Cutting Room

Cutting Room

An inexperienced moviemaker attempts to complete a horror film. The production gets complicated when a real serial killer begins to take out members of the cast and crew.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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An inexperienced moviemaker attempts to complete a horror film. The production gets complicated when a real serial killer begins to take out members of the cast and crew. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Daniel E (de) wrote: Had some funny moments but lacked anything appealing.

Matt S (gb) wrote: Bruce LaBruce has been merging indie film & gay porn for years. His latest film finds us in the not too distant future where gay zombies are hiding out on the streets of Germany. Our antihero is Otto, the cutest undead guy you'll ever meet. He struggles with his desire for human flesh and ends up starring in a pretentious art film called "Up With Dead People" to earn money to survive.While undeniably for a niche audience, this is the most coherent and accessible film LaBruce has made. That said, it contains a few very graphic (and bloody) zombie sex scenes that will put it off the radar for most.

Jess L (ag) wrote: You should take the shocking poster/cover art as a clear warning - stay away this movie is not good! It's very disappointing considering the talent of actors involved - Parker Posey, Amy Poehler, Amber Tamblyn and epsecially Jane Lynch. There are a few laughs, or moreso chuckles, throughout but overall it's a pretty weak comedy.

Daniel H (ca) wrote: A well done documentary about the electoral process, specifically in Ohio. While it could be a little clearer about the overall campaigning system, there are far too many documentaries which cover that process. Instead, it takes a broader strategic view, uses the 2004 elections as a case study, and puts many of the events in context.Clear, well done, and really does an excellent job at remaining neutral. Still, by being neutral, it doesn't get to have a feel-good "go do something" ending... which is needed to keep any political documentary from becoming a downer.

James H (it) wrote: The grittiness and realistic look to the film just doesn't work. I can see what they were going for but the movie is quite simply a boring mess. It's disjointed and lacks a cohesive structure. Considering the fact the movie is a biography of a real person, it's amazing the filmmakers were so far off from capturing the character they apparently found interesting. Miguel Pinero isn't interesting or appealing here. You just don;t care.

Evan J (gb) wrote: A great first feature film from who is one of the best director's of all-time. Before seeing John C. Reilly in Magnolia, I honestly never knew he could really act. He was damn good in this film too.

Didia K (ag) wrote: "Shape of my heart" of Sting, like that song a lot! besides polish wedding..hehe

Jamie T (kr) wrote: Saw this a few years ago, and as far I recall, it was good, but I can't honestly remember much about it.

Erin F (br) wrote: The problem with this movie, essentially, is simply that there is away too damn much going on with it. I tried to like it particularly because I really like Kat Dennings as an actress, but halfway through the movie I found myself bored, detached from the story, and slightly infuriated. Caroline is constantly about two seconds away from me wanting to slap her. She plays Thurston like a fiddle, going between these two guys with her only excuse being that she's some messed up teen, experimenting with love through some no- good doings. Even realizing this, however, I couldn't bring myself to feel bad for Thurston in the midst of all this- or any other character, for that matter. For the time allotted I feel as if more could be done with this story had they focused on the point of the movie. Perhaps if the plot had been more centralized around the serial killer- the only time we here about him is in passing, or a line or two mentioned offhandedly in dialogue. Not to mention the teacher conflict. We go from what is clearly an unhealthy relationship to Mr. A jumping off the deep end as if he belongs in a padded room, nearly killing himself, calling his ex fianc (who we also know next to nothing about) before eventually ending up with the (you guessed it!) bland, one dimensional gym teacher. Hopefully this review shows you exactly how many factors this movie has attempted to bite off before they can chew. I was left with no real meaning to an hour and a half of madness other than that you should never trust the new girl in town, because she will probably end up using a nice, clearly available guy her own age in order to get closer to the big-bowl-of-crazy-flakes history teacher. Oh, and did I mention the title has virtually nothing to do with the movie?Yeah. It doesn't.

Greg W (mx) wrote: good teen comedy with gr8 music

Juan S (ag) wrote: real funny spoof of the fast and Furious movies

Kelly P (ru) wrote: Loved it! Romance Cowboy Film based on a Nicholas Spark's book - what's not to like. Meet Scott Eastwood, Clint's son who will now make a whole new generation of women swoon.

Christopher B (br) wrote: A few good gags but nothing too memorable.

Paul C (ag) wrote: Great concept but ultimately fairly dull and pedestrian in its execution - Hauer and Richardson are good enough, but its budgetary constraints allow it little in the way of convincing atmosphere.