Customs Officer Bom

Customs Officer Bom

Bureacratic customs officer searching for a missing girl.

Bureacratic customs officer searching for a missing girl. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Evan M (es) wrote: Really good doc on the Stooges that feels more like the The Iggy Pop Life Story than anything else. The film has a strong first act but tails off towards the end

Vanessa G (ru) wrote: Really good movie? at the end it is sad but then it gets better!

Jason S (au) wrote: It's the scene from Hot Rod where Rod falls forever down a hill, but in a war zone.

Halley M (ag) wrote: mainly because of chris brownnn! =]

Martin F (mx) wrote: Beautiful slow burner of a film. The performances are perfectly understated, no one puts a foot wrong. Highly recommended. Jaime Rosales is name I'll be watching out for from now on.

Franois M (mx) wrote: Un de mes prfrs d'Almodovor... Le film dans le film... Le montage complexe... Du bon cinma comme je l'aime.

Luba W (br) wrote: An excellent twist in the end! You don't want to miss it!

Phat P (fr) wrote: Not the best Wayne out there (wink wink)! Movie seems to be edited weird. Talking...then BLAM! your off to a fire. I wonder how much fuel was used to make this movie? A lot of the fires seem to be actual big fires....damn the '60-'70's must have been nice. Go ahead waste natural resources...we got plenty of 'em. Let the future people worry about their stupid future problems. And where are these kinda people now....could use a bad-ass to perhaps stop a certain spill!

Aleksandar J (br) wrote: O ovom filmu sam pisao detaljnije na Ghoulovom blogu (mrzi me sad da trazim link), pa da ne ponavljam - ukratko, iako je Luisu srce bilo na pravom mjestu, ovaj film je vrijeme potpuno pregazilo jer se prvenstveno oslanja na specijalne efekte koji su danas... ahem... recimo, MANJE SOKANTNI nego prije pedesetak godina.Ono sto je prezivjelo je prvenstveno pjesmica The South's Gonna Rise Again, koju je otpjevao sam Luis. Potrazite je na JuTjubu (ali u ORIGINALNOJ verziji, jer vecina prepjeva na koje mozete da naidjete ne valja nista).

Liam G (au) wrote: Incredibly deep hostage drama...well cast especially in Leslie Howard. It's unfortunate he's largely forgotten.

Darrin C (fr) wrote: Struck me as a slower and cheaper Taken. For a JCVD movie, it was definitely different with more of a crime thriller feel rather than explosive action.

Eric C (ru) wrote: I wajna see it some one should take mememeememmememememememmeemmeemeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Jonathan R (kr) wrote: A pretty fun when shit hits the fan after gangster turns good movie. Thomas Jane is great. I would remember more if the movie wasn't out of print and the few copies in existence didn't cost 200 bucks on ebay

Brandon W (ca) wrote: Emelie is directed by Michael Thelin, and it stars Sarah Bolger and Joshua Tush in a horror thriller about the kids getting a new babysitter who come across as nice in the beginning, but when time goes by, the oldest son thinks that there's something that's quite unsettling about the babysitter and is starting to not trust her. I've found this on Rotten Tomatoes while going through random movies, and the reason it kept my eye, was because of the high positives that the movie has. So without any information of it, I decide to record it and watch to see if it says what many critics are giving positives for, and while I do think it's an enjoyable little film, I don't think it's 90% worthy. Sarah Bolger gives a great performance that does a good job of being creepy in a psychological way, even when she's not that physically capable of dealing with the kids. The kid actors are really good too, which is impressive for a low budgeted horror film, and seeing the premise about a babysitter that's crazy with a hidden agenda, and is alone with the kids can be something that I haven't seen from a home-invasion movie, but it does feel really familiar in aspects of the film. While it is creepy to watch, I never find it to the point of being scared of the film, not even in a psychological way because I wasn't really on the edge of my seat, and I wasn't really that worried about the kids as they are not really developed, except the older kid, but even then it's not much as the main girl is the most developed character here, and it's because of a backstory that she read as a bedtime story to one of the kids. I could say that the last act is the most enjoyable part because the pacing got better, but the ending was tacked on and was clearly unnecessary for it. Emelie is a good movie that while it's better than something like You're Next, it's not that clever enough that I'll remember this as one of the best home-invasion films.