Curtain at Eight

Curtain at Eight

An elderly detective sets out to find who murdered a stage actor.

An elderly detective sets out to find who murdered a stage actor. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Curtain at Eight torrent reviews

Gurmeet S (jp) wrote: I give movie a 100000009 ponits

Heather L (nl) wrote: June 18th, 2010. Oh why oh why oh why can't I give it no stars at all? The fact that my brain didn't explode while watching this is amazing. Easily one of the strangest, goriest, most violent, horribly written, exploitative, moronic pieces of crap I have ever burned my retinas with.Interesting story, though.

Cherie R (fr) wrote: Keep them coming the Family loves them...

Georgeta M (nl) wrote: I thinki something true will happend...

Akhil A (jp) wrote: Watch it wen u have nothing to do really nothing and u won't hate it ..!! :)

Alfredo S (ag) wrote: Doom squanders the original games premise with ridiculous acting, unoriginal plot points, and unfaithfulness to its source material. Also RT consensus... please, this movie can also disappoint fans of the game.

Chris K (it) wrote: The tag on the poster is exactly what this film is, just real brutal action! fantastic fight scenes all shot brilliantly, although the character development is a little slow to start with, by the end you will definately be rooting for one of the fighters (i rooted for mark "the homeless" who is actually a pretty decent bloke as well as a kick ass fighter) all in all definately worth a watch!

Marisa D (it) wrote: One of the few 80's movies I had not seen! And even the kids loved it!

B D (mx) wrote: Buck and the preacher is a classic fun to watch with a hint of comedy and also a hint of slickery. All for the greater good of helping others. all the character had a cool damenor about them. Buck, the hunters and the Indians. I love Harry Bellafonte he was trying to get in where he could fit in. LOL. I give it five stars

Paul D (kr) wrote: An interesting ranch set western, not for the storyline which is essentially another love story played out by the gun, but for the star power and somewhat different performances. While Ford doesn't really get out of his usual calm persona, Borgnine and Bronson are quite subdued compared to some of their other more known roles and Rod Steiger stands out a mean enemy.

Brian B (au) wrote: Probably the easiest to find Abbott and Costello movie. It is public domain, so you can buy it for a dollar or download it on the internet for free. Cameos by Clyde Beatty and Frank Buck provided a couple laughs at Costello's expense. There is also a small role for the former boxing champion Max Baer. Also known as the father to The Beverly Hillbillies' Max Baer, Jr. (Jethro).

Jamie L (gb) wrote: Disappointing compared to the rest of the series.