Cutie Honey: Live Action

Cutie Honey: Live Action

The adventure of Cutie Honey, a super heroine who can transform into anything using her necklace to switch on and say "Honey Flash!".

When Honey's uncle gets kidnapped by the evil criminal gang known as "Panther Claw," she must use her magical powers of transformation (fueled by love) to save him. Meanwhile the same crime group has been responsible for a number of other crime sprees across Tokyo. In the process, Honey teams up with the seemingly cold police woman Natsuko Aki and hot shot journalist Seiji Hayami as well as battle the four "claws" of the Panther Claw gang to save her uncle and the rest of the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Cutie Honey: Live Action torrent reviews

Andreia B (mx) wrote: Never played the game but the movie was very nice, the story was very interesting

Heather M (it) wrote: This is a sweet, easy watch and of course everything turns out okay in the end.

Mark A (ru) wrote: There was a lot going on in this film, by a favorite director, Susanne Bier (After the Wedding), and as in that earlier film, one of the characters works among desperate native people in Africa. Here it is a doctor who appears to work in an organization like doctors without borders. His son is tormented at school and is befriended by another boy who is dealing with the recent death of his mother that he blames his father for either causing or hastening. Both families are in trouble and largely unaware of how badly the problems of the grownups have affected the children. The cast is terrific, the story ranges wide, but never feels out of control. The cinematography captures the vast expanse of the African plains, the squalor of the refugee camp in Africa, and the insular nature of the Danish community where the boys live. Many issues are dealt with, but because of the masterful work of Ms Biers, it never feels unfocused. Tension builds as the pranks of the boys get more and more violent, until the explosive climax.

Nicola C (ca) wrote: A tepid little horror movie with no real scares in it. No gore, thank God, but the ghosts were neither menacing nor scary. Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes were excellent but even they couldn't carry a script which went nowhere. Pardon the obvious pun but if you're looking for a genuine chill, look elsewhere.

Amanda N (jp) wrote: Very twisted in a bad way. I did not like this movie at all!

iva d (mx) wrote: I loved it. It's a movie entirely sold by actors conveying emotions in complex situations they find themselves in. Layered characters, good direction and cinematography

Private U (es) wrote: An excellent movie! one so young and talented director, Ciro Guerra...are the different events that will occur at two characters in Bogot, where the internal armed conflict indirectly binds

Michael M (au) wrote: Extremely very well done, definatly worth getting your hands on if you can.

Elek M (de) wrote: An interesting and entertaining, yet somewhat dry period piece.

Stuart K (ca) wrote: An Oscar winning documentary directed by Leon Gast, (The Grateful Dead Movie (1974) and Hells Angels Forever (1983)), and produced by Taylor Hackford. This is about one of the most talked about fights of the 20th Century, the run-up to it, and the impact it would have on the African community and American sports as well. It's colourful and a good watch. The documentary is about the lead-up to The Rumble in the Jungle, what was then to have been the biggest and best boxing match in the world, between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. It was meant to be a comeback for Ali, having lost the Fight of the Century in 1971 against Joe Frazier. The Rumble in the Jungle was held in Zaire, and promoter Don King had a music festival known as Zaire 74, which would feature James Brown and B.B. King. The fight was delayed a month after Foreman was injured during training. Ali and Foreman spent 2 months training in the heat of Zaire, and became accustomed to the climate, the fight was part funded by the country's brutal dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, which raised moral questions. It's a well made documentary with some brilliant footages of the build-up to the fight, and it shows a side to Africa that you don't see in those poverty adverts. Ali was the big talker, always one to put down his opponents, whereas Foreman was quieter and got into training. It shows a time in sports when boxing brought people together, and it should still do that.

Irina M (es) wrote: Ron Fricke released my appetite for non-verbal documentaries through "Samsara" a week ago. I realized that if we capture a moment in time in different places on Earth there's a rhythmicity and synchronism in our actions, emotions, behaviors. And actually, after this guided meditation, each of us has its own Gange where is getting washed/ clean and at some time is throwing his corps."Baraka" requires just a smidge of patience to suck you into it. But once it does you cannot avert your eyes. The most spectacular images ever. Not an ounce of pretention to it. No Hollywood bull. Brilliant. Moving music. Do not miss this!!!

Timothy M (it) wrote: Very disappointing, when you consider that it's a product of Hal Ashby, Robert Towne, Warren Beatty, and a pretty solid cast. And the fact that it got some decent AMPAS love. I normally like Beatty's productions, in spite of the fact that I am on the opposite end of the political spectrum to him - there's usually some aspect that overwhelms the flaws. But this is just so... dull and obvious that it made me realize that all of Beatty's screenplays are undercooked in one way or another. There are, however, some very good scenes, particularly the last one, so it's not a total waste.

david h (de) wrote: vile exploitation that must have been an influence on tobe hooper and wes craven. darkly enjoyable social comment

James S (jp) wrote: Watched the more as a film history lesson.

Dankwa B (it) wrote: A good movie for its time and Robeson played a big, broad sexual black man (He had numerous scenes when he took his shirt off) in the 1930s in this wild tale.

Ale L (ca) wrote: 3 words: boring and forgettable. Now I'm going to watch James Cameron's Aliens.

Tolga D (au) wrote: Warm and sad at the sametime. A note: Ennio Morricone appears in the movie as the conductor of the orchestra in Milano!

Karl M (ca) wrote: Heartwarming while watching, but forgettable in about a week.