Czarnobyl. Cztery Dni W Kwietniu

Czarnobyl. Cztery Dni W Kwietniu


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Czarnobyl. Cztery Dni W Kwietniu torrent reviews

Lee M (au) wrote: Between a 6/10 and 7/10, this is a likably blunt glimpse into the geek microcosm.

Abu S (jp) wrote: Not a very good movie. Not enough drama, action, and gangsterness. They over sold the whole sex/music angle. More than half the movie is people dancing in a club.

Katie P (fr) wrote: A little slow moving but still a thriller. Recommend.

Pamela O (it) wrote: Excellent taut psychological thriller.

Criss T (br) wrote: Loving it, I bow to Bette Midler Awsome and beautiful actress

Levi W (de) wrote: I used to watch this kind of stuff on the History Channel. Without a contiguous story line, it inevitably put me to sleep. The events, other than stupid romantic drama, are fairly accurate as are the names. There is a great deal of actual footage in this movie as well. If you ever feel in the mood for a WW2 semi-non-fiction, this one isn't bad.

Daniel M (de) wrote: Wonderful film with powerhouse performances across the board.

Peter K (jp) wrote: The feds would ban this movie if it was named the "trenchcoat machine." A campy movie in the spirit of the Rocky Horror Picture Show.