Curse of the Wolf

Curse of the Wolf

Dakota, a young werewolf, has finally learned to control her nighttime transformations. She desperately wants to live a normal life, and to break free from her curse, she flees to hide in the city. When the pack aggressively hunts her down, the bouncers offer her protection and band together to battle the werewolves who want her dead... and who won't give up their wolf without a vicious fight.

Dakota is a young werewolf who discovers a way to halt her monthly transformations with medical means, and attempts to flee the pack where she lives, and make a new life for herself. But ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Curse of the Wolf torrent reviews

Oscar T (mx) wrote: Una de las porqueras ms grandes jams gestadas.

James Y (au) wrote: Wasn't too bad, typical story line.. some good action and fight scenes

Eduardo R (nl) wrote: If Cameron Diaz wasn't in this movie it would be a very Bad Movie.

Emma H (ru) wrote: I never saw the hole movie when I scip some parts. But I think I got the hole picture anyway and have to say that Leighton Meester play her part realy good and creepy. The shower and ear ring clip was parts I looked away from and feel both chills and discust. But the kitten was the most emotional part for me. I first thought it was an ok/good horror or psyco movie but the end blow it all for me, it was cinda big with fight and all but after just before the credits I just thought: Eh what? Who would react like that?No police? I actually think Minka kelly did her part very bad in the film, I feelt more for Rebecca and her family than the actual lead role Sara. So in the end I think this is more a psyco movie than horror (but deadreact and white eyes always gets me chills) and a feeling that it could have been so much better than it is with many good ideas.

Cita W (au) wrote: This is the kinda of movie that I really can't stand to watch... There's nothing wrong with teen movie but it's not cool when the movie is so plain like this...

Kristin R (fr) wrote: Disappointing. I loved the show, found the humour really dry, and this to me was just like another episode. I was expecting a lot more from this movie and I just didn't get it.

Sean M (au) wrote: This movie single-handedly ruined my life. [u]Never[/u] watch this, and email redbox and make them pull this, so no one makes the same mistake that I did.

Richard D (ru) wrote: I don't dislike this as much as some folks do, probably because I hate "Temple of Doom" and can take or leave "The Last Crusade". It's fair to say that I have a minimal stake in this franchise. That said, I watched this once and realized I could not remember a single thing about it. I have now watched it a second time, and cannot remember anything about the last half hour of it. Perhaps my brain just shut down after an hour and a half of this nonsense. My overwhelming impression is that it was very stupid and pretty pointless.

Scott M (kr) wrote: Insanely good cinematography and art direction. One of my favorite movies for the overall look of the movie. But the story needed better direction. The film failed to show time passing very well. It passes very slowly for snipers. I also wish Rachel Weisz was in more of it. Still a good movie though.

Chris S (ca) wrote: I may be against the grain but, while the first Mighty Ducks movie has the most nostalgia and seems to be immune to the overly stereotypical approach, D3 is the series at its finest (quality-wise). D3 carries on pretty much all of the D2 squad and follows them into a prep high-school setting that feels more like college. I love this movie the most because its heart is bigger and its real-life application is significantly stronger, making it more believable. D3 keeps a little of the franchise's fun-loving self, but the rest is a tale of rising above your nemesis by bettering yourself. Anyone that's not overly critical should find something to like about this final Ducks movie.

Graham J (jp) wrote: The greatest of the "Cavalry" trilogy. Packed with great social commentary and amazing performances by Fonda, Wayne and Ward Bond. Fonda's final scene is one of the most powerful I've seen.

Brandon C (gb) wrote: George Strait was great in his big screen debut and it resulted in some of the best music he ever sang in I Cross My Heart. This film is defintiely underrated and will surprise you once you watch it since you can get engrossed in what it feels like to be a huge star.