Cupid, Inc.

Cupid, Inc.

Eve Lovett, who doesn't believe in love is a serious MC on TV show. When it's closely a Valentine's day and everything is full of love in the air, she feel alone. Cupid knows that. He ...

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Eve Lovett (Joely Fisher), a workaholic TV talk show host with a string of failed relationships, is worried she will never find true love. But when a mysterious stranger named Vernon Gart (Jamie Kennedy) shows up on the set claiming to work for Cupid, Inc., Eve has no idea her love life is about to get an arrow right through the heart. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Walter M (ca) wrote: In 2006, in response to Hezbollah's rockets, Israel bombards Lebanon for 33 days. On the 34th day, a United Nations negotiated ceasefire is put into effect, giving Zeina(Nada Abou Farhat) an opportunity to enter Lebanon from Dubai by way of Turkey to look for her sister and son. At the taxi stand in Beirut, most drivers seem more interested in driving refugees to Damascus, instead of south into the heart of the war zone where Zeina wants to go. Only Tony(Georges Khabbaz) has the balls to take her there for $300, saying how could he refuse such beautiful eyes... Lebanon, which is the setting for the harrowing and riveting "Under the Bombs," is often in the middle of wars, not to mention its own bloody civil war. So, forget the sides. Forget Israel. Forget Hezbollah. This movie is about characters who navigate through a devastated wasteland that occasionally obstructs them in a country whose hidden beauty peeks through occasionally. Even though they are going to the same place in a race against time because of how fragile the peace is, their motives are different as are where they want to eventually end up. So, just remember those who are caught in the crossfire of war.

ilyas a (jp) wrote: please I very want to see this movie

Cancelled U (au) wrote: This movie stoll my name

Kimberly P (mx) wrote: I kind of enjoyed it. Sort of.I mean, I like it a lot more looking back then I did initially when I watched it.I think what I like about it, is it's dark humour and the fact it tries to be it's own story without *gasp* Jim Carrey. Which honestly, I feel like The Mask is a story that needs a different protagonist if you're going to make a sequel. Seriously, why have a mask that can give anybody super powers if you're only going to have one guy ever use it.That being said, they should have gotten someone actually funny using the mask. Like, maybe someone who's an actually comedian? I don't know.The baby and dog plot could have been explained a little better. Like how can a baby be born of a mask? I mean, I get the whole it was worn while they had sex, but I don't know, it seems to be a weird power it suddenly has. Also, how come the baby is so smart and psychotic? Is just cause he has mask power ? It kind of makes sense (especially if you read the comics) but again, you can't just throw that at an audience and expect them to accept that (or still like the baby character).Also, that dog is way too smart. I know Milo from the first movie was crazy smart but the dog is like way too aware of everything (and why did Tim make him his own room, that's just crazy devotion to your dog there).I don't know if I like Loki's inclusion or not. On the one hand he's kind of funny and Loki makes sense in this universe cause we established in the last film he made the mask. On the other hand he's a weak villain and you might not like Loki, god of mischief, to portrayed by essentially a teenage brat that never grew up (though, I guess that's what the Marvel universe's Loki is like too *sting*)I think the plot is okay if not meandering at the beginning, but the first Mask meandered too and nobody thought ill of it. While we're comparing the two, they both had pretty weak villains (though Loki is arguably more interesting than Dorian).And before anybody gets all riled up, I'm not saying this is as good as the Mask. It's not. If I were to give them grades I would give this movie a C and The Mask a B+. The Mask is by far the better film though I think if it didn't have Jim Carrey, the script would fail (much like how Iron Man would have failed if not for Robert Downey Junior).However Son of the Mask, has no saving grace. The story doesn't really take off until the second half, and if you're not the type to like dark humour (like me) you're going to hate it. That's why I give this a three star, because it's something I like a guilty pleasure but I don't think it's one of those things that really warrants anything above average.There's a lot left to say but I think the gist is gotten. The last thing I will say is that visually it's a mess. There are some okay visuals there (though again, if you don't like creepy imagery, you're going to hate it) but there's a lot of it that feels and looks extremely cheap. It also lacks a lot of creativity that the mask had. Half of the stuff I've seen here I've seen elsewhere in other movies.And that's where The Mask really does shine above this because it's not just creative but the effects really hold the test of time. So as a sequel to that movie it fails, but if you look at it alone, it's alright.

Michael O (ru) wrote: Good and better than The Wild!

Adam T (us) wrote: Angelina's real boobs make a small appearance (pun intended).

Victor T (ru) wrote: Richard Linklater is known for being a director obsessed with time and mundane stories that general audiences can relate to and/or laugh about them, so what better representation of this statement than the first chapter of one of the most peculiar sagas in recent cinema: The cult classic "Before Sunrise". Set in the 1990s (this is possible the most 90s film ever), a young USA citizen named Jesse meets a French woman named Celine on a train from Budapest. The two realize that they have chemistry and decide to go to Vienna to spend one night together to know each other. Knowing the reputation of this saga, and following a recommendation of a friend of mine, I decided to give this film a try but I wasn't exactly expecting much, and while I can see why this film is as beloved as it is, it didn't surprise me. "Before Sunrise" counts with two fun to watch characters that have depth (unlike most romantic films), acting that fells extremely natural, Linklaters directing is as personal and flat as always, the romance is believable, some of the comedy is genially funny, a natural and almost seamless storytelling that takes its time to let you know who this characters, beautiful settings, an indie soundtrack that fits with this experimental film, the chemistry between Hawk and Delpy is just mesmerizing (Its even hard to believe that they didn't end up together), some of the interactions between Jesse and Celine are relatable to every couple, and overall it is extremely impressive that Linklater managed to make a 100 minute film that's all about two people walking and talking, entertaining. But this film isn't perfect, it has a humongous problem: The dialog is extremely pretentious. As always, Linklater makes his characters talk like high school hippies that try to be philosophical and smart, sure there are moments when the dialog is spot on but when they start talking about "the meaning of life" is just painful to hear. "Before Sunrise" is the definition of indie cinema: It is small, personal, cheap, and nothing flashy, but it is also charismatic, memorable and well made. A fantasy film that's almost the perfect romance in cinema, but Linklaters hippie dialog prevents it from achieving that status. One of the most peculiar, well made and overall best romantic films you can find.

Andrew R (jp) wrote: On the lower edge of Romero movies. The plot is interesting and there is some good performances but the blood and special effects don't look right. A good film that is hindered by the time period it was made in.

MichaelUrmela O (ru) wrote: It could have been better

Scott M (es) wrote: Story about a poor family that has a real cast of characters. All of them are funny and their story is very entertaining. Its about how you can still have love and happiness without money. Very good movie. Alan Arkin is amazing.

Christopher B (gb) wrote: A solid period piece with impeccable clothing, props, camerawork & editing. Watch for yourself to see how relevant this bit of history is in your own life and community.

Daryl R (de) wrote: Gary Oldman, Lena Olin, dirty cops. What's not to love.