Cuccioli: Il codice di Marco Polo

Cuccioli: Il codice di Marco Polo


Animation movie based on the "Cuccioli" TV serie . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cuccioli: Il codice di Marco Polo torrent reviews

Asif K (gb) wrote: i was a Disney shows fan so i may check it when i have nothing else to do

Omar A (au) wrote: Excelente historia, muy real y muy bien contada, tiene unos tiempos distintos pero bien llevados. Hay que mirarla bien porque todos los detalles estn pensados, hay momentos geniales! Recomendada para aquellos que disfruten de pelculas distintas, indie.

Lauren M (ru) wrote: This movie was a cute, dark comedy. It's comes off as a little extreme, but the point is definitely made. I think the acting and concept were much better than the result though. Definitely a one-timer.

Tyler H (ca) wrote: It feels like more effort was put into this midquel than the other direct-to-video Disney movies since the animation, voice acting, and characterization is surprisingly good.

Mark K (jp) wrote: No comment could tear this movie apart as much as I'd want it to.

Brock C (ca) wrote: The only reason I want to see this is because Schwarzenegger plays a guy called Prince Happy.

Trinity (ru) wrote: Different, intriguing,

John K (mx) wrote: If you are looking to watch a good western, look elsewhere. The acting stinks. The fight stunts are phony. And the plot tired. The other reviewer went to great lengths to describe this film. Not worth my time.

Tsubaki S (it) wrote: Hossein has clearly studied Leone a lot, maybe a bit too much. The movie is trying to evoke a similar melancolic atmosphere to something like Once Upon a Time in the West, but while "west" felt like an opera, this feels like a stage rehersal that drags out a bit too much. Hossein's face is perfect for the material, but the rest of the cast is not particulary exciting to watch. Not a bad effort, but lacks more strenght to become more memorable.

revolver c (it) wrote: [font=Courier New]When I say this movie is "happy", I really do mean it. You can't get any better with a movie directed by Berkley with Gershwin songs starring that wonderful duo Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney! This films stays true to the stereotypical Judy-Mickey musical; a bunch of "babes" trying to get on "Broadway". (pun intended) Charming, fun, filled with stuck-in-your-head-forever songs, and extremely elaborate dances. Judy and Mickey make an awesome team, though in the film they were both romantically attatched to other people. This movie is easy to watch and lacks the stress and tension that other films possess. There are no car chases, murders, skinny women in miniskirts, or guns; but this movie remains one of the most entertaining films to watch! I recommed it for people who have never seen a Judy/Mickey film or musical and want to get a taste of what it is like![/font]

Justin A (nl) wrote: Very well acted and an amazing, moody house. The first 40 minutes or so are pretty good. When George C. Scott is just walking through the house spooked out, it's entertaining. Once it becomes a "let's solve the mystery, Scooby" kind of movie, then it sort of goes downhill a bit. Everything up to the seance was great and one of the best I've seen, topping recent movies like Drag Me to Hell and Insidious. It's simple, but effective. Once the movie goes into Ring-territory (it's very, very similar to The Ring) then it loses momentum. The twist isn't that compelling and I really didn't care. The ending confrontation with the "villain" felt underwhelming. And the entire thing felt off because it seemed like he could have just moved out whenever. He didn't seem that interested in bringing down the bad guy, and if he was sick of slamming doors he could have just left. I think it had something to do with the main characters wife and daughter dying years earlier, and him feeling a need to solve this, but it felt unclear and like something I was trying to make up myself. Anyway, it's a pretty good movie, but a bit long and honestly not that scary. There are some spooky moments, but no spooky ghosts or moments that make you jump or dig your nails into the seat.

Geoff R (jp) wrote: Should be renamed "you've seen this before" not only generic but overall boring.