Curse of Lola

Curse of Lola

When the leading dancer of Lola is murdered in her dressing room on the very night of the premiere, terror looms over the dance troupe. With the murderer still at large, the coveted role of Lola passes to Tian, a talented but introverted dancer with a traumatic childhood. Suspicion fanned by jealousy soon leads to hostility and rejection from fellow dancers, while figments of childhood memories start haunting her every dream. Tian can only seek solace in the arms of her gaffer boyfriend Zhen. As the murderer strikes again, Tian begins to realize that all the slayings are somehow related to her. No sooner is she inextricably sucked into the curse of the role than she starts suspecting Zhen may actually be harboring a horrifying secret behind these murders and the troupe itself.

When the leading dancer of Lola is murdered in her dressing room on the very night of the premiere, terror looms over the dance troupe. With the murderer still at large, the coveted role of... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arefin S (de) wrote: Realistic acting by Neil Nitin Mukesh......And the film showed the real life in Jail.......

Kyle W (ca) wrote: It's pretty clever folks.

Lindsay C (de) wrote: Long and painfully tedious, had trouble detecting my heartbeat part way thorough and had to turn this off.

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