Cut Snake

Cut Snake

An ex-convict is trying to make a new life for himself in a new city. But his new life is challenged when his foreboding and charismatic former cell mate arrives in town.

This movies center on an ex-convict who is trying to make a new life for himself in a new city. James and Merv are a pair of ex-cons who both hatch a scheme to burn down a nightclub in Brisbane. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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hh J (fr) wrote: good story line but then mixed up copied by book name 'last leaf'

Joshua I (br) wrote: this movie jumps b/w an interesting historical narrative and a hackneyed, anemic modern-day soapy one. so if you can get past that....

Hugo G (fr) wrote: I really wanted to like this movie because not only had I heard a lot about it, it seemed to be kind of a 90's classic. But it was kind of hard to love it and even hate it, but still I wasn't as pleased as I hoped for. First of all, the characters were extremely manipulative, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillipe's characters were complete sociopaths, although Gellar's was more of my liking because she kind of was the strong woman that simply was putting all of her energy on the wrong places, while also she was great at playing her. Meanwhile Ryan's character I didn't like at all, plus I really hated how they tried to make you fall in love with him even though at the beginning he was a complete douche who had no respect for women, or anyone. But still it seemed as if even the smarter character wasn't smart enough, because at the end of the day everyone fell for him or was dumb enough to not see through him. Also, the movie wasn't very sexy, but it was rather uncomfortable at times, specially the scene when Sebastian and Cecile have their first intimate encounter, it was kind of forceful and disgusting, as if she didn't have control over her body and he just did as he pleased simply because she was not very bright. Moving forward, Reese Witherspoon on the other side kind of gave that other balance to the movie but it wasn't very late until she fell in love with the lead and that love story wasn't very realistic to me. But thankfully the ending was kind of unexpected and really brought my attention to the film. It was indeed a satisfactory ending that aligned very well with what should've been a dark tone for the movie. Overall, it featured some good performances from very well known actors, however the story was too manipulative content-wise, although it is hard to negate the nostalgic tones it brings to everyone that grew up on the 90's. Thus, it is a good watch but don't expect to end with a good taste. ~May 19, 2015~

Kyle B (ru) wrote: Very powerful. With amazing direction from Alan Parker that directed another amazing heavy subject movie "Mississippi Burning" and a very good script written by the one and only Oliver Stone. Brad Davis is incredible in this and I got upset to see that he passed away young in 91 because I wanted to see some of his other current work. John Hurt is always good and Irene Miracle is great.

Mike G (gb) wrote: I have finally seen this film and it was worth the wait. It every bit deserves it's reputation as one of the giant films of the Noir genre. This film has all the classic elements- Burt Lancaster is great as Steve Thompson, the protagonist who (in true Noir fashion) knows he's going down a path to ruin for the love of Anna (his ex-wife) but can't stop himself. Yvonne DeCarlo plays the femme fatale with a vulnerability and sensuality that keep you guessing as to her true motives until the end. Together these two really smolder on screen! In discussing the film with a friend, he commented on how ahead of it's time it is in many ways, and I have to agree. While it has many of the classic Noir elements, it also has a grittiness that presages (and indeed probably influenced) the work of directors like Melville and Scorsese in the 60's and 70's. Gone is the snappy noir dialogue and some of the more overt aesthetic flourishes (dramatic lighting, odd camera angles, etc.) of the period. The film has a moody brooding atmosphere to be sure but overall this film takes a very stripped down straight forward approach. If you love noir films this is (it goes without saying but I'll say it anyway) a must see!

Villi S (gb) wrote: its perhaps the most boring movie i have ever seen. the movie is also historically inaccurate. the acting is terrible but the accents (especially angelina jolie's accent) are the worst things about the movie.

Andrew D (au) wrote: It is not the worst sequel ever made, but it still one that is not worth watching when/if you have other options.

Chris D (us) wrote: Slightly better than the norm thanks to Scott Adkins but seriously, after watching five JVCD films this year I've come to realize that if you've watched one, you've watched them all...why do I bother anymore?

Paul P (br) wrote: I can't believe it's taken me 42 years to watch this film for the first time. Just brilliant.

Logan M (ca) wrote: Pretty standard psychological thriller complete with an intriguing twist on the end.