Curse of the Crystal Eye

Curse of the Crystal Eye

A man travels through Asia and Africa seeking the treasure of Ali Baba.

A man travels through Asia and Africa seeking the treasure of Ali Baba. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Zach K (mx) wrote: Malcolm McDowell was legendary in Kubrick's "A Clockwork Orange" (1971) as a deranged rapist. What the hell happened (Pun intended!) that he has plummeted this low? I think it is safe to assume this film lost it's movie salvation and is now in movie Gehenna.

Steve N (de) wrote: Bad acting..but great fight scenes.

Manish P (de) wrote: If you hated this movie it's because you are unhappy at home and you are jealous that they found each other for one day.

Ash D (ca) wrote: Not bad if you are a kid, which, as a court informed me before my first prison stint, I am not anymore.

Miles K (ag) wrote: Fun, but I got a bit of a family movie vibe. It feels a bit tiresome after two other movies, but still makes it to 3 stars. 6.3/10

bill s (gb) wrote: This isn't as bad as a lot of people make it out to be....probably the best of this type movie made by these guys.

Dan G (ca) wrote: Knightriders is one of the all time great completely unknown films. It is a buried treasure that was likely buried and largely maligned upon its release due to coming from George "Night of the Living Dead" Romero during the time period between Dawn and Day of the Dead, and for not being a zombie movie (or a horror flick of any kind). People knew what they wanted from Romero, and this wasn't it. This is a pity, as it is by far Romero's best film, and in all honesty, probably one of the best films of the 1980's (at least the first half of the 80's). Ed Harris delivers a performance of staggering emotional strength and fanaticism. Even professional gore effects and stunts man Tom Savini delivers a masterful performance. This is a great ensemble cast, human interest film that ranks up there with the best Robert Altman works. The film's only weak point is its dated early 80's "Dukes of Hazard" style chase scenes dealing with the yokel "rednecks" coming to see the performances, as well as the backwoods police who harass the troupe. Some of this seems almost like it was an afterthought that was thrown in attempting to appease people who might have started tuning out of the film at this time. Ultimately, though these scenes are pretty silly (they are VERY "Dukes of Hazard"-ey), they don't drag the tone of the movie down too much (at least they allow us to see Rocky the lady knight kicking butt some more). This is a truly wonderful film with many emotional ups and downs for the cast and the audience alike. If nothing else, watch it for Stephen King's hilarious cameo as a slobby redneck commentator.

Michael M (gb) wrote: Maybe its age, maybe it's my own personal tastes, but honestly when I rewatched this movie I didn't find it particularly funny. The ideas behind a lot of the jokes are funny, but in their execution they mostly just made me chuckle. There were only a couple moments that really gave big audible laughs for me. Still, I was chuckling pretty consistently, and the ideas are clever. I like how it manages to be cynical and cheery at the same time, showing all the misery that comes from Christmastime with family as well as all the heart. Probably my favorite scene is when Chevy Chase gets locked in the attic and to pass the time he starts watching old home movies he found, only to fall through the floor when his wife unknowingly pulls the stairs out from under him. It's a genuinely heartwarming scene followed by a really funny moment. There's just not enough other stuff in the movie that's THAT heartwarming or THAT funny though. At least for me. I still like it a lot, it's an immensely likable movie. It covers all the insanity of Christmas in clever ways, and while there weren't a ton of belly laughs the chuckles were consistent the whole way through. I know it's a Christmas tradition for a lot of people, and while it isn't for me, I still have a lot of respect for it.

Paul P (br) wrote: The opening credits are so powerful and brilliantly set the tone for the rest of the film. Lee is trying to clash together a few different styles, especially early on. Some of it doesn't work but the energy of Lee's direction overshadows it. Performances down the line are very good. Delroy Lindo playing the father these street kids never had practically steals the entire movie for me. If i'm not giving 'Clockers' enough credit thank David Simon and 'The Wire' for making all movies like this pale in comparison.

JeanAntoine B (mx) wrote: A father that loves his daughter and goes to find her even if it's impossible to succeed.