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Cuestión de honor


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Adam T (ag) wrote: Eric Summer & Eric Warin's 'Ballerina' (2016) is really forgettable. The animation quality is fairly good, its certainly the strongest element found in this film. The voice acting is all over the place. Some characters have grounded voicework, whilst others have outlandish cartoon voicework; it creates tonal disruption. Modern pop songs are edited into the soundtrack of 'Ballerina' to try and enliven it, but it just comes off as desperate and pandering.

Velinda G (us) wrote: This is the kind of film that proves indie films need to be given a chance. The message of the film is so relevant in this decade of war, but is told in a fresh way. There is a ton of heart and talent! Go see it! Five stars!

Isaac P (ag) wrote: What a lame attempt... It's Breakfast Club, scary edition... Decent acting, laid to waste by a sorry plot... It's almost cheesy 80's-horror-flick cool, but not...Soundtrack was pretty sweet!

Rubi R (br) wrote: I've read other reviews, and I didn't agree with the negative comments, but instead the movie had a natural presence of reality on how a family struggles, survives, and overcomes their fears and the love they still have for the father/husband. I enjoy the naturalism of the this film. The guests sat till the end of the credits and clapped about three times. Perfection is not the point it's the story that makes the movie as well. Mighty powerful!

Kevin C (au) wrote: Gillen excellent in this. Real hints of Ken Loach although perhaps he wouldn't have elected for such a convenient feel-good ending.

Victor I (us) wrote: ... this movie him a greaze the engine and run thins with ratty... blood fire

Arnnold J (fr) wrote: A good movie about father-son bonding. The scenery is quite beautiful and authentic. The camera is a bit shaky but the direction and acting are pretty well done. Highly recommend it for foreign movie fans!!

Tsukasa A (gb) wrote: Demi Moore and Rob lowe look very young and fresh. Demi was 24 and Rob was 22 when the romantic comedy was released. The movie is old fashioned in '80s style and brings a sense of nostalgia. At the time of release, according to Wikipedia, the movie had positive reviews that it deals fearlessly with real people instead of with special effects and the lead performances were especially praised. 'About Last Night' is remade in 2014 in which romance and comedy is smartly balanced. I believe comedy is stronger than one in 1986 as the age requires comedy even in romance. It may be fun to watch and compare the two movies having the same title.

Pete A (ag) wrote: Felt a bit silly at times, with slow pacing and a rushed finale. Including a rap band as main characters felt really forced.