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Cumhurbaskani öteki türkiye'de


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Stewart F (au) wrote: I think all horrors have been done to death now...

Matt N (ru) wrote: I was a fan of the books because they were original...this sucked and didn't live up to the hype of the childhood classics.

Javier F (ru) wrote: Profunda pero dbil.

Geoffrey A (de) wrote: brilliant film, probably has the most believable realistic characters I have ever seen in an animated film but also is so well done. Only negative is a slightly weak end and choppy animation though it makes up for that with incredible art direction

Sudeshna S (br) wrote: very interesting movie......

Simon T (fr) wrote: In fact, this movie is a little bit better than 'The Phantom Menace', but it not reaches the quality of the original films.

Nicky D (gb) wrote: brings back childhood memories

Christine L (us) wrote: Great Movie an must see.

Toby S (it) wrote: I have this one in the original vhs copy and still love it today! Fisher stevens as a bad ass come on.... classic

Orlok W (br) wrote: Lemmon and Matthau strike again--Wilder's last laugh!!

Bob W (mx) wrote: Great fun in rubber suits: two enemies with endless explosions, billions of dollars of damage, a beautiful cyborg, Godzilla boxing, Titanosaurus biting, mecha loses his head, countless plastic city sets completely destroyed or blown away, and all the projectile and laser special effects you could ask for. Brings the original Showa period to a resounding conclusion with the big guy roaring to victory as hero instead of as the villain he started out as 20 years prior. As Godzilla walked out to sea, he would not return again until 1984.

David C (jp) wrote: Under-rated romance, from the home of the British 'New Wave' - Woodfall Studios. The three leads, Tushingham (the green-eyed girl of the title), Peter Finch (her older lover) and Lynn Redgrave (her tarty friend who almost steals the movie) are superb. While the Irish setting gives the film a good backdrop.

James H (ca) wrote: Rather ordinary western, typical of the 1950's. Charleton Heston makes a poor attempt at acting once again. Jeff Chandler is an Indian, once again. Decent production makes it bearable.

David R (ag) wrote: About as formulaic Bond as it gets. Iffy twist.

Martin D (br) wrote: Flawless is a 1999 crime comedy-drama film that stars Robert De Niro, Austin Womack, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.Flawless was directed by Joel Schumacher, who also wrote the screenplay. Other cast members includes Daphne Rubin-Vega and Wilson Jermaine Heredia, both of whom starred (as Mimi and Angel, respectively) in the original production of the Broadway Musical Rent.Walter Koontz (Robert De Niro) is a highly decorated "local hero" officer of the New York police department who lives in a downtown apartment complex. Despite his locale and rampant run of drag queens in his building he tends to keep to himself and still live a life lavished in lovely women, dancing and dining. One night, he hears gunshots upstairs, and while ascending to help suffers a stroke. He awakens with the right side of his body paralyzed resulting in poor speech and posture, giving him an unrecoverable limp requiring him to use a cane to get around.He suffers a massive blow to his ego, and Walter becomes ashamed to be seen in public in such a fashion. Rusty (Philip Seymour Hoffman) is one of Walter's drag queen neighbors and the two are at-odds constantly due to their differing lifestyles. Rusty has a desire to undergo a transexual operation, but lacks the money to do so. When Walter comes to Rusty to use his musical talents for voice lessons to overcome his impediment, the pair while at first argumentative and uncomfortable with the other begin to become friends. Walter begins to gain confidence and make strides to return to a normal life. However their friendship is marred when Rusty shows Walter a stash of money, hidden in the body of his dress making manequin, which is enough to pay for his operation. When Walter inquires how Rusty got the money, Rusty says he stole it from a drug pusher, who was also responsible for the attack the night Walter had his stroke. Outraged by this, Walter and Rusty part ways angrily.One night, after returning from a drag beauty contest called "Flawless" Rusty is accosted by the criminals who had crept into his apartment to find the stolen money. Walter hears the commotion and runs up to save Rusty's life. Rusty locks himself in the bedroom, and when Walter comes in on them, the criminals turn their attention on him, prompting Rusty to return the favor. In the fight, Walter is shot by the criminals, but the pair are able to subdue them. While boarding an amublance with Walter, Rusty gives the paramedics the stolen cash to ensure that Walter is okay. The pair again rekindle their friendship, setting their personal differences aside.

Hrant B (es) wrote: This movie was supposed to be a horror flick but I thought otherwise. The script was poor, acting was at bay, I just give credit to the special effects. Don't waste your time with thus movie.

Matt B (jp) wrote: Watched this after "Saturday Night and Sunday Morning". Both are gritty "kitchen sink" dramas set in bleak post-war northern Britain, and both feature Rachel Roberts as a troubled "love interest". This tiem around, the angry young man in Richard Harris and instead of a factory worker he plays a miner who uses his skill and ruthless determination to escape the pits and become a professional rugby player. Unfortunately he discovers that there is really no escape and the things he desires the most will always be denied him. Powerful film, and interesting role for Harris (who even sings, although not "MacArthur Park")