe are nothing short of spectacular. If only they had shot this film in 3-D! =)

Justin B (gb) wrote: Men are assholes: The Movie. It's trying to be smarter than the average romcom but it feels as though it's applauding the cliches and stereotypes rather than deconstructing them.

Christopher Y (ru) wrote: It's kinda dull. There's emotional drive there, but there aren't enough jokes there either. Not a whole lot happens.

Jordan A (kr) wrote: Watched this movie a few weeks ago, pretty lame. Just stupid ass jokes

Grant S (es) wrote: Dublin, 1985. 15-year old Conor has just moved to a new school and, between the inane rules, fascist teacher-priests and bullies, it is a daunting place. He meets a beautiful girl, Raphina, and is immediately smitten by her. To get to see her he says he is in a band and they need a model for a music video, and would she be interested? She agrees. Only problem - he doesn't have a band. He hastily forms one and the creativity starts to flow...Pretty basic plot. The whole set up with Conor and Raphina is quite contrived. There is no background, limited scene setting and them meeting even seems like a non-event it is so low-key. This is not helped by the fact that she looks (and in real life, is) about 5 years older than him, rather than the one year mentioned in the movie. Made the whole romance seem implausible from the start.The plot develops in a similar vein, with a few contrivances and implausibilities along the way. Ultimately it is fairly trite and predictable.However, while lacking in substance, the movie is still very entertaining. While predictable, the plot is quite fun and there are some good comedic moments. The music is good, giving the movie great momentum, and the characters are reasonably engaging.Add to this some solid performances and, though not brilliant, Sing Street is still pretty good and never dull.