The Film revolves around life and struggle of Farmer, who has to pay his electricity bill and is tired of dealing with the corrupt systems in bureaucracy and politics in India.

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Brad G (nl) wrote: Visually and emotionally riveting.

Danielle L (it) wrote: rofl i wasted my time on this :[

MF J (fr) wrote: Volver is another excellent film from master director Almodovar. Teaming up again with beautiful actress Penelope Cruz, he embarks us on a story of love, revenge and betrayal as only he knows how to do them and treat them. Wonderful film.

Eliabeth H (es) wrote: I now kind of understand why I'm terrible at Scrabble.

Andrew M (gb) wrote: Often absurd, yet worth seeing because of its unsparingly accurate depiction of pathetically delusional "outsiders." It's like "Bottle Rocket" without the indie pedigree, with a functionally nonexistent band standing in for the ineffectual crime gang.

Shane Z (kr) wrote: 6/8/2014This Pathetic film had a very rough, complicated and strange history. Made in 1994 starring "unknown" actors (at the time) Renee Zewelleger and Matthew McConaughey on a $600,000 budget. Shown at a few film festivals, titled as "The Return of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" before being shoveled due to occasions between the producers and people at Colombia Pictures in the process, being in post-production too long, and re-edited so much, up until it was stupidity given a limited theatrical re-release in 1997 re-titled as The Next Generation. And what else they did to it was cut the timing to about 86 minutes in this movie, while about 95 minutes it originally was (before re-editing and re-releasing; which are mainly scenes when Jenny is abused by her father before prom, they cut out those scenes in TNG).Never watched the TROTTCM version of the fourth TCM film, only read about it. The film is loosely based on the 1974 classic, except the only thing is instead of teens investigating a grave robbing, they're traveling on the road after prom. While everything else seems like its remade. It seems you know why it took all the time,work to make? Because while shamefully being shown, the two lead actors and the viewers look at it and see total embarrassment from Zewelleger and McConaughey. Even if it's principal props include: littering, Pizza slices, and wrecking shit (hope neither actor has OCD). I won't lie, it's fun seeing Jenny (Zewelleger) jump on a rooftop, dangle on power cables, running away in her prom dress and can handle facing a shot gun at the killer; but dropping it and run. McConaughey looking dangerous without the gun, with his robotic remote control leg, cutting himself and acting like a dog. Leatherface is dressed up as a women, he's nothing but a screaming puss. TNG is a sloppy, poorly written, dead dog from start to finish. Let me ask, did they release the movie again to ruin the two stars fame after becoming stars?

Brandon W (mx) wrote: 1408 is based on the short story by Stephen King, directed by Mikael Hfstrm, and it stars John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson in psychological horror film about an author who writes ghost stories, despite the fact that he doesn't believe in them. He went to room 1408 because there was a postcard telling him not to go there, and when he stays there for a while, there's something supernatural going on in the room. In my house with my best friend, we were waiting for some of our friends for a school project, and my best friend asked me if we just watch a horror film so that we can wait on them. I was looking at three choices on my DirecTV whether it's this, The Ruins, or Altered States, and I couldn't think of a decision of it because I haven't seen any of them. So I looked up the trailers for them, and I decided that we should watch 1408 on my DirecTV list, and my best friend managed to watch almost all of it until our friends got here and we start doing the project which after when it's done, everybody left, and I watched the remaining part of the film and tell my best friend about how it ends. I'm glad that I made the right decision because we both were terrified of the film. The movie sets the beginning up with a lot of build-up to the room, while also building up character for John Cusack's character, which is what a horror film should do so that we get to know the characters and having more of a sense of endangerment for the character that we care about. It does a good job of telling the story that the main character should not go to that room since it has a lot of history, and not let the other characters be such jerks to John Cusack's character because he doesn't listen to them. When it comes to the main character going to 1408, it immediately becomes a one man show here, and John Cusack gives a fantastic performance that I honestly find him to be an underrated actor as he still gives great performances to this day, he's not much talked about in the public as the other well known actors. The psychological aspects of the film are really effective that I really have no idea about where it was going with it, and whether or not it's real. This movie reminds me actually of Oculus as they both are creepy horror films with psychological parts that get me shocked when it happens. With some comparisons, I would say that 1408 is better in a close second because there are more stuff going on that got me a little bit more interested in it than Oculus. There's only one flaw that I can think of that I'm just trying to look for, is that it has some of Stephen King adaptation tropes that were very familiar to me, and it does feel a bit like The Shining in case of a writer character that goes to a bit of an abandoned place and have no bit of an idea whether he's going crazy or not. Even when that's done and introduced, I was so scared of it and so was my best friend that I would actually and this and Oculus as a double feature that seems like psychological horror films can be scarier than the generic ones when done with craftsmanship that really know how to scare us.

John R (ru) wrote: Not the strongest entry but still entertaining.

Wyatt V (br) wrote: I would love to watch it how do you watch it?

Ross V (fr) wrote: Forced unnatural dialogue and a cast of 50's stereotypes leaves this movie un-anchored in reality.

Matias A (au) wrote: I laughed all thru this fun movie. It represent my generation, so yeah, i love it.