During the Football Tournament Gothia Cup Micke and Tshepo meet. Six years later Tshepo has become a football coach while Micke entered a criminal career, specializing in insurance fraud.

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Cuppen torrent reviews

Hayley K (jp) wrote: I love me some Chucky. When I was a kid this movie creeped me out. Probably because Chucky looked a lot like my Cabbage Patch doll. Also, I can never get enough young Chris Sarandon. An 80's classic.

Luca V (de) wrote: A movie that really makes you feel the dark and depressing aura of the brutal underworld of violence that Harry Brown faces every day until he snaps. A very realistic thriller that keeps you thinking even after the movie has rolled credits.

Francisco L (fr) wrote: The Devil Wears Pada is nothing more than a cliched movie, with a overused final message, with a not original script and with a predictable direction, whose even the great Meryl Streep performances can't outwit.

Dian J (de) wrote: I had to give my own 4 stars for this because I was absolutely terrified, hahaha~~ I am easy to scare maybe. But the movie freaked me out nonetheless. However, I don't know if she's loony or her family had been absorbed into that faerie realm..

Alex S (ca) wrote: Nothing special, but the gore was better than I expected.Not CGI gore either which is a surprise.

Ricardo Junior S (it) wrote: There is nothing wrong with "Disturbing Behavior", besides the fact that it is totally mediocre.

Joe D (it) wrote: Entertaining and one of the better 80s homages to the 50s

Al P (us) wrote: hoot hoot hoot hoot!!

John R (br) wrote: 140715: Didn't want to go one star, didn't want to go two. Located this movie after seeing it in Walmart. Thought the civil war was western enough to satisfy my tastes (as it has in the past). Coupled with zombies, who could go wrong? This movie kept me interested though quite bad. Period incorrect pistol (1873 Peacemaker) was not the worst of it. Some bad, bad acting; a kooky storyline; and a new twist on zombie behaviour. You could see in the opening battle scenes that some money was invested in this movie, just not enough money. Deleted off my drive b/c I will never watch it again.

David S (br) wrote: Cut Bank is nothing special. Liam Hemsworth has a tough role to execute and he doesn't exactly succeed. It sort of falls apart in the middle but is put back together at the end. Plot had a good thing going but ultimately came up short. Wasn't awful, seen a whole lot worse.

Li K (mx) wrote: I know I end up saying the exact same thing every time I watch a Woody Allen movie, but it still applies and I'm gonna say it again. The man makes me feel better about life, and I love him for that.