Cunnamulla, 800 kilometres west of Brisbane, is the end of the railway line. In the months leading up to a scorching Christmas in the bush, there's a lot more going on than the annual lizard race. Here, Aboriginal and white Australians live together but apart. Creativity struggles against indifference, eccentricity against conformity.

Cunnamulla, 800 kilometres west of Brisbane, is the end of the railway line. In the months leading up to a scorching Christmas in the bush, there's a lot more going on than the annual ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick U (jp) wrote: 8/29/16 NetflixInformative as hell albeit a bit wonkish. Scary as hell if you heed to the warnings about down the road policy. Mad as hell at those who allow and encourage bubbles such as Alan Geenspan and greedy bankers and corrupt politicians and morally bankrupt regulatory agencies.

Leong C (mx) wrote: A great effort from Dave Grohl, in a documentary that captures the magic of music recording...

Juliet R (jp) wrote: at least they tried.

Crash C (ag) wrote: What a fucking joke...

Private U (us) wrote: Oli niin huono, ett oli mahtavan hyv. Kliseinen bodari, joka lausui englantia venlisell aksentilla.

Voichiar M (us) wrote: tin sa subliniez ca asta la mine e nota mare, avand in vedere ca maximum il primesc o serie de filme tarkovski si bergman

Ayesha U (de) wrote: One of the very rare brilliant movies made in Pakistan in the recent times. The movie showcases the start of fundamentalism in Pakistan in Zia's era. It's Kirron Kher's movie all the way as she excels in the character of Ayesha. The other artists have done a great job too. It's one of my personal favorites!

Lee H (ru) wrote: Rubbish, don't even bother watching

Adrian I (jp) wrote: Classic flick with a comeback actor like no other! RIP

Ll B (ca) wrote: Wtf totally weird and ridiculous. Entertaining, though, especially the terrible transition from "black" to "white" towards the end. I rewound that several times...I just had to ha.

ChillinDylan G (us) wrote: There are some definitive strengths and glaring weaknesses to this movie. First off, I LOVED the ending...the last 10 minutes made the movie. Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence both put on good performances - but the rest of the cast was pretty meh. The gross/gore factor was good, and the premise was very intriguing. Now for the negatives - I thought the dialogue was really, really cheezy for the most part (except for the Connelly/Pleasence scenes). I also had a big issue with the believability of Connelly's "decisions" once she gets to Mrs. Bruckner's house - no way does she take the pill, and no way would she turn her back and make a phone call seemingly oblivious to her surroundings. Overall, this was a slightly above average for the first 100 minutes, but the finale definitely raises the score significantly. Grade = 6.5/10

Charlotte B (kr) wrote: My mom and I watch it every year, it's so great.

Mark D (nl) wrote: Bizarre is the only thing i can think of to say in regards to this part animated racial commentary.

Jason P (es) wrote: The Sherlock Holmes WW2 films get a bit tedious after awhile- Voice of Terror was okay, but Secret Weapon was tedious. This one, however, downplays a bit more the wartime good vs. evil rhetoric and stays focused on the plot itself, which is quite engaging. There is some nice banter between characters, and the scene at the party where the matchbook gets passed around is wonderfully done.

Rendan L (it) wrote: Zany, fast paced, self aware, and incredibly entertaining. Grade: B+

Joel C (nl) wrote: Love this movie its the best.

Julio S (au) wrote: Wow so this is a real movie...I thought it was a bad Japanese commercial.