Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas

George and The Man In The Yellow Hat are having a merry time counting down to Christmas. But neither can decide what to give each other. Will they find the answers before Christmas morning?

George and The Man In The Yellow Hat are having a merry time counting down to Christmas. But neither can decide what to give each other. Will they find the answers before Christmas morning? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Federico F (de) wrote: A journey through fears and dreams. An idea of extreme and intense film to the end.

Yudi J (au) wrote: Matsumoto tried too much to perform a comical comedy... idk if this movie contained any symbolic meaning, but if i inspect it just from the story n film itself, this is not a good movie...

Connor A (jp) wrote: Could have been a little more lively, but I guess that's just the Scorsese style. One of the most intimate looks into the personal and public life of the undiscovered second fiddle of the Beatles, from the Quarrymen to the Wilburys and everything inbetween.

Ellen R (us) wrote: this one does not deserve even half a star, but that's the lowest rating i could give..

Nathan N (de) wrote: At least it tried doing something differant.

sitenoise (nl) wrote: This Jin-ho Hur film seems contrived and a lot less compelling than "One Fine Spring Day." In fact, it isn't really compelling at all. The mood shots and the long takes don't work here. They're a little boring and manipulative.

Karla R (ag) wrote: Marvelous!!! a Masterpiece!!!

Daniel R (ru) wrote: An emotionally tragic tail of the events at Hillsborough. The whole movie is deeply saddening and it really makes you contemplate who is to blame for this, though it seems pretty clear. My heart goes out to the families.

Zach M (ca) wrote: Only watched this movie for Bruce Campbell and Angus Scrimm. Angus Scrimm is the man.

Jason D (ca) wrote: You could not ask for a better film than 1989's The Chilling where Linda Blair and Grizzly Adams do battle against Walt Disney and his small army of zombie Popsicles. The movie is 80's-riffic with terrible acting, silly effects, and comedic scares. I love this film. I'm glad someone was sitting in their office at the movie studio snorting coke off of a man's dick and suddenly decided that this film needed to be released on DVD. The transformation is perfect because it looks like they just copied the fucker straight from an old VHS. Completely preserved in it's original format with director's cut and all. Love this film!

Adrian B (gb) wrote: In the shocking movie, General MacArthur (Laurence Olivier) takes command of the American involvement of the Korean War, while wearing makeup that makes him look like a clown. In South Korea, sporadic presence of white people (Jacqueline Bisset and Ben Gazzara) somehow make the translation barrier between the foreigners and residents very easy. The bombs are constantly exploding without any meaning throughout this renegade garbage and the Americans are considered all that. Terrible film that is both incoherent and unintentionally laughable includes abysmal script, dialogue, and special effects. Embarrassing for Olivier (who as I understand was the verge of senility during this wreck) and everyone else sucks as well (I loathed alleged hero Gazarra and actually wanted him to die). Funny there are not that many movies to show the battle front of the Korean War. Perhaps everyone was turned off by this junk.

Amy B (kr) wrote: Popcorn? Check. A large pint of... Fizzy pop? Check. A couple of hours free? CHECK!! These are all the ingredients necessary to watch such a highly anticipated film. With several mixed reviews, it was essential that an open mind was kept. Released over thirty years ago it was expectedly dated. However the raw and poignant messages of the harrowing and hard life in British Borstals for young males were very clear. It is likely that you have heard the expression ~Treat others how you wish to be treated(TM); this disturbing and violent film shows, that in the 1970(TM)s, youth offenders were pushed to behave like scum as they were constantly treated like scum. Directed by Alan Clarke, Co- produced by Clive Parsons and written by Roy Minton in 1977, ~Scum(TM) was originally deemed too controversial? to be released and was therefore banned by the BBC. It wasn(TM)t until Borstals were abolished in 1982 that it was aired on Channel 4 (1983). The film clearly aimed to portray the brutality of life inside a British Borstal. Immediately from the onset; violence and corruption is shown as the warden(TM)s target the three new inmates; Carlin, (Ray Winstone), a re-offender with a bad reputation, Davis, (Julian Firth), a timid and scared first offender and Angel; a young black male. Carlin finds himself fighting with ~trainees(TM) and ~screws(TM) to gain ultimate hierarchy power to become ~the daddy(TM). Becoming the ~top dog(TM) allowed Carlin to take advantage of the black market as he takes a large cut of any incoming money from the other trainees. The wardens bizarrely respect Carlins(TM) leadership qualities as they expect him to keep the other trainees in order; in return he is given privileges such as a single- cell bed and the wardens even overlook his criminal behaviours. Borstals were introduced to Britain in 1902 to prevent young offenders from being influenced by adult offenders; aiming to reduce re-offending. They also aimed to reform young delinquents; focusing on routine, discipline and authority. One character in the film, who is determined ~not to be taken(TM) by the system, is Ben Archer. This character is used to implicitly express the clear weaknesses of Borstals. Archer (Mick Ford) is a middle- class mis- fit who should have been sent to prison, due to his older age of 24; however he was sent to the Borstal and wanted to complete his sentence quietly yet causing as much trouble for the wardens as possible- being a vegetarian and atheist to infuriate the sternly religious Governor. Archer is extremely intelligent and it wasn(TM)t uncommon for some of the ~cons(TM) to be better educated than the ~pigs(TM). There is a significant scene in which Archer has a conversation with warden Mr Duke. He states ~How can anyone build a character on a regime based on deprivation.. If it(TM)s not a con at me it(TM)s a screw.. More criminal acts are imposed on the prisoner(TM)s than criminals on society..(TM) This was the sad reality. The aims of Borstals completely failed as violence lead to further violence. The film shows no evidence of rehabilitation or reform for these young offenders. Group meetings were held by the (female) Matron as she asks the young males to talk about any problems they might have. But no one wants to be the grass, right? She appears unsympathetic, showing no care or emotion, leading the trainees to feel further frustrated and psychologically strained. This is portrayed when an inmate becomes aware of his wife(TM)s death. She doesn(TM)t sympathise or offer any support or emotional help; this lead to his disturbing suicide attempt. The film also highlighted that each of the individuals(TM) needs should have been separately cared for, as each individual is different. During the group session, the case of a fourteen-year-old boy is briefly shown. He is being held at Her Majesty(TM)s Pleasure for murder. He is socially isolated as he receives no family visitors and is always shown sat on his own. For such a young boy who committed such a serious crime it is most certain he needs to be psychiatrically treated- not physically punished. Inmates are stripped of their identity; Matron? Can you not call us by our Christian Names??, and are labelled with a four digit number You can(TM)t remember? That(TM)s all you are, a number!? This would have consequently affected their self-identity. Throughout, there is very strong and offensive language. Racial attacks; physical and verbal are explicitly shown; wardens isolate the young black males to single cells and racial fights during sports classes are shown- racism seemed to be the norm. Although racism in our current multi- cultural society has reduced through awareness and campaigns, it has by no means been erased. However, violent acts (such as racial or sexual attacks) between offenders; and between prison guards and offenders can be strictly controlled via CCTV. There is a horrifying and shocking scene in which Davis is gang raped by three older inmates whilst being watched by a corrupt, sadistic and callous ~pig(TM). Such changes allow protection or punishment for the offenders and guards in present prisons/ youth custodies.After being gang raped, Davis expressed he felt lonely, scared and depressed? to a warden. He was ignored which lead to his poignant suicide. After a rebellious riot lead by Carlin the film ends with the ~screws(TM) and ~cons(TM) giving a minutes silence. Although some of the scenes are raw and cold- hearted, it does what it set out to; educate people of what life was like in Borstals; for both offenders and wardens. This film has been deemed to be significant contribution to abolishing corporal punishment and Borstals in 1982. They were since replaced with ~Youth Custody Centres(TM) which have the necessary facilities and tools in place to successfully reform and rehabilitate youth offenders to their individual needs. Intensive community orders, Youth offending teams, restorative justice programmes and youth referral orders are other options available to suit individual cases and have been shown to have great success.

Samuel C (us) wrote: Both a corporate satire and a personal drama, Robert Wise's brilliant film is one that will remain relevant as long as the office rat race keeps racing.

Millo T (it) wrote: Similar to Rebecca or Suspicion, here Fritz Lang gives a freudian approximation to the style of woman who is afraid of her husband. Although the photography from Fritz Lang is always excellent, the film is not one of the best of his career, and does not maintain the tension during all it length.

Joel A (nl) wrote: A interesting film that has it's strengths but really fails to pull you in for the third & final act.The story of a woman strangely drawn to this mysterious but undeniably dangerous gentleman she meets on her travels abroad.Filled with strange & psychoanalytical performances the story can hide it's many holes.However is has some stunning shots with near perfection lighting, so the look of the film is top notch.

Demonic N (us) wrote: This looks really crap.