Curious George Swings Into Spring

Curious George Swings Into Spring

George and his best friend, Hundley explore all the wonders of the season together in this high-flying, full-length feature. Join them in a wild adventure that ends with a very fun surprise!

Out in the country, George tries to cheer up a homesick Hundley by giving him a case of spring fever. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (nl) wrote: Rampage was great, and Assault on Wall Street was good, why not combine them? Add some Snowden/Wikileaks references and you got yourself another movie! Political points are made and the ending is fun, but it's mostly a low budget hostage flick.

John A (it) wrote: John Carpenter's The Ward is an extremely well presented psychological horror. This story driven film has excellent character development & an ensemble of a pretty unknown female cast, giving excellent performances. The story revolves female inmates at a psychiatric hospital, which are being mysteriously disappearing. This ghost story has some classic touches as well as a nice twist, it sort of plays with your mind slightly. Extremely well written and produced, this is one of those few times where Carpenter did not create the story or compose the music for the film. But with Carpenter's excellent direction and excellent use of the film's score the suspense is very present and very effective.

Keith P (au) wrote: As seen on UniMs & starring nobody, all I can say is props to the foley artists who snapped those celery stalks w/ each bone-breaker. "Street Warrior" kicks so much ass that a decent storyline's better seen on "The Artist"!

Lee M (kr) wrote: Its mad rush to offer shallow takes on every Big American Issue would be offensive if it weren't so misguided. It's almost cute the way Dear Wendy thinks it knows what it's talking about and then just keeps going and going long after it's stopped making sense.

Bryan K (br) wrote: Comparisons between this film and neo-realist pieces like The Bicycle Thief are not at all unfounded...the film unfolds like a documentary and often does not feel scripted at all. Further, the movie is also very good. Minzhi is superb as Teacher Wei, pulling off the cluelessness and naivety of an overwhelmed teen effortlessly. The film's second half, on the city streets, so convincingly demonstrates the hopelessness of both Wei's search and her student's struggles that it becomes difficult to watch. Director Zhang also does well to let the situation of rural China speak for itself without becoming heavy-handed...though he does lose some of this grasp in the final few minutes. The cinematography keeps its restraint throughout and is extremely effective (the shots of Wei's flyers being swept away, the chalk being smashed and Wei being in the middle of city street with traffic going six ways around her are all memorable). The soundtrack is not uniform, which is a detraction; some dramatic moments get music, others don't. Well sub-titled.

Iva K (au) wrote: Amazing, breathtaking, beautiful. I had no expectations whatsoever and I was struck by the emotion of this movie, by its beauty, by its colors. It inspired me to learn more about Artemisia herself and led me to the brink of tears. I loved it.

Cain L (mx) wrote: Nicolas Cage and John Travolta made this over top and utterly ridiculous action movie work and Director John woo add his emotional and gory touches.

Ben B (ru) wrote: Who do you prefer, a shrewd tax collector or a womanizing businessman with links to the Yakuza?

Robert I (ca) wrote: Not a bad film. I haven't seen Westworld, but this sequel felt like the sequel Jurassic Park: The Lost World should've been. Some very nice moments and sci-fi ideas. This was back during the thinking man's era of 70s sci-fi movies. I miss them. But SPOILER ALERT I love even more the more modern happy ending is here and not some bleak one. One of the best feel good moments ever!

Mauricio M (br) wrote: Will Ferrell ha sido de los pocos comicos de SNL que ha hecho efectiva la transicion hacia el drama sin perder su esencia humoristica. Stranger Than Fiction (2006) y esta pelicula son la prueba de ello.

Jamie S (es) wrote: Terry Thomas on top form, plus a satirical swipe at almost everything. What more do you need?