A professor becomes obsessed with his star student.

Directed by Richard Bracewell, this thriller film revolves around a professor. She becomes obsessed with his star student. What awaits her ahead? What will happen with her? Let's enjoy the film to discover by yourself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim K (kr) wrote: I really liked this film. Alternative lifestyles may not be for everyone but if it works...

Steven F (ag) wrote: There is no debate as to the existence of anthropogenic climate change. Pretending that it is just a hoax so that environmentalists can make money is idiotic.

Gimly M (ag) wrote: Even in the terminally terrible "Creature Feature" genre, this was pretty garbage. The CGI is so horrendous, it's practically worth your time just so you know what I'm talking about. Okay that's an exaggeration, it's not actually worth your time, but it is *really* bad.It doesn't phase me when movies set up their own mythology that doesn't make sense when applied to real life. But when a movie can't stick to its own story, that's embarrassing. Like when they discover that you beat the bugs with light, despite initially encountering them on an idyllic sun-swept beach.Classic.

Anthony P (es) wrote: This move was really good, Ving Rhames and Wesley Snipes do an outstanding performance and work well off eachother.

Jamie F (nl) wrote: You have to see it. No words will do it justice.

Michael F (mx) wrote: Phenomena is probably my least favorite of the golden era of Argento films, but that speaks more to my love of Argento than a dislike of the film. The movie is a little dry at times and the kills aren't as elaborate or creative as in some of the other films, besides the spear through the back of the chicks head. That being said its still Dario Argenti in his prime and Jennifer Connelly plays her role very well. There's also a chimp with a straight razor!

Tori D (kr) wrote: It goes the distance story-wise, and though it loses some beats in the third act and is somewhat anti-climactic, it pulls through the slow-pacing to deliver a fun flick where we get to see Lee and Hammer do more of what they do best.

Jamie C (es) wrote: Paranormal Activity is a slow burning found footage film that drags the first hour out with the odd scary bit, Then in the last 15 minutes it comes to life but not enough to make up for the first hour, The plot is simple but affective, A few scares but more freaky than anything.

Kim M (br) wrote: Yet another movie that I don't think deserves it's low rating. It's an interesting (if not terribly original) concept and it's done well. Good acting, action, and tension. I enjoyed it.

Robbie N (it) wrote: A memorable and classic comedy, that embraces the far out dreams of the basement dwelling weirdo and his companions. Wayne's World is choc-full of memorable quotes and interesting characters, including the loud and gnarly Wayne and the quiet, conservative Garth. Definitely a movie worth watching.