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Cycle Kick

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Two students face-off against each other for the ownership of a bicycle. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Julian Y (it) wrote: I've never wished for characters to die in a movie. And then this one came along. Why would they look at these painted, loin cloth wearing, spear and bow n' arrow wielding jungle people and say "they look friendly"!!!!!DUMBASSES!!!!

Yvan C (es) wrote: Assez pourrave pour un western ... decevant ...

Ed G (mx) wrote: Remakes like this one are awesome. It is well done and entertaining as all hell. Loved it!

Nuvan M (fr) wrote: Though it's mainly focus on the life of Uschi, but the socio-political & cultural instability as well as influence of psychedelicism

Alexandra L (ag) wrote: Don't recommend it to everyone, but it's a good, dark film. The music is very good in it too!

Matthew P (br) wrote: I know that you don't have to make your lead character in a movie completely loveable, but making them interesting is generally a must, especially if you're going to include them in every single shot you take. In the case of Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber, we don't get an interesting protagonist, and as a result, the film isn't enjoyable. Well, it's also that way because it's a standard, clichd romantic comedy, but that almost comes with the territory. The film stars Jennifer Love Hewitt as Katya Livingston. She works in advertising, although the amount of work she accomplishes is debatable. Apparently she's quite good at her job, as she is always claiming so while nobody says anything to the contrary. However, we only see her take long breaks, talk on the phone about personal business, and kill her boss' pets. That's a running gag in the film, although it's a sadistic one if you ask me. She ends up getting an assistant at one point, but apart from a late game decision, he's more or less a pointless character. Then again, her boss and friends also fit into the category. The only other person that matters is a man we don't actually get to properly meet until nearly the end of the film. His name ends up being Charles (Colin Ferguson), although he also goes by the name "Chuck." Remember that, as it's quite important (no, it's not actually, although if you want to be "in" on one of the gags before the film tells you, it'll serve you well). She first sees him walking into the building that her office is in, before envisioning him walking up and kissing her. Of course, that doesn't happen. But this vision makes her decide that trying to win his affection would be in her best interest, even if she doesn't make much of an effort over the course of the film. There's also a major party coming up. You need a golden key in order to get into the party, and those keys (it seems everyone but Ms. Livingston has one) act as our MacGuffins. She isn't invited, but is determined to get one. Most of her actions over the course of the film are driven to either get a key or win the heart of Charles, although which one is more important isn't made particularly clear. At the end, we end up getting a slapdash romantic comedy. It doesn't seem that way throughout; for most of the film, we just watch Katya go about her daily life while trying to procure a key for herself. And then at the end, well, I'm sure you can guess what happens. Picture a generic romantic comedy, and you've probably figured out how Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber. If you want a hint, just look at the title. There are a few reasons why this isn't a good film. The first is that it doesn't stay true to itself. If it wanted to go the romantic comedy way -- and I generally don't particularly mind the formula rom-com -- then it needed to do that the entire time. Let us get to know the love interest before two-thirds of the film are over. Show us that the lead character has some sort of inkling to change herself. Actually allow for the romance to be built so that if/when it falls apart, it'll matter. We don't get any of this, so the attempt at the end to turn the film into a romantic comedy falls flat, especially because it relies on genre clichs. The second reason is one that I mentioned earlier: The main character. She's a one-note character whose sole characteristic is that she's self-centered. That's as deep as she gets, save for one turn that happens late in the film that you will expect and won't surprise you at all. That turn also comes out of nowhere, which is why I stated earlier that having hints regarding how she's feeling about herself would have improved the film. Unfortunately, none of that happens, and were are left with a character that doesn't make sense despite being incredibly simplistic. Finally, it simply isn't funny. I think that I might have laughed once, although that might have been a pity laugh -- I'm not sure. I can't remember any of the jokes or lines throughout, and I sat there most of the time just having a lousy time. It's entirely possible that other people will find this film funny, and if that's the case, they might have a good time. I just didn't see the humor in this one, leading to an unenjoyable experience. Is there anything to like here? In short: No. I can't think of a single moment when I enjoyed watching this film. I guess having the camera always focused on Jennifer Love Hewitt is a good idea, despite her not being a particularly good actress. (Just look at the roles she picks; how can we really know if she can act?) Anyway, the opening title sequence has her bouncing around in her underwear for a couple of minutes, which comes close to being something I could call a highlight. Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber is a mess. It doesn't stick to a genre, which makes the ending come out of nowhere, it doesn't allow any development for its characters, and it isn't funny. When the opening title scene is the best part of the film, you know you're not in for a good time. If you've heard of this movie, and you were curious about it, stay far away. If you hadn't heard about it, forget I said anything and continue your ignorance -- it'll be better for you than wasting 90 minutes with this eyesore.

Amaya E (jp) wrote: The movie was a good and funny family movie. My friends and I watched at my party and they thought it was hilarious.

Mike C (nl) wrote: I absolutely love this movie. The only reason I didn't give it a full 5 stars is because I know the guys who created are not fans of how the movie ultimately turned out and how it was put together. But that doesn't change the fact that it's filled with hilarious moment after hilarious moment.

Liam M (br) wrote: Take a turn for the better once Betty White shows up and steals the show. Apart from that this is your standard creature feature fair...far from the worst thing you could watch drunk on a Saturday night.

Samuel D (ru) wrote: It is a cult classic.

Nandi C (fr) wrote: Though I admire Spike's efforts, I just can't get with this. If he's trying to break down a tradition here, alright. but I have read that during filming, he had the dark skinned girls in a shabby hotel, and the light skinned girls in a classier one. I have a serious problem with this. What happened to judging a person by character? why must we as a people cling to the white that we despise? sorry. just can't get with it, and what made me really hate it when one of the fraternity brothers made his best girl(Tisha Campbell) go to bed with one of the pledgees then dumps her when she does it. I'm sorry, but to me, your perpetrating a myth that has no place here.

John P (nl) wrote: Unless you're interested in tracing the history of Cannibal Holocaust or you're interested in seeing animal slaughter (sicko), then there's no real reason to watch this movie.That said, it's a pretty enjoyable, if not sickening jungle adventure movie with a shitty english dub, some pretty cinematography, a bunch of nudity, and the aforementioned animal slaughter. I mean, if you wanna get down to it, you see a pretty sickening game of snake vs. mongoose, a monkey's head gets sliced off by a sword (and then his "brains" are "eaten"), and a bunch of other animals get their heads slowly sawn off in the name of "tribal customs".This is all there to compare and contrast a "savage" society with a "humane" one, showing that the two are more alike than one would think.If this sounds familiar (it may not), it's because Mondo Cane did the same thing. This is sort of a fiction remake of that movie, and the template for which nastier films like Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox would follow. If that's your thing, check this movie out. If not, then don't. I won't judge.

Cristi B (gb) wrote: who would want to end up an island

JamesMasaki R (jp) wrote: Seijun Suzuki's swan song from Nikkatsu, and the film that led to his subsequent firing for 'incompetence', "Branded To Kill" is an absurdly wild masterpiece of filmmaking, one that couldn't be understood by Nikkatsu producers, and not by conservative film critics of the time. You have a hitman who gets horny by smelling cooked rice, a woman obsessed with butterflies, a mysterious hitman whose status is unreachable by others. There are no sympathetic characters or characters you can relate to, within a world that is unlike the 'real' world. But those things are what make it so great. Highly overlooked in its time, but now considered one of the best and most original pieces of that era.