Cuando el amor ríe

Cuando el amor ríe


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Jeff N (fr) wrote: Sparse dissection of the internet + humanity is immediate and gripping if not missing a few beats. Herzog fans won't be disappointed. He's your favorite crazy uncle.

Rob P (fr) wrote: I was expecting this to be a straight to DVD piece of crap but it is actually worth a watch. Pretty funny and some good stories and lessons about life in it.

EmilyMarie F (us) wrote: An unconventional documentary subject that remains fresh and interesting throughout - you'll certainly never look the same way at an origami crane.

Nancy F (it) wrote: just now what i was expecting...very slow

Gun (ca) wrote: There are three girls, two guys and a stranger. The driver (of the van) keeps looking at the sky and crashes the car. He blames the stranger, who had his car broken down nearby. I really hate the driver's attitude, because he keeps yelling and fighting with the stranger.In the carcrash, guy nr 2 lands on a knife so that is cuts through his back. Driver forgot to pack the first aid kid, but oh, he didn't forget his toolbox. The personalities of the guys are just bad, they are a bunch of stupid perverts.When the driver hears a noise in the dark woods, does he go there? Oh yes he does. After all, he is wielding a might flashlight (that later dies on him!).And just how unpredictable was it that the blond girl was pregnant?! After the first puking scene perhaps? Why can't people use proper protection? Pff.Best part of the movie: The Stranger accidently shoots the driver! Woohoo!Later, when the stranger and preggogirl gets abducted, stranger is caught in a sticky weblike thing. But it seems to be easy enough to get out of. Then he meets preggogirl. The aliens took preggogirls fetus, so what? And then stranger shoots her! I really like him! The movie ends with stranger being found alone and almost dead in the desert.

James H (au) wrote: Aimed straight at the 10-15 female crowd, a simple story, very schmaltzy and feel good, kind of a modern update of cinderella with a pop star and a teased high school geek. It will appeal to the younger crowd, but adults will find it hopelessly predictable. I have seen it done worse though.

Raine L (jp) wrote: Norman is that you? Ok, I must acquire this!

Tyler H (nl) wrote: Kinda of cliche movie with a tired story line. But excellent acting by Juliet Stevenson. I read it is based on a book but not sure, was it some sort of autobiography.

James H (mx) wrote: Stupid movie, uninteresting, pretentious. On the plus side, not too long, What else can I say? it was a stupid movie.

Sarfara A (jp) wrote: This is great story film with full of hilarious-fight scenes by Jackie Chan, as he adds fun with fighting, it is grand really!

Andrew L (us) wrote: this is great!beyond absurd story. too funny.

Donald W (ru) wrote: #WOODYALLENRETRO PODCAST PROJECTBit of a sharp turn in the filmography but still alot to like, good acting, interesting dialogue and uncomfortable yet mature story - the constant drab tone can feel a bit unnatural but since its a purposfuly made homage to igmar bergman type it can be forgiven - maybe not for everyone but an older crowd will probably appreciate more - good diversity for woody to tackle

Ted W (kr) wrote: This was a whole lot better than I expected. Keeping the motives and face of the sniper a secret added a real sense of paranoia and reality to the proceedings. Heston and Cassevetes are both suitably macho and intense, and most of the minor plot points work.

Chriss M (ru) wrote: Ingmar Bergman is flat out my favourite film director of all time without even the hint of a rival. From the moment I stuck on Persona I was transfixed. The man crafts cinema like no one else. He brings to the screen nothing less than his very soul. He is a cinematic philosopher; an artist whose canvas is the motion picture; he is a celluloid poet. Bergman is the definition of a true auteur. So great is my level of respect for him that I've thus far avoided writing a review of any of his films. I simply feel I'm not capable. My ability to write simply cannot capture the essence of his works. This is something to bear in mind whilst reading my review of Hour of the Wolf - it will be inadequate in presenting a full picture of my feelings toward the film, and it'll be worse than inadequate in conveying the meaning of the film.Hour of the Wolf is oft considered a flawed piece. Typically, the film is described as one of Bergman's 'lesser works', which by the way, is no great insult considering the calibre of the other opuses in his oeuvre.

Ali P (mx) wrote: Ian's says it's like me and Tina. Still a bit TOO MUCH!!! ha!

Bill T (us) wrote: While the first 2 acts are actually pretty good, Bud and Lou are 2 New Yorkers trying to make it big in Hollywood and they get caught up in the shady dealings of a crook, it loses everything it has by going for the, yes, Keystone Cops extended chase. But everything before that, and especially the identical cop/criminal gag is pretty funny. Like how Bud was taking a lot of falls this time.

James T (us) wrote: a really good who done it and why can't i see him. good story but using the same joke too many times thou

Jarrad B (ru) wrote: not a bad movie but doesnt add anything to the genre

carlos a (mx) wrote: awful movie. Got singles/empire combo. Singles was great. Empire had bad/lame music and the characters were just one dimensional.