Cuestión de pelotas

Cuestión de pelotas

In Spain, in the 21st century, a woman can be anything she wishes to be: Military ship commander, minister of the government, judge at the Supreme court... or almost anything: she can't yet play football professionally.

In Spain, in the 21st century, a woman can be anything she wishes to be: Military ship commander, minister of the government, judge at the Supreme court... or almost anything: she can't yet play football professionally. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Vironeen P (ag) wrote: Handsome Sonu Sood is Mindblowingly Red Hot

Maria V (nl) wrote: This film proved better than I expected. It could stand to be about 20 minutes longer and would greatly benefit from giving Paul Dano more screen time.

David Y (jp) wrote: Soy un cultureta, veo pelis independientes chino-estadounidenses

Matt F (ca) wrote: Again, this wasn't rated "R". I sure see a lot of discrepancies in movie ratings here.

Raymond C (jp) wrote: The Buddy Jesus? George Carlin.

Tom H (es) wrote: Really a terrific movie.4 November 2005How can anyone ever expect to top Long Gone as a baseball film? From Virginia Madsen's brilliant and tawdry rendition of the National Anthem in the opening scenes to the Tampico Stogies all looking "Handsomer than sh*t" as the movie closes, this movie delivers strong messages about life, bigotry, reality, romance, and life on a bus in the minor leagues. To me, this film left movies like "Bull Durham" in the dust.Transitioning back and forth between an almost cavalier approach to the game in the 50s and the harsh reality of deep south racism, Long Gone tosses humor or compassion in at exactly the right moment to keep the situation from getting out of hand. I favorably compare "Long Gone" to "Slap Shot" (another of my favorites) in taking an irreverent look at life through the travails of those who dwell just under "the show." Yes, the clichs are there, but the writing is both intelligent and clever and the acting at times brilliant. Besides, how can any movie with the song "Red Hot" by Billy Riley in the soundtrack not be revered by all? I only wish it would come out on DVD soon.

Ayesha U (au) wrote: It's a nice drama about two coming of age brothers. I enjoyed watching it.

Harry W (it) wrote: History of the World Part 1 is scattered in parts and doesn't have a real plot consistently, but it's well made and funny enough to pass as a good film and another one of Mel Brooks' successes. It's parodies of various big periods in historical are cleverly crafted into a comedic sense, be it for a farce or a musical. Either way they work and they touch on many issues comedically well, even though the laughs are inconsistent.The production values in History of the World Part 1 are top quality and are in the style of the Monty Python satires such as Life of Brian, although with a higher budget and less of a comedic legacy. The various sophisticated spoofs of time periods are entertaining in the way they vary from clever references to musical numbers, and beyond. The entire venture is a colourful one and although the amount of laughs is inconsistent, the film is clever enough and features well placed nostalgic narration from Orson Welles, along with the usual laugh from Mel Brooks.Essentially, there isn't too much to say about History of the World Part 1 except that its colourful and clever enough to pass as a good film even though it isn't particularly enthralling and doesn't match his finer work.

Christophe W (ag) wrote: Here's a sick one. One of Joe D'Amato's dramas.

Julio C (nl) wrote: Entre dos lineas argumentales totalmente alejadas se desarrolla un discurso paralelo, sobre la naturaleza sucia, animal y misantropa del hombre, ya sea un primitivo canibal o un educado seorito moderno, donde la pocilga viene a ser, a fin de cuentas, el mundo entero. Aunque admiro a Pasolini, me habria ahorrado los momentos un poco pretenciosos-intelectuales que le restan valor de entretenimiento.

Nicki M (ru) wrote: Interesting idea, not quite sure if it works, particularly by the end. Did seem to be a lot of unnecessary running around by Halle Berry. The actually story was quite good, although at times couldn't figure out why the ghost was such a b* to Halle when she was trying to help her. You do find out the connection at the end, and it is horrible. My mother picked this on Netflix to watch and I will admit to some eye rolling, and probably last movie I would have picked (which isn't actually saying a lot), but actually it wasn't entirely awful.

Jonny P (jp) wrote: "Just Friends" is the romantic goofball comedy that you expect from the previews, synopsis, or even just the DVD cover that features a fat Ryan Reynolds. It exhibits every stereotype imaginable, from a fat nerd becoming attractive and a popular high school jock becoming a loser to the morals of success making people arrogant and that love cannot be bought. You can essentially predict every piece of this puzzle five minutes before it happens; still, sometimes we need a few laughs and a story that doesn't surprise us. I think that most people can relate to this film on some level because we have all been put into the "friend zone" at one time or another. Also, Amy Smart has that girl-next-door look that will remind every guy of a female friend that he had in high school. While the plot doesn't require us to think on a very high level, watching this film begs the question: "Whatever happened to Amy Smart?" She was very popular when this film came out but it wasn't long before she faded away. Personally, I gave up on her after I saw "Crank," but every actor is entitled to a mistake. It is interesting to consider that she was more popular than Ryan Reynolds when this film came out and yet, his longevity has far surpassed hers. My main complaint about this film is the lack of chemistry between the characters. Everybody gets to have their humorous moments, like the hockey scene for Reynolds, the Christmas decoration destruction for Anna Faris, and the poor teenage guitar performance for Chris Klein. All of the situational and slapstick comedy is well done. However, there is never a moment where I really want two characters to get together and I definitely did not shed any tears at the film's obvious conclusion. "Just Friends" is a great put-it-on-in-the-background comedy that resolves all of its situations the way that you want, but it is also the opposite of a tearjerker with plot twists that will keep you guessing.

Lu R (es) wrote: so funny i so want to see it

Andrew L (us) wrote: George Lucas' directing career has been very limited. So much so in fact that the last project he helmed before 'Phantom Menace' was the first Star Wars flick, 'A New Hope' back in 1977. Episode I is nothing special when compared to what went before, & this film needed to be, if only to justify re-visiting the Star Wars universe. The use of CGI (the quality of which is by no means a high point in this CGI-laden opus) bogs down any humanity & heart in the story & acting, & results in the creation of the first & most annoying computer animated character ever committed to film (just because you have the technology & money to do it, doesn't mean it's a good idea). Natalie Portman is the most wooden of the cast, where as Neeson & McGregor try but fail to achieve anything with their rather two-dimensional roles. Despite it showing the origins of Anakin Skywalker, 'Phantom Menace' - along with it's follow-up 'Attack Of The Clones' - is a very pointless film, & one which should really never have been made. In deed, the film is so poorly observed that it neglects the more interesting characters such as Darth Maul in favour of including C-3PO & R2-D2 (a very unwise decision).

Bruno V (es) wrote: Normally totally not my kind of movie for me , but this i could handle !

Stephany D (au) wrote: Presented (in rental form) as a thriller movie this may disappoint those looking for a fast paced, thriller type movie. The performances by Gere and Fanning are as always top notch. If you are looking for a film about good vs. evil you need to move on. If you are looking for a film that has more depth, redemption, and a touch of suspense this may be a movie for you.

Ayat M (us) wrote: I wish they would have asked more questions rather than the incoherent stories... i wanted to think of my own answers more... or tell these stories more in depth so i can relate to them more... but it's a movie to make you think!