Curse of the Witching Tree

Curse of the Witching Tree

An innocent woman, accused of murdering her son and hanged as a witch, curses a tree and the children who play around it. The effects of this act of revenge echo through the years .....

A woman curses a tree after the church accuses her of being a witch. A family move into their new home, slowly discover the terrible truth about the tree and the murdered children upon which they unknowingly sleep... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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TheMumblelover (ag) wrote: This film is well directed and acted and there's some memorable scenes in the film and at times its quite dark but after a while the starts to bore and I didn't care for the characters after the first half of the film, shame cos there was something there, the plot and script I think was the problem.

Anthony S (us) wrote: A great salute to low budget grindhouse films

Rita X (br) wrote: yeah there is a lot of sex as the film is mostly associated with that but there is much to uncover deep down. what can i say i really like arsty Asian films

Joanna R (ca) wrote: funny, i didn't realize luke haas there

Ryan B (gb) wrote: Couple of funny moments but was expecting more.

cli o (fr) wrote: nothanks not my kinda thing

Robert P (ag) wrote: Dieorientating and disconcerting until at least half way through when the smoke begins to clear a bit. The basic problem is that the audience doesn't really have anywhere to hang their hat. Frantic and, Sophie Marceau apart, not much fun, although oddly moving by the end

Dylan G (de) wrote: Absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever in this atrocity! F

Private U (ag) wrote: A great movie which both celebrates and mocks the existence an artifice of the B-movie.

Russ B (kr) wrote: 1/1/2017: An ok film to close out the trilogy. Not as good as the first two, but still decent.

Carl T (ca) wrote: I'd say this is one of the great post-modernist films by one of the greatest masters of cinema.

Beverly P (br) wrote: Watching this is like opening a wonderful, picturesque time capsule filled with the urban sights and sounds of the '70s. A must see for families to watch and discuss a time when people took pride in community before modern hip-hop stole hearts and minds.

Kevin L (br) wrote: Led by an all-star cast of hilarious people, In the Loop is the most hilarious, sharply-written political satire since the time of Dr. Strangelove