Handsome, young Ryan questions his plans to marry Beth after they have a fight. Retreating from his anxieties, Ryan finds himself inside a popular gay nightclub, where his fantasies turn to the attractive men inside. After a visit to the Bull Pen and some heady encounters in the club's bathroom, Ryan wonders if he has finally discovered the lifestyle for him

Handsome, young Ryan questions his plans to marry Beth after they have a fight. Retreating from his anxieties, Ryan finds himself inside a popular gay nightclub, where his fantasies turn to the attractive men inside. After a visit to the Bull Pen and some heady encounters in the club's bathroom, Ryan wonders if he has finally discovered the lifestyle for him . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Josh A (it) wrote: I guess because it's a horror/comedy, and the usually funny Labine is in it, I was expecting the next Tucker and Dale. Instead, what I got was a misguided and not very funny attempt at an original horror/comedy that falls flat and fails to impress.

Jesse O (jp) wrote: Honestly, once you've seen Kung Fu Hustle, it's kinda hard to be surprised, shocked or enthralled by a film attempting to be silly, goofy and sometimes even video-game inspired. I'm not even suggesting that Kung Fu Hustle is the best kun fu film I've ever seen, because it is not, it's just that that film has an unmatched sense of style and silliness that is hard to duplicate. With that said, I did think that this was actually quite a fun martial arts films. I think they do mix it up from the usual martial arts films, while also paying tribute and including many martial arts legends, trainers and practitioners. The film does mix in a surprising steampunk element in the film what with Eddie Peng's character trying to install a railway station through his former village and the villagers, obviously set in their ways, resisting and fighting back against the western technology. In the middle of all this fits in Lu Chan, who has come to Chen village in order to learn their style of kung fu so he won't die. How they explain this is silly, really, and that is that Lu has Horn of the Three Blossoms, I think they call it, on his forehead. Every time he's hit on this 'horn' he becomes like the hulk, super strong and deadly. The thing is that it also comes with a killer nosebleed. So, essentially, every time someone hits on him this 'horn' it gets him closer to death. When the horn turns black is when Lu Chan will die. Learning the Chen style kung fu will, apparently, save his life. Got all that? Good. The film, for the most part, sees Lu trying to earn his way into the village by fighting some of the villagers. This leads to some pretty cool fight scenes. I particularly liked the one with Brother Tofu, that one was pretty entertaining. All of them were honestly, but I enjoyed that one the most. What I like about the film is that it doesn't take itself seriously, in the least. Some of the things it does aren't necessarily unexpected, but they're definitely surprising. I also liked how Peng's character progressed. I wouldn't call him villainous as much as he's dismissive of the villagers and the life they lead. Perhaps that paints him as a villain in the eyes of some, but I don't think he was. Part of me honestly think that he started out wanting to do some good and help a village that made fun of him because he was an 'outsider', so to speak. Of course that all changes later in the film, when it's clear that he's now a villain after a certain event happens. And, you know what, it's actually well-done and understandable. It's not like he wasn't a dick for no reason. He has a perfectly good reason for going to the 'dark side', if you will. So I thought that was, surprisingly, well-done. And the climactic fight was also really cool and fun. Any scene where fruits and vegetables are used to defeat soldiers with guns will always be ok in my book. The ending itself is a bit of an annoying cliffhanger to get you to want to see the sequel. Which is fine, but it felt like this film really isn't complete. It's also not a problem since Netflix also offers the sequel, Tai Chi Hero, which is the next film I'll review, but the ending is still slightly annoying. With that said, this isn't the best kung fu film you will ever see, hell even Iron Monkey, a film almost a quarter of a century old, is better than this. But I think most people will have a good time with it. I certainly did. I'd recommend it if you have Netflix.

Deanna M (br) wrote: i really only watched this movie because i wanted to see how r.patts was as an actor in other than twilight & it turns out he really has talent & this movie is great! its so sad but its really worth the watch!

Andrew T (ag) wrote: An interesting no holds barred look at screenwriting, from some of the great screenwriters of Hollywood. From their struggles to successes, this film shows how the basis for any good film, often is the most under appreciated.

Roy S (br) wrote: Another fine Addition to the Stone series. Selleck is great again, and the supporting cast really helps out too.

Genevive C (de) wrote: Excellent film about the ills of gated communities, and the tensions between the very rich and the poor in a society with a corrupt police force and, presumably, judicial system. The film depicts the breakdown of a gated community after some poor teenagers attempt to rob a house and accidentally kill its elderly resident. Mistrust sets in among the residents and extreme measures limiting some residents' rights are adopted because some want to involve the police but most feel above the law and want to restore safety and exact revenge themselves, vigilante-style, upon the remaining robber. As expected, it all ends in terrible bloodshed and social fracture.

Heist (de) wrote: It's been a while, hasn't it?

Sren R (es) wrote: Det er ikke nemt at puste g...:-)

Jesse M (it) wrote: I wish I could get this movie on Blu-ray or iTunes . I enjoyed it.

Tom T (kr) wrote: Caleb will have a golden globe in the future once they start giving him parts worthy of one . Movie just stretched on for too long tho

Carlos M (kr) wrote: A sincere biopic about a most admirable man and enriched by Ben Kingsley's exceptional performance - even if the story is in fact more didactic than really compelling and with Gandhi not as fascinating as a character as the strength of his convictions and accomplishments.

Anna P (nl) wrote: Wow what a trip.Beautiful music, great actors and lovely location.The story though, dude becomes obsessed with a photo of pretty lady, imagines/thinks himself back in time and then that ending?Gah, they lead me along with this gentle romance: they meet, tried to be kept apart but yes they are together! they hug and those lacy curtains and then...that WTF end?!(but daaaam, Reeve in that suit, mmhm)A star for the costumes and music.

James H (gb) wrote: Respectable war film, nicely produced. It has a tendency toward melodrama, but it had suspense, some good action scenes and i has a fine score. For the most part, the acting is good.

Ben C (ag) wrote: This film is certainly mean-spirited, especially in the wrong places, but John Candy's rather devoted performance (which reminds me of a few nice relatives of my family) is what holds the foundations of this film. And to be fair, it help makes this film enjoyable if not watchable.