Cyber Ninja

Cyber Ninja

A man's body and soul are stolen and used as part of a demon castle. What's left becomes Cyber Ninja. He teams up with the chi students whose cyber-earmuffs show matching red symbols. They fill their swords with ammunition, grab some neo-retro-cyber-antique guns and attack the demon robot expendable ninja squad. Each fight is won by whichever side uses more gratuitous special effects. They slay the Tron-like hover droids, who are destroyed in their shame. There's a showdown with a white-armored guy with dreadlocks, who is later reincarnated by the eclipse and a lot of multicolored lightning. After killing the make-up wearing effeminate spider person, the chi school fires a giant gun at the demon castle spider cyber robot. It blows up.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Japanese
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:lightning,   ninja,  

A man's body and soul are stolen and used as part of a demon castle. What's left becomes Cyber Ninja. He teams up with the chi students whose cyber-earmuffs show matching red symbols. They ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Steve K (kr) wrote: Not as bad as the critic' rating, but wasn't great either. The storyline was slow and sort of stumbled along and Channing Tatum didn't help matters with his "flat affect" portrayal of the main character. I truly believe the kid did a better job of playing him.

Atit P (gb) wrote: It was very good movie watched with friends at Cinema.

Geoff P (ca) wrote: A Thai Braveheart, with lots of up-close and personal action, and great characterisation; you really mourn when they start dying in droves.

Andrea M (es) wrote: I loved this movie. It was very intriguing with a sad ending. I really enjoyed the spin on the female side of the mafia.

Jason Z (us) wrote: good scences, so so casting,, so so plot.. not too bad if you like skiing movies

Marta R (br) wrote: Love this movie!! The Power of a Woman to do what she wants!!

Handsome H (ca) wrote: One off the best films ever made.

Michael B (ag) wrote: Wow what a horrid movie, I love watching really bad sci fi movies.

Aj V (kr) wrote: The second "road" movie seems to meander around Africa somewhere, I don't know about you but I've never heard of Zanzibar, weather or not it's Zanzibar, we don't know. They use all the obvious jungle jokes, it has it's moments, but it's mostly a routine comedy.

Michael S (br) wrote: There are many reasons why this is a terrible film: the tone, the script, the misuse of Bill Murray. But the killer is McG's horrible handling of the soundtrack. Every scene, every transition has a song - which are all over the map: 80s, disco, techno, hip hop, rock. I counted a whopping 39 songs (!) in the credits. This unfocused, never-ending soundtrack kills the film.

Christopher B (fr) wrote: Really great mystery. Not what I expected at all. Proves how talented both Affleck bros are.

Van R (kr) wrote: Yul Brynner plays a Creole gunslinger who stops over in the western town of Pecos and accepts $500 to kill former Confederate soldier Matt Weaver (George Segal of THE DUCHESS AND THE DIRTWATER FOX) after Weaver has killed the man who is living in his farm. The entire population of this remote New Mexican town stands against Weaver. Pat Hingle plays the town's most promienent citizen who stole Weaver's ranch after Weaver went off to fight in the Civil War. Brynner reunites briefly with his MAGNIFICENT SEVEN co-star Brad Dexter in a thankless role as a stablekeeper. Director Richard Wilson and his wife Elizabeth wrote this offbeat, race oriented western that is more moody and loqacious than it needs to be. Brynner's character spends several minutes trying to instruct the townspeople about the correct way to pronounce his name. He is an unusual western character in that he is reluctant to ride a horse unless it is absolutely necessary. Certain townspeople discriminate against Jules based on his heritage. Half way or thereabouts into the action, Jules reveals his sympathy for the have-nots and goes on a rampage trying to destroy the town. Downbeat western is Brynner's worst oater and pretentious to boot. Somebody should have given Brynner a better looking hat.

TTT C (fr) wrote: Here's another film rating.

Adam E (jp) wrote: 31 Days of Horror (2011): #28

Diego E (ru) wrote: Strange cast for this Disney movie. The film is very naive and aimed for kids. But its not unwatchable.

Torsten D (ca) wrote: [b][size=2]HOUSE OF WAX (Andre de Toth, 1953) - 6.5 / pro (-)[/b]The great aspect of this films are the art and set direction. The atmosphere in the wax museum is well-done. The wax figures are amazing. I also liked the basic idea that the hero and the villain are the same person. In the end, I must admit that the film was unfortunately not really half a suspenseful as one might expect. The last act with the corpses is also irritating, to say the least.[b]MONSOON WEDDING (Mira Nair, 2002) - 6.0 / mixed (+)[/b]I don?t think I can tell where the euphoria sorrounding this film is actually coming from. The first two thirds of the film felt very, very trivial to me as if I was watching an OK-made-for-TV movie. In the last act, the part about the possible child abuse is handled very well and in subtle, yet gripping manner. As a whole, however, to me this is a film that I will soon have forgotten about.[b]WHITE HEAT (Raoul Walsh, 1949) - 6.0 / mixed (+)[/b]Maybe my expectations were too big, but I don?t think this film is outstanding. For the most part, it?s well-written and there is enough suspense to make it worthwhile. However, IMO the film just piles up one contrivance too many. There simply were too many scenes that I was unable to buy. [b]THE GREEN ROOM (Francois Truffaut, 1978) - 8.5 / PRO (-)[/b]Judging by the IMDB rating, I thought this film was more for Truffaut completists, but now I can?t tell why it?s so underseen and disliked. In a way, the film reminded me of "Taxi Driver", because in parts it tells a similar story of a man returning from war, who becomes obsessive with something, which will ruin his life. He is obsessed with the dead, which adds a nice mystery feel to the movie. What viewers may not like about this film is that it is almost impossible to connect with the main character. I liked that aspect, because seeing a man ruining himself, made me want to jump into the film and shake him to wake up. I never could understand what he did and he really got from his deeds, but this is one of those rare films where I remained that much of an outsider, but still received a humane and gripping experience. [/size]