Cyborg Cop

Cyborg Cop

Ex-DEA agent Jack receives an emergency message from his brother Phillip, whose team was ambushed on the Caribbean island of St. Keith. Jack goes to St. Keith to find his brother, who has been turned into a cyborg by the drug runner he was after.

Ex DEA agent Jack receives an emergency message from his brother Phillip, whose team was ambushed on the Caribbean island of St. Keith. Jack goes to St. Keith to find his brother, who has ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ikram K (br) wrote: Possibly the worse movie I've seen in years. I think porn flicks have better actors.

Jarrett G (ag) wrote: It's like they got the memo- 'in this Cars franchise, the 1st one should be a dud and the 2nd one should be much better'. They responded with- 'don't worry, the first one will be a complete piece of shit'.Now that I've seen this over a dozen times, it's grown on me; up from half a star.

Quincy T (us) wrote: John Doe asks a valid question, "What if law fail to protect civilian?". It's a very intriguing premise, and the film succeeds in involving the audience to mentally invest in the dilemma. For the sake of enhancing the social nuance, it portrays the story with back and forth pace as well as accounts from journalists, lawyers and polices. However, it's also very heavy-handed in its execution, many other movies have done better with more refined production.The title is pretty self-explanatory, this is the story of a vigilante called John Doe, who kills repeated offenders. Unlike most movies, it's presented in almost exclusively in cameras' point of view, such as recorded interviews, homemade video or CCTV. This semi-mockumentary approach does have its merit, it's easier to produce participation for viewers as though they are watching news or investigative journalism. Unfortunately, it's a tad too ambitious in creating layers as well as multiple perspectives on its timeline.Most of the recording feels awkward, it tries to reveal information in order for audience's benefit, like Social Network. As the killing becomes well known the situation escalates, creating more perspectives from many other characters, most are delivered with the same found footage style. This becomes convoluted and restricted, as too many accounts are choppily edited for shock effect. At some points it becomes too fervor in delivering its message, it literally screams at audience. While it could be effective, V for Vendetta and Dark Knight films have done better with subtler method. Its strong point lies in the visual. The graphic is crisp and pristine, the scenes are very polished, which makes the mockumentary style more confining. It could have portrayed the scenes with poise, and links them together smoothly. For the acting, its main characters perform well, especially John Doe himself. Characterization has a few problems though, they might be one-dimensional and the plot exaggerates John Doe's ability, dumbs down the law and vilifies his victims till the point of Satan incarnation himself. This film might make audience contemplate on its theme, if so it has already succeeded, but the means for that goal is crude, almost preachy. It could have reached out more with elegant, delicate and rich discussion.

Andrew B (jp) wrote: This is just as awful as Georgia is in real life.

Snejana S (br) wrote: Interesting and artistic! Different.

Steve D (kr) wrote: Good cartoon that plays homage to a true story. Fun for all

Leena R (br) wrote: A very nice rendition of one timeless classic which can bring the whole family together.

Ryan K (es) wrote: pretty good film. the zombies are crazy

Scamper R (fr) wrote: What a juicy role for Redgrave, and she plays it to the hilt. Lynn Redgrave's official site sums up the movie thusly: "The baby goes along on their honeymoon to James's wry discomfort and Georgy's glorious delight." But that's not how I saw it at all. (Spoilers follow.)What fascinates me about the final scene is that we see James with a rather befuddled, almost sad look on his face, and there's Georgy next to him, her smile fading, and her unfocused gaze becoming one of resolute compromise, as the lyrics mock her:"Who needs a perfect loverwhen you're a mother at heart?That's all you wanted right from the start!Well, didn't you?"Hey there, G.G.Now that you're no longer on the shelfbetter try to smile and tell yourself that you got your wayYou've made it!"Hey there, G.G.Now you've got a future planned for youThough he's not a dream come true, at least he's a millionaireSo don't despair!You're rich, G.G.!"Wow, so it's either really bleak, or one of the first groups of young feminists have just received some sort of thinly-veiled warning that redefining the commonly-accepted roles might not be as liberating as was promised?I have no idea. I just think that Redgrave was a delight to watch. At the same time, Alan Bates, though I loved him in "Alexis Zorbas," drove me absolutely batty. He was bouncing off the walls the whole time! What's up with that? Extra points for the spooky electronic music that Georgy plays for the tots.

BJ S (kr) wrote: This was a a wonderful film. It shouldn't surprise since it stars Myrna Loy and William Powell along with Jean Harlow and Spencer Tracey.

Max R (kr) wrote: 47 Ronin is only one dimensional, because the critics thinking is one dimensional, and they are totally unqualified to comment on something they do not understand. If you have some understanding of Bushido, you most likely will like it. Keanu Reeves gives us a performance that is worthy of Bushido.

Brad S (ru) wrote: Not exactly what I expected after all the Roger Ebert hype from the 90s. I missed this documentary in its time and I think that's when it played best. Now, 20 years later, it just doesn't hold up as well. The filmmaking feels pretty amateur and the story just isn't that compelling. It's not bad by any means, but too many better documentaries have come out to tell better stories over the past 20 years.

Kevin R (de) wrote: I've been known to get my way.Leah is a successful woman that has been trying to marry her hard working white collar partner. He doesn't wish for the relationship to get any more serious and he definitely doesn't want to settle down and have a family and kids. Leah breaks-up with him and begins dating a guy who seems perfect. Unfortunately, he's too good to be true..."Am I wasting my time?""No."David Rosenthal, director of Janie Jones, A Single Shot, Falling Up, and See this Movie, delivers The Perfect Guy. The storyline for this picture is fairly straightforward and about as good as No Good Deed and better than Knock Knock. There weren't many twists or surprising moments in this picture. The acting was okay and the cast includes Sanaa Lathan, Michael Ealy, Morris Chestnut, and Charles Dutton."You're going to make a great father."My girlfriend was interested in this movie when the previews aired for theatres so I recently grabbed it for her from Red Box. This was okay but not creative or unique enough for me to recommend it. This is very average and you can probably find something better to watch."This is a relationship."Grade: C

Diana D (ag) wrote: Half a star, only for the actors I loved who had to be a part of this film. I'm absolutely dumbfounded by how this movie ever came out. It made absolutely no sense and while I thought it would be a thrilling sci-fi adventure filled with psychological twists and treats, it quickly took a wrong turn into a bad horror film. While some people may say that the ending, with no answers or explanations, was an open invitation to create your own theories, I say this movie turned out to be absolute garbage. Halfway through I was stirring in my seat waiting for the plot to get back on track, but it just continued to completely derail itself. I'm disappointed at best, and wish I hadn't wasted my time and expectations on this terrible piece of work.