Curse of Bigfoot

Curse of Bigfoot

Original film was called "Teenagers Battle the Thing" made in 1958. Approximately 59 minutes.

Original film was called "Teenagers Battle the Thing" made in 1958. Approximately 59 minutes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard S (ag) wrote: I read this and although I thought it was a sweet story, I didn't think it was a very good book. It's not a great movie, either, but it is a sweet one, helped greatly by three very charming performances from the leads.

The Horror Nerd E (br) wrote: Loved this one even better than the first own it!! :)

Zen H (de) wrote: Surprisingly good for a low budget Aussie film. Delivers what it should and keeps viewers on the edge.

N DEEZY A (us) wrote: it was sick im surprised at how good it was

Jack S (de) wrote: Awesome death scenes, a plot that made NO SENSE (they hype up a serial killer for an hour, then he dies without really doing anything), gratuitous nudity, and a lot of funny moments. EXACTLY what you're looking for with this type of flick!

Chris Z (au) wrote: Decided to re-visit this series, starting with the sequel to the original (Infernal Affairs II is a prequel, which I haven't seen yet.). This reconstitutes much of the original cast, despite Tony Leung being dead in the first film, since it flashes back considerably to before his death. Watching this immediately after Scorsese's remake(The Departed) of the first film, it really is driven home how superior these films are. The way we get into the character's heads and their internal conflict is truly superior. In this, Ming, the mole, is left in the police department, with nobody knowing that he was the criminal mole. But the gang and his boss have all been killed or disbanded, so he is essentially stranded in an ethical life, and is clearly finishing what he began in the first film of becoming an actual good cop, not a gangster. Will he succeed?He is in Internal Affairs, and quickly grows suspicious of a secret division inspector, who he thinks is a crooked cop working for the triads. In a series of flashbacks, to when Tony Cheung was alive, we begin to see as he uncovers and learns of more troubling connections and secret deals that he was not aware of. Does someone else, even in the police, know he was the mole? Ming makes it his solo mission to bring down the corrupt secret inspector, and works around the clock. Riven with guilt about the murder of Tony Cheung and his attempt to be a good cop, he begins losing grip on sanity. With a pretty psychologist who had fallen in love with Tony Cheung before his death, he begins to open up honestly much as Tony Cheung did with her. In a brilliant parallel scene of future and past, the two men side-by-side but split in time reveal to her their true identities under hallucination therapy, and that Ming was reponsible for Tony Cheung's death. The story about his mission against the secret inspector has a twist, but the guts of this movie, like the first one, is all about these characters and their struggles with just who they have become: one playing a criminal loses his grip and doubts whether he is even a cop or a good man anymore, the other as the mole begins to go good and begins turning into a good man. This is the struggle that anchors the films, and sadly what Scorsese did not treat properly (and he killed everyone off!). In these films, the questions linger, and the story continues, even after the twists and bloody conclusions. There are always more loose ends, always more unknown allegiances, always more unknowns about who people truly are.

Dan A (kr) wrote: Fun campy adventure along the lines of army of darkness

Brett L (kr) wrote: Hard to call this a bruce lee movie when all the clips of him are taken from Fists of Fury or earlier but after his character dies it actually turns out pretty good.

Sherry R (kr) wrote: Very good remake, Crispin plays odd very well.

Bill M (br) wrote: John Garfield rates a biopic, and I want Mark Wahlberg in the lead.

Tim C (ru) wrote: impactful film! Beautiful to look at, Stellar cast and performances. Dakota Fanning speaks with her eyes and Emma Thompson brings light and levity as always to the screen. A Hauntingly romantic film that transcends its time. Gorgeous cinematography by Andrew Dunn, Sumptuous to look at. Performances by Julie Walters, David Suchet,, Derek Jacoby and Tom Sturridge equally penetrating. Renews ones faith in the possibilities of GREAT cinema !

Michael R (ag) wrote: This movie sets new lows for acting. Angle is a much better actor in his wrestling matches than he is in movies. The one scene where Angle's character goes to one of his victim's funeral in disguise was unintentionally hilarious.

Johnson Y (nl) wrote: Entertaining and a beautiful Olivia

Paul D (ca) wrote: This is another one of those awful movies that offer a bit of entertainment if you can turn your brain off. Too many movies like that exist, but I am a bit more easy on this one than most people are. I can't recommend it, but I won't hate on it either. It is just average action packed nonsense.

Ricardo R (mx) wrote: Not one of the best worst movies I've ever seen but definitely horrible and worth a watch.